Friday, June 4, 2010


Tonight will be d fourth night alone in d apartment..wurghh..i hav absolutely nothing to do,i've been bertapa in d house eversince i step my feet here,m okay here mom dad..i remember last sunday,my mom and my dad babble all away frm Selangor and even my aunt called home to checked whether i had done wif my'm kindda type dat wen therz smth bothering u,i'll never ever eat..even it tooks two days..remember d last time my grandma *one dat live wimme since i was a baby...she passed away :( i happen to weeps and havin insomia for 2 weeks..and mourn for a bad was tht,my mom had to put me in vitamins since i refuse to eat..hmmm..i hope everyone doin okay at home..i reli wanna go home..super badly!okay enav dun start aisya dun start..nnti xtau nk stop~okay2..prayer time!

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