Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gonna Be Real Sick

How to say that 8 letters without voice,how to say those 8 letters and try to convince that i really mean it..Okay forget it,i still dun have the courage to say those to evil great grandpa alzheimer!btw,nothing much today,unless i have third floor room again for next sem,jeez..it was..uhm..tiring a bit. I hope there are spaces that still vacant cuz i wanna move!its going to cost me extra ATP for goin up in such height. Well in the other hand,I'm having confusion today!God show me,god show me..i'm really tired and sleepy,i think m gonna be sick..real sick!seriously gimme a break before new semester. I need to cope. Well,you noe..never mind,i'll talk more in journal..bye virtual world,i'm off to bed early


I wish..i wish...the pre-birthday wish!hahaha..i'd like to scream,lots of laffff to my girls,deb,dew2,khad,pink and rene!You guys realy naughty tho,okay!but yesterday was d best day ever,i dun feel like goin away frm the Monday~well,these girls lied to me,there'll be a small farewell party (for intersession)!!but they make a surprise pre-birthday party fer me!!hahaha,i was clueless on d first place,you see i have this motion blurness,so it took 5 minutes to figure it out. I love the cheese cake~thanks girls,i really love cheese cake super damn much and even it was my fav cheese cake!blueberry!(hugs & kisses). I was having a wholesome meal last night,i have lime juice and grilled chicken chop plus super melt in d mouth cheese cake!!i was laughing non stop,and yes ppl were staring at us,i really like the restaurant so much,like super much. (my second choice other than sharing planet). Well,we're havin lil fun fer football,can't believe i was staying on dat table (wiv my hot lemon tea and fries) watching Brazil kicking ass (chile)..lol,it was hilarious when irene starts biting and chewing non stop because she dun wanna scream before d crowd.Yesterday was awesome and i miss atok who called me nenek!super much please please..imy

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Song::I waited because i

First of all,its not really a good song,i figure it out the first verse,well i'm runnin outta decipher and really whats appening to me?i keep on doing this writing,nvm..so here we go
I peep on the clock,half past 12 now
Midnight breeze frm the cracked window
So cold...
Spinning head,heaven blithe me
I lost my sense now
This heart is insatiable
When I keep on
I'd be right here before after dark
Pretend enough,i've gone too far
There's a time i walked,
To the scattered mirror
I couldn't say,it cragfast in my throat
I waited because...
I'd be right here thinking you'll be home
Every ounce of my feels
Articulates my souls
I laid on the floor cruising pain
No remedy I know
I waited for you because
I love you
24 hours done
The hall still empty
I'm fingering this song
I painted my grief
Cause you don't know
Yes you don't know
#this hands won't stop,
could'nt reach the end
tel him tell him
that i...

written,originals owned by

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rhodensia Blindness Is You

I was just watchin a ridiculous tv show!that goldfish is actually goin for finals~that was euww,i dun like her for some reason,grrr.anyway..stop this delusional idiocy,anyway ever heard of king of anything song?i went browsing on you tube this morning of course my AOL radio blog help alot,i have a list already,no sweats,there's plenty of cool song will be released on july..ahhh,talking about july it does remind me of my ascending age,urgh!wait,does it mean i have to make up something (oh yeah i remember makin some critical credential with my clans) oh crap i'm gona have to book a wholesome treats for my gang. *pushing calculator instantly. Not bad i guess. I'm gonna continue writing poems,since i was trying hard to indulge in shakesphere underling thingy. It quite offensive wen i heard few lines talking about a futile attempt to be a writer. Know what people you're to lumpish to think as much as a rhodensia blindness. My words is mine, its my passion. If you're on my side,support me. I had enough disaster in life for the past 13 month. I dun wanna rewind this film without sound cuz i'll end up blabbering the unnnecessary. I just hope that thingswill always get better. So song writing is my new hobby,of course,sides of fb-ing. Frankly i have reasons why i online untill 4 am in d morning and will to stretched my eyes..there are reasons. I have unfathomable life and i dun wanna make it even more fatal. This week maybe the last version of me talking garbage. I'm gonna turn 21 soon..ahhh i hate this,i hate this. Age determination always kill me. How to be wise,i'll figure it out soon. Reminder to some ppl outthere,its not wrong to be nice but dont fake it. It look sucks and plastic and...shallow. Go away fer good,find another person to play fakers. Not me please,i dun have time for your shallow idiocy.

