Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disgusting Relationship

Knowing that time never permit me to write that much anymore so I try to race them so I can type something. Quick question how many of ya'll loves "Oppss I did it again" ?? The thing is not I but you did it again. Frankly, I dont really like to express lumpish things in my blog anymore. I kindda feel distorted and look disturbed if I were to write crappy things here. However, I think let's just give myself a green light today. After a year keeping my life stationary, put a blind eye on everything. There it goes again...Lets just give me a full day of resentment where I can throw my tantrum to the respective person. I hate to be cheated over and over again with the same person that I've known for 4 years. C'mon like gimme a break...The ugly truth is always tormenting.
Afterall it wasn't about that filthy person but its such a shame that you're actually fooled by your own friend for the longest time sake. I couldn't believe that she's pretending nice to me for all these year and this is what I've got. How can you see another human being been tortured half of her life because of some love experiment. I feel disgusted over myself for falling in love with stupid boy (i was stupid too) and trust my friend on her hideous plan..For the first time of my life i feel like telling the world her true color but imma gonna sit back watch her game. One big fat question, "why would you prank people"? just because your love story sucks doesnt mean you have right to kill some other souls. Love is something that you can't simply jump in like hit and involves emotional engagement. Poor thing she might be too lumpish to have those thoughts. I was right to doubt her from the start.
Its funny when I read all her timeline preaching something nice and be so close to religion line. Seriously, it makes me throw out. Bloody hell, are you retarded? Yes I love to throw my tantrum in my blog, but at least I don't do stupid experiments for years and prank around. You are filthy disgusting! I donnoe if I ever forgive such a thing. To that boy, you can straight go to the hell and I hope you"ll die burnt inside there! Once is not enough for you though you fake people. Sick people who don't enjoy life or I cud say don't even have lives. I regret knowing you and never in my life there will be a best of luck for you....