Friday, October 31, 2008

the boring competency seminar

Competency Seminar

Performance appraisal is a process that allows organization to measure and evaluate an individual employee behaviors and accomplishment over specific periods of time. This will definitely increase employee commitment and satisfaction due to improvement in organizational function. In the performance appraisal employee are measured by the individual performance and Team performance. Human performance management focuses on the role of human factors in operational processes. Also the organization can do some plus, minus and interesting. The best fit between human and work is achieved when both are integrally designed and develop to improve performance.

Individual performance measurement

Process of measuring by observing from time to time their attitude and work performance. Rater will evaluate an employee work performance based on their commitment and provide any justification and comments to judge their performance. After the evaluation the human resource department will, take further action.

Team performance measurement

Top management will create output plan for organization. Top management will monitor the team progress. This will be conducted from time to time to make sure the team on the right track.

Competency is personal capability toward achieving the task (Dr Kamal) .Skills are needed to work in the organization in order to accomplish the organization goal. Competency framework is used to conduct the performance appraisal of the employee.

The measurement of performance is depending on the organization or the core business that they conducted.

Based on the Competency Seminar I can infer that student will get to know more on how to implement the performance appraisal in their actual work. Also to learn the process undertaken and all aspect in measuring individual performance and teamwork performance. Within the whole day seminar student will be able to explore and to examine way of measurement by the criteria and understand the importance of performance measurement in some organization. Other than that, this will also help to increase understanding of appraisal and its reflection on the competency level in government or private sector. This also a starter to get to know one of the human resource function very well. This is because the speeches are given by the expertise in this discipline. This will help more for better understanding in competency.


Dr Mohd Kamal Bin Khir (Chief Executive Officer of Institute Bank Bank Negara)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Deen (Lecture from Business faculty of UiTM)

Pn Noriah Bt Hj Ahmad (Human Resource Unit of Jabatan Ketua Menteri Sarawak)