I waited because i...

I'm gladly saying that i have a new song,which just been written yesterday,ahhh smtimes i feel like m a total writer,i got nothing to declare than writing. Really a bunch of passion stuck in my limb i supposed. Come on!i have to be a CEO!nothing ther than perspective purpose. Well,sure enough get ample time to write a book wen i get a chair on the top. Gowsh!hmm..i waited because i..thats the title,its really connected to me.This song has smth to do with my reality. I hope the lyrics wasn't suffocates the reader,btw,i just find a melody for the forst verse. Its kindda hard to mend the streotype songs.So i need to trim the best!hmmm,okay more about this song is about a wait of course *pffft..how when we think we need to have smth that we perceive valueble in life,we will have the will to wait. I can tell its alost a hanging love story.Yeah,how a guy don't really realize how a girl loves him so damn bad. Untill she forget her seconds for herself. She hold her feelings and keep on waiting. She wait for things to change.She hope that she can get back to the start. Of course on d way she scrathed and bleed. Since her love is so strong she think she could handle bleeding. So,she thinks its okay if he didn't noe that she love him. She waited because she love him.Thats all...hmmm

Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story,Foods I'm Happy

Sometimes we never realize god create us for reason,instead we go around and whining how unlucky and how not fair world had treat you. I had a very good day,starts with great presentation,never stuttering and indeed i was explaining wif flying colors (lol),its naturally came to me when i start to open my lips (how unbelievable how i crap),we went for lunch,my tummy growling like a hungry wolf,so we stopped at kenny rogers,we went for movies afterwards,hahah,,damn hilarious,i was laughing riant!it was a great movie : ) toy story,andy is actually grown up and goin to college,it was so epic toward the end. The hysterical funny thing is barbie and ken!hahah,they were like eeuuuw but comical!!(who even came out wif stupid idea saying i love you differently) seriously!!and "do not press the button not more than 5 second" hahaha,buzz turn into spanish mood,again i was laughing like therez no one else in the hall!hahaha,seriously man,i love this movie like forever and ever,i watch this since i was a kid..even remember the evil dr pork chop!hahah,can't belive the andy boy is growin up just like us,this movie bring out my memory lane,damn!its hilarious..the movie end really fast,one of my friend came out wif idea of buying groceries,so there we go,like all grown up girls :),we went to buy donashi(sushi donuts..foods are getting weird)..as usual we all hav a bad decision making,so deciding about one hour duration,finally!!!sharing planet!!yeay..my fav spot..i love tht place!!again my supreme de vollail,seriously damn good,i love foods..i have macaroni cheese for lunch and a muffin..and great dinner..i love today,,then i went back and so "kepak"-tired,,lol..i waited for uncle in ym,skype and fon..so here i am now..sleepless at the end..but over evrythg i'm happy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Vacation June Tribute

Dewi,Me,Pink and Irene,it was a great place,bountiful and peaceful,i clearly remember the smells and wind,i love beach so much!

Digi Live Tour Concert,which have a bitter middle story,see that girl wif blue sleeveless shirt,i hate her..lol,but that was really fun and awesome night!

We're with our timer again,this time around i manage to pose better,lol,ppl came to jogs but we came for pics..but it was really great eve,

What Makes A Girl

2 hours before my presentation,jeez i need to accommodate this nerve somewhere so that i won't stutter. Pfft me?nervous,was it a vocab or a food?today's topic is, What Makes A Girl. I'm not that super smashing in terms of girls thing. I can't even figure it out myself what girls what. *does it mean i have extra lil Y gene in my blood (eurghh,not that no no). I heard sugar,spice and everything nice are what makes a girl they said. So how bout me,i'm not that nice (to strangers) i'm not a sugar honey,sweet candy..lol,i wonder wht makes me..Perhaps,salt,spice and everything unfathomable..haha,i don't like shopping,i don't manicure nails,i don't do makeups..so again,what makes me?haha,i wana smile as wide as i can today so tht people will talk to me (yes since they said i' super arrogant) people realy judge book by its cover aren't they. Thats y i think they shud spend more times in bookstores (reduce idiocy) and start reading books with ugly covers. I don't judge,i observe and learn..okay don't get mixup wif my points. for me shopping is futile and absurd,draining out money (ohhh like once its ka-ching on esprit and body shop counter)..make up is unnecessary (the time hasn't come yet)..so pen and papers are my bestfriend and a piece of eyeliner. Otherwise,i put aside. I like Aisya past and present!when she feels good she laugh : D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanks Tammy

