Friday, June 14, 2013

A One Dumb Girl

It was never easy to earn trust if it wasn't for me maybe its for you people. I had lost the meaning of trust when everyone starts to back-stab each other. It was sickening and the as a matter of facts girls make a good champions of this. I dont noe whether some ppl just too dumb to think or too typical that their brains are constrained by lame thoughts that make things easy become complex. Everybody will have this one stupid friend who never use his/her brain to think im sure you've met one of this kind at least once in your life. They claimed themselves open minded but the amount of time they spent worshipping to typicality just make it sounds wrong. Its like I dont mind drinking coke but at the same time I hate coke, people said coke contains yada yada~ what is this twisted brain? Im sorry but I just hate typical malay people who has certain lame scheme. Cmon this is 21st century! You being lame is not my department because my department is fun! I dont dress up like an old grandma to be called matured oh come on that was the most idiotic moment I ever encounter and please dont make it that you're up to date when you look like crap whose trying to prove "nothing". These typical ppl are ppl who trust those cheapo sales about skincare, oh yeahh eat more whatsoever but getting a skin beautifying injection?! That was stupid and very much stupid I must say. But I hate the grandma clothing the most! Hahaha so lame sorry to say but yeah I'm becoming mean. Well then this is about an ex-friend. And also I forgot the part about she own a wrecko car and keep on blaming people for screwing it. Duhhh obviously your car already a lemon why do I even make friend with stupid people. Yeah I'm racist of my own race because they are incapable of making themselves defendable. And not the part of dumb travelling experience with her. I dun even wanna car-pooling with her to airport and what was I getting ? To be her slaves, oh ya getting me to throw rubbish in her car. Another thing that I hate, you moron make your own trash and throw it yourself dumb ass. I wonder how she learnt her stupidity, I'm impresed that she should get a PhD! So long ass I wont be seeing you ever again!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shades of past

This is the most glorious day in my life, perhaps because I was released from the biggest questions that hits me on the forehead everytime it crosses my mind. Hence, I felt like the heaviest burden has gone and I might have move on to live a better life. That was the ass years back then and yes I know and I hope people know expectations and acceptance is varied across human being. We can't say really whether a person should get over something but I think its the time we move on and leave the darkest hour. I might or might not lend my forgiveness but the way it navigates my life makes me like a mad person. It has been so many years when it happen yet its so hard to forget every single thing maybe now or never. I decided to move out from the shades of my past and move forward because its not worth it and you have gotten all the answers. So be it :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Deterioration of Projects

What could be more depressing than having a false hope. In the end its just hopeless! Well this certainly has nothing to do with relationship (get off relationship seekers). Its about the projects I've been working on. Plus the hormonal changes in my body radiates into this emotional behavior. Disappointing and frustrating but I shouldn't bother because the hardwork was not on me. Anyhow, it stirs me a little and of course trust a few. This had been the most unpredictable week of the month. It severed my motivation and thrown me at the lowest point of my subject of interest. I have certainly no idea how to shoot up my adrenaline back in track because for the past few weeks it has been playing roller coaster with me. Well then project can be unpredictable and sales can be pretty uncertain. With the general election and the fears of investors maybe my projects faced deterioration. Haih

The Ugly Aftermath of Election

Waddup peeps, I'd like to bring you to the darkest moment of Malaysia General Election 2013. It has ended yet the noise keep coming from the back of the nation if fact its urging that something has be done. I may have not been the right candidate with crazy manifesto (which in the end have the ambiguity of settling down with policies). I'm just an ordinary citizen who voted for the first time, indeed hoping for a better nation! The legacy of