Thursday, August 11, 2011

Damn Cell Phone

To begin with, it was really a fucked up day..these few days i have unpleasant feeling bout more than dozen stuff in my head. I'm ahead of my own decipher, sometimes you don't wish it to happen but it did happen somehow. So everyday is like a deja vu. Anyway, life is pretty messed up with work. Yesterday was the worst day ever, proving that I'm ahead than my thought. I left my cell in d office so I only have my another cell which acted up at eleventh hour. There goes my stupid Samsung phone, frm LRT station all the way home d phone wasn't working. It showed "searching" on the screen. Couldn't make any calls nor send text messeges. I'm pretty pissed with d idiotic signal detection. I mean, I'm in KL afterall not somewhere in the middle of jungle. So, I smashed the phone and officially couldn't be used anymore (burghhh stupid cellphone). That wasn't the end of the story, because I only have 10 cent to make a call using public phone. It was sooooooooooooooo embarassing and shucks I didn't know how to use those lined up phone booth..(damn). Life is not fun anymore,wish I cud just fly away to Mauritious and stay ther like forever!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadhan Day 1,2,3,4...

I've just deleted a post (accidentally) so I have to re-write again. Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims all over the world. Basically my first day of Ramadhan I spent throughly in the office trying to be an HR (seriously). It was a pain in the ass for the first day fasting and some people doing me frenzy. The best thing to describe my "parcel issue". Man that was really iritating, not to mention I held my breathe for 2 minutes and being laughed by crazy bitches and trolls a really big fat trolls. Perhaps they don't do decent thing (shame). The cooling period wasn't that easy for me. Yeah, practically I just bite my tongue..cont biting it until I feel like the damn sun burning my skin and there's a bacterium eating my brain cells. There it goes, I spent my 5 minutes walk to LRT station throwing my veng with bad vocabs (knowing me..hmm). I was being radical for the entire evening just because of a stupid singular-plural thingy. When I think about it again and again..that was me being lame over simple stupidity. (not to mention d part...screw them get hit by a lorry). I was mean when I cursed too much. So, gonna shut for a moment and come another chunky gift,,I was having a bad fever on my second day of Ramadhan. Swear to god, my head gonna blow like atomic particles. (pessimals). I was actually on leave but things going upside down and it turn up to be my worst two days of Ramadhan.

Yeah, I went frenzy these few days because

1. I cannot have my Starbuck

2. I cannot have Burger King for lunch

3. My health is damn crucified

Tell ye what, fever during Ramadhan is soooo not cool. You'll get dehydrated and end up being an octopus lying on bed. However, on this holy month I'm expecting the bless and blithe frm the almighty. Just wish this Ramadhan end up good and bring cherish to everybody regardless of what religion they are.