Half frenzy already digging for words for tmrw presentation..Me again,uhm,honestly today,i'm not feeling that well,as usual..i have headache and everything. Was trying very hard to make it go away but this pain was so stubborn and such an asshole..i had my panadols just now and i'm expecting myself to be on bed soon. Please eyes close tight and never think bout world anymore,so wake up tomorow and feel jovial :) please blithe,tie me with his bless,i'm all over worries and nonsense. Ya allah,sabar jelah..btw,i'm not gonna leave diz blog again ever :)..*tempat mengadu la konon...well,its 11 pm,please again,i wish my tomorrow will be heaven,gimme spirits to do those talking thing...i dunno why i feel like giving up..wow!this is so not me,m i upgrading or downgrading?think about it (i said to myself)..nite virtual world we'll meet again soon!i love you blog and i love my teddy bear tammy *sorry tammy,i cried on you..lol,tammy loves me the best *okay i'll put u in washing machine,since i use ur paws as a wiper for my raining eyes..hehe..thanx things (i mean thanks diary,tammy and mp4) you're my greatest treasure..hehe :, )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Makes Me Stronger

No matter where i bled,now matter how deep is d cut,its just so weird. Because I cant feel it anywhere around it. The cut is deep,i saw it bled. It's really dripping off my red liquid. But i just can't feel it. I'm not scared of being injured. I'm not scared of me being sick. Cause i know i'm strong than anyone does. People don't see,but i see. I always see what i did. The reckless,wise,clumsy,great.. Its just everytime i get a cut,i can't feel d pain. Instead,its painful,here *somewhere inside the chest. Everytime i have my headache,i dun feel in there. I feel it in my chest. Do i have cancer?do i have lung problem?do i have liver failure?or i'm bleeding too much untill my own body can't tell,the fear or the pain. No worry this time around,i will nvr weep and tell people. I have my diary which happen to be the best bestfriend ever :) .I am strong,i knew it. Somebody told me when i was in form2,we are all strong,because we agree to go down here on earth,to be born and live a life tho we know life is hard. Not like heaven we stepped in. See,we had promised to our almighty,we will nver regret of being born here. i think i do!i'm not regretting Him,for letting me live in diz world with His will and grace.Thanks Allah. Makes me stronger

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aku nak Nanges!!Kuat2!

I dunno what it is,but it makes me feels like this!miserable..so miserable to d power of hundred twenty double2!hmm *sigh long and nver gonna find a pause button. Why?why? why la~i was on d okay mood,suddenly i went to college office,,and darn!i hav zero mood please,i wanna weep!i'm feeling sad,sick,angry,pissed all twist in one feel dat i cant ever explain in word. F F F F,excuse me for being such a dirty creature saying dirty. I hate begging okay,shit those college thingy!shit is just so shit. I'm in controllable mood,please be okay aisya please. Okay 11.2..those big fat liars of jpk!make me pissed even more,ppl are buying signature. Well m not dat dirt asshole to play sucha crank buy and win. *so much to whine, i wanna go home (oh no my eyes glowing already) shit!don't aisya dont!its my final year yet why this idiot UNIVERSITY giving me such messy life at eleventh hour. I am really a monologue beast now ,chanting millions of curse and un-blessing for my college,please just go fucking dead college!ur system sucks!unimas system like super shit,1st the 4 to 3 years thing,then intersession..now what!!damn~okay m chill..m chill..m chill..ak nk nanges!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Not much.I like my life just the way it shud be.It is what it is. Btw this is what i did in tutorial class 2.00 to 3.30 pm today (hail d agony like no blessed day) i love class but i hate the tedious one,i magine 3 hours in d morn n 2 hours more for tutorial..uhh (spell it right inside ur head).I still dun have title for diz song..hmm what shud i put eh?lol


Twinkle twinkle

i see on d sky

night zephyr sweeps

like a sweet velvet touch

c/o : its d world u see i see

a beautiful one

its d pain i held the pain that u paint

i noe i miss you

cuz i remember when you say,(keep on say-ay-ing)

All those stars are blinds

Some day somehow this pain will heal

When its true there’s nothing is real

2nd c/o :its love you give your kiss

remains in my dream

its things you teach you preach

ohh i miss you badly (don’t you know…oww)

cuz i remember when you say (keep on say-ay-ing)

