Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I wish..i wish...the pre-birthday wish!hahaha..i'd like to scream,lots of laffff to my girls,deb,dew2,khad,pink and rene!You guys realy naughty tho,okay!but yesterday was d best day ever,i dun feel like goin away frm the Monday~well,these girls lied to me,there'll be a small farewell party (for intersession)!!but they make a surprise pre-birthday party fer me!!hahaha,i was clueless on d first place,you see i have this motion blurness,so it took 5 minutes to figure it out. I love the cheese cake~thanks girls,i really love cheese cake super damn much and even it was my fav cheese cake!blueberry!(hugs & kisses). I was having a wholesome meal last night,i have lime juice and grilled chicken chop plus super melt in d mouth cheese cake!!i was laughing non stop,and yes ppl were staring at us,i really like the restaurant so much,like super much. (my second choice other than sharing planet). Well,we're havin lil fun fer football,can't believe i was staying on dat table (wiv my hot lemon tea and fries) watching Brazil kicking ass (chile)..lol,it was hilarious when irene starts biting and chewing non stop because she dun wanna scream before d crowd.Yesterday was awesome and i miss atok who called me nenek!super much please please..imy

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