This loves are blind

by Aisya

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


New Edition: Talking is like eating chips with spicy flavor. That was my assumption,but now for me talking is like paper cutting machine. Whats d relation anyway?i can never explain myself. Yes,d eve had turn into shadows and darkness. Okay thank you college for givin me such divine experience of floating. I just confuse with my life again,neither my brain nor any part of my cognition help me with answers. What kind of answer am i looking for?i nver noe myself. A question tht exist for no reason. Just be strong in life. That's what i am now. What i can't see what others can..i'm learning it by the time i was ready to fly away frm this cocoon called early adulthood. Wise is better,what i feared the most is making mistakes out there. A world dat nobody could tell how safe we are in it. What i noe is,gotta face everything with patience and faith. Never lose grip on my stand. I was reli telling myself that world is beautiful,yet some part in here *pointing at my forehead, telling me world is just an ugly things that gives us loads of scars. Hey girl,nvr givup!i said to myself. So here i am,wake up again frm yesterday's fallen. As a mature person,no more wrath control me. Cause really i'm gona be 21 soon,very2 soon. I keep what i like about myself and i throw away the badass thing that can ruin my life. This is me now, a never givup!gay with perks..i wanna be d first person who nvr weep for small things. I will be one day..i will :) ..i have dreams tht i doodled. Whether i come true thats just another story dat god will take care of. The point is,i'm dreaming of dreams. Stay strong Aisya!you're dat girl who ripped her knee so many time in basketball court,you're that girl who get up and say "alamak koyak",you're tht girl who cont playing with blood drippin and get scolded for rippin of her pants. You're tht girl who live in her wonderland,drowning in her musics and poetry tht she wrote,you're the one tht appreciate yourself for singing in d showers,for doing stupid on dining table,for being such epic in your journal..so be tht girl cause she used to be strong. :,) ps:W E D D I N G D R E S S is awesome!

Painful is such a retard vocab

Good Morning!i never wish one before i gez..lol..oh yeah thanks!loads of thanks,why m up so early besides of prayer??my belly having retarded moments!!its 5.20 am in d morning,i was growling like an idiot for such "sakit perut" wth!uhhhh..skip d muttering. I found a few old songs and now i'm in classic 90s mood....saketnye perut!i can't move for 30 minutes because of dat daym shyt..thingy,if perut boley d buang frm my body i swear i do so!ohhhh..gle seyh..eeee,well back to d songs..i love i'll be missing you and you and i ..i love jason mraz!!backstreetboy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tired of schools!mature is a real vocab for me

Learn to be mature,d quotes i hold till today..yes i am learning,yet if i were to be seen mature i still think there'z a few inconsistency in those maturity think..yes i learn to say yes to everyone and drop the subject whenever smth buggin me so like hell,,diary is my bestfriend,d unfold story i doodle will always be mine and my diary..we are just a divide bestfriend,there,i told how sucks my life was..there,where i told how wonderful life in split second..where i weep on when there's no shoulders to cry on..just wanna be matured,i am learning it reli!oh god my fingers were aching and yes tummy..please be good,i hav test on thursday and assignment dat due on 11th..i wana go home..trully,m tired being in school,uhh..rule number one!shall never giv up and be strong!i can cry at mum's orchid plant wen i get back *where no one can ever see me wif red eye ;) now the best word for me is "redha" and "bersyukur" be grateful and strong..dats me now

Monday, June 7, 2010

There goes my wait again..aisya da!go to bed,i said to mysev

Sunday, June 6, 2010

4a.m in d morn

Flu.Nausea.Headache.Gastric.Half DEAD on bed!

As Long As You Love Me,epic song!

"As Long As You Love Me"

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
I'm leavin' my life in your hands
People say I'm crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance
And how you got me blind is still a mystery
I can't get you out of my head
Don't care what is written in your history
As long as you're here with me

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me

Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like it's deep within me
Doesn't really matter if you're on the run
It seems like we're meant to be

I've tried to hide it so that no one knows
But I guess it shows
When you look into my eyes
What you did and where you're comin from
I don't care, as long as you love me, baby

Friday, June 4, 2010

Semalam Bersama Kipas dan Perut Lapar

Rse nk try,posting in malay mix2,terabur hancur..haha..btw,perut yg dah rse joget zapin mengalahkan lady gaga ni kindda xley nk berenti meraung,rsenye da selamat tercerna oreo yg xhbes2 dtelan since diz pagi, *ohh ak sungguh bersalah!haha,mix bhase and maybe end up xde sape phm apekebende yg dtype..tolonglah hentikan bunyik lgu timbaland dlm perut ni,sumpah lapar,sungguh kasihan diriku ini *dilema anak tersisih dan terpinggir mcm melukut di tepian gantang..wah2 dah konon bajet terer nk pki peribahasa,dasar tummy sebesar litar sepang!sejuk lapar sorang..senyap..bosan tahap roti canai!!!time cmnila xbgos..sgt2 xbgos sbub ble2 je memory lane akn start buat sale & i'll be triggered ntok mmbeli,okay sedara sedari..jgn bukak kdai memory lane,bhaye tol dok sorang2 ni,jauhla jauhla..bdak2 apartment ni plak xreti2 nk blik,bcuti smpai korea,gila cuti btol..xigt dunia,tp dunia igt diorg,bkn nk bg kate2 semangat tmbah mnakotkan ak adela,putus fius pnye kwn2..and kt bwah blok tu tbe2 dga ad org memekak,xreti dah pkul 9 mlm,tlg la phm kolej ni bkn milik sdn bhd..rsenye da berpluh2 kali garu mata yg gatal thap hampes ni,bley hilang mate japg..eye glo tu rse da nk kering..ape kne mata ni,da xreti nk stop gatal??!!!pnat tau fingers yg kne gosok2..kang kasim selamat number 2 la jwbnye..hrus pg clinic!!!sumpah gatal gle =[ nk salahkn maybelline studio eyeliner,xknla~hisyy..ahhhh,rse nk merepek2 je,kang org igt ak ni terencat akal,litar xcukup..oiii tedah,lapa thap ultraman!!hrus bgn awl g kafe tmrow!!dengan lengan BERPLASTER ni,tme kasey la kpd drawer yg menyumbang kpd kepedihan sejagat,sakit yg xterhingga..oryte..before my eyes pops out cm goldfish,1.nanges 2.gatal 3.ngantok..better go get sum meditations for these pity material..chio..mite be back vry soon!


Tonight will be d fourth night alone in d apartment..wurghh..i hav absolutely nothing to do,i've been bertapa in d house eversince i step my feet here,m okay here mom dad..i remember last sunday,my mom and my dad babble all away frm Selangor and even my aunt called home to checked whether i had done wif my meals..lol..i'm kindda type dat wen therz smth bothering u,i'll never ever eat..even it tooks two days..remember d last time my grandma *one dat live wimme since i was a baby...she passed away :( i happen to weeps and havin insomia for 2 weeks..and mourn for a year..how bad was tht,my mom had to put me in vitamins since i refuse to eat..hmmm..i hope everyone doin okay at home..i reli wanna go home..super badly!okay enav dun start aisya dun start..nnti xtau nk stop~okay2..prayer time!


I happen to

I went to bed and never let my ym,messenger, and skype off because i'm waiting for such invisible homo sapien who will never show up,i checked my mail and phone every 15 minutes just to see a name pop out in the screen but i gez it will never happen,i went to d kitchen and make sum chocho drink but i decide to end my worthless wait,so i went to bed and try to close my both eyes,,with a painful word,I Miss You.. damn much..the jokes and everything,its killing me each day when i can't even tell u dat 3 words with 8 alphabet,(tho u're just a friend,i happen to miss u badly uncle bawang!) i have to bother mysev on d blog..omg how pathetic i am :( ,m goin to bed now and off everything,so long night..i deserve a beautiful dream tonight

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Don't Make Me Remember

Fhew,finally d case is over,ayish goin back wif raz and tirah seem can overcome her unstoppable complain,,teeka now landed in sabah,yuen will be coming soon,may ying is about to hav her sweet summer break wif her hubby ;) me?i had stop thinking bout my gramps,oh please dun remind me,not reli much i can do,juz avoiding being alone o9 24/7 so that i wont reli think about it..life..life..life..i wanna cry,but i promised not to weep,ohh how can i hold this any longer..plez build sum darn big dam on my eyes!!again in diz empty apartment,i have my second day of making jelly and second day of spicy soup..*i can cook only wen therz no ppl around me..weird isn't it..well,i miss my gramma T_T..like crazy!!frankly if u see me in FB it doest seem ike i'm mourning..for me therz no need to show dat u're sad dkt dpn org..enav wen they know about it and think i can get rid of it..its my personal thing,whether to weep or not to..yes i will but on my teddy bear shoulder..easier~Alright dun keep talking about it or else m gonna burst into tears cuz i hold it for 6 days..so therz a possibilities of FLOOD!!just dun start..hmm..gotta go makin cream chicken soup!well,wish me luck because its not 3 in 1 soup!!

Steal The Moments

A lil bit frm author of ashvex vehemence parcel,recently i had been struck by sum sort of poise idiocy,well,deleting is d best way..i figure it out how dun mourn for d dead instead pray for them..time had gone so fast,i grow up celebrating anniversary of her blog..dat actually starts on june 2008..for certain circumtances and inevitable event i manage to handle diz thing and start makin rapid post on october 10..still delayed..so november is wher i had my copy paste ugly thing..and june is d anniversary of smth *okay no need..well cheers to d world..let d light in!

my lil cuzzie who happen to steal my moments and hav a few shot!lol..fyi its my spec

i like her..she can't stop kissing me!and dats my plain face~ngee..next time i have my lil sara to poise,dat kiddie now busy wif her schools whatsoever..so me and wa here in Kuching..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What The Hell

I have one BRAIN tht cannot handle merepek thingy,okay what the hell is d problem here. I can't sleep and i have super agony going on in diz empty house..just me and diz tedious moments. Pity d world dat revolves for me,i hav absolutely zero job in killing my ATP..too bad mitochondria,i'm depressed on my own. So mercy to brain~i had put ol tos lobe into stupid critical thinking,and bley x bersabar aisya!*scolding mysev for being damn loosing temper..therz nothing to be screaming off,whats d problem exacly??i never noe mysev..my problem now is i hate to see people prank my friends,telling lies which is obviously can be caught on d first glance.*ayish please stop crying,, Why people love to lie?..i dun wanna lie,i hate lies..urghhhh..cuz if were to lie i'll definitely confess within 12 hour of d duration,how pathetic..and i dunno how to make a good lies. It makes me feel guilt every seconds and minutes..its killing me..so why people lies??i just wondering..okay i shall get rid of diz thought or m gonna go crazy like how ayish is facing now..relationship reli complicated,now i learn tht its not as wonderful as what ppl preached..its a pain in pride..sumtime maybe we hav to give more and beg with pity faces to get d return..or sumtimes..its just a cold windy breeze tht brush ur face and heart..d one u love is supposed to be d one tht shares ur nightmares and make u walk with it wif no fear..but i learn tht sumtimes romeo n juliet is just myth and people can change..who knows..romeo mite fallinluv wif taylor swift and left juliet..cuz love is unpredictable,first i tot its secure..once we love sumone they nver gonna leave us..but i was totally having tape worm thought..wake up!the voice within says to me..

Boys Are Inexplicable creature

Please don't libatkan ak in ur probs!!!as far as i concern i hav a friend dat non stop crying since last nite,angry one who keep cursing her bf for doing such lame guy move..okay 2 friends having these probs dat i can't even handle in life. I got F for my love test kwn2..but i can give advice,tho not tht good but okay kot. I dun like to preach things yg mengarut at the end of d day i still do it..dats just me..Ayish!hang on!Tirah bersabar~fhew..i'm handling these two ppl..but these pretty face poyo who prank my friend Yish!!!i feel like i wanna murder u..hey dun ask for my forgiveness..ask frm ayish,u hurt her..responsible la sket..menyampah tgok boys yg xresponsible!!!next time if u dunno how to take care of her dun pandai2 giving such vile honeylicious word!a lesson for boys please be responsible..susah btul la,A salah B salah C lg la salah..be rational,its not dat difficult to understand pn actually,learn to appreciate..maybe its right,boys only good in introduction,msuk content..definitely disaster..i'm not being prejudice,its just a matter of be realistic..i didn't blame boys flaw,they are egomaniac,they love football more than they love d girls..thats just normal..but be realistic..and my advice is if u love her so much is it worth winning the fight at any cost..i hate to see my friends crying!

You Hurt My Friend Rascal

i can't delete dat wix!!!damn~okay great last nite i hav blackout dat makes a super chilly thing runnin down my spine,now what???lately i just can't stop being a sober or whatever..i lost grateful and ol i noe is "merepak" in srwk dey called it dat way *refers tu menyumpah or smth..i dunno either..uhhh..okay note dat my number isn't public fon,i didnt pay yellow pages to lunatically add me up in dat giant book!!damn!m so mad..and then i heard sum news,ohhhh can sumone send me to anger management house now!!spe bwat kwn ak cmtu!didn't use tiny winy futile brain...dun ever talk to me or my friend,u hurt her..u hurt her u hurt us!!!i chant thousands of curse!!what the fuck is wrong being caring..damn~i dunno ppl are mean..and its a fact!can u stop her cries??can u?idiot!!dun preach dat u love her wen u have dat sick pathetic konon good shape,she's my friend,she has one heart and dat heart can bleed wif invisible cut,dun say u hav nothing to do with her mutilated internal anatomy!we never get into ur stuff..we never,but wen u drag us under a name of friends..u're too much,u dont deserve her!!!why boys always hav idiocy and stupidness in appreciating,damn!stupid!i dun wanna be prejudice,but this option barging into a condition that leads to YOU SUCKS!stop her cries!i noe her so much,everything she said,every move she take..i noe her,but u!!!hurt her..dun ever called me to fix d probs,cuz its her dat hav rights to forgive what ever sinister thing dat u've done..i noe she loves u,but fuck u!!for making her cry at 2 am in d morning wen she have a clinical test on d day!!!if u're idiot enav to know ur own gf,shame on u!!she sacrife enough,i know who i judge cuz i never judge ppl!!!i make blind what u do to my friend because i dun wanna add up trouble,trust me i make blind,but now i hav enav nerve to sac u outta our lives,good for u if she forgive u..u hurt our Ayish..u hurt her jovial laugh!!!boys think pki lutut agaknye!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I hav EMOTIONAL instability

urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!marah yg dah xbley dtahan2!noe wat?why everyone is so conservative..i'm just being a friend..why ther shud be ehem2 or whatever..why this world revolves stupidly..fine!!no more nice thing btween friends wif opposite gender..i'm sick okay..i'm sick,why ppl bluntly think such a thing..this is against my number 4 rule!!!I HATE ANYONE THAT TRY TO MAKE A GOSSIPS BETWEEN ME AND ANY OF PEOPLE WHO IS XY WHICH IS PPL FRM OPPOSITE GENDER!!!i reli hate ppl accusing me having scandal or whatever!!!trust me..if i were to hav one i'll announce it to d public..besides i still love my vampire my oxygen whatever so much..i love ZH okay!!!!arghhhhhhhhhh..i wanna scream!!!damn!damn!damn!i hav emotional instability okay!!!my grandma passed away,i'm stuck here and ppl do such a thing..do u think i can bare????use ur feet to think ppl..maybe u donnoe wat happen in my life but i reli in super depression..internet--blogging--facebook is d place wher i can get a lil fun..not sick things..not absurd thing..i'm so pissed tho!!!i hav emotional problem for the past 4 days..i can't get over everything,so damn blame me on my anger..cuz i'm reli in an unfortunate mood..i need someone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!TAMMY!!!

Doing Nothing

I will never learn to grow up..well i hav my 1st malay novel after 21 year i live in diz world,damn..i dunno what or even why,therz smth in d story..its not that mushy,about unplanned marriage..as usual,irrational thinking of men..hmm..but i rated it as B..okay i gez,i like syed adam aizril syed abbas..confirm2 nme novel,urghh..dat playboy..and he secretly love this pretty village girl named Nur Aleya Idris and at d same time being heinous towards her..therz a part where i feel like i wanna go into d novel and kick his butt..how cud a guy being so fucking harsh..i hate violence!!i hate boys or men with violence..eeeee..grrr..(ANDAI ITU TAKDIRNYA)..hahha..can't believe i read till d end,bt wif some pages tht i skipped..lol..Well Syed Adam is quite romantic...and can be funny and even spooky at once.damn..dun say i fallinluv with character in book..ust like how i fell in love with Shane in morganville vampire...dun worry shane i still love u damn much..can sumone gimme vampire books..erm,i hav sudden homesick after i arrived at unimas teritory just now..hmmm..btw,i'm all alone..doin nothing in diz empty apartment,i'm so malas to play games,huh bless me..i wanna make sum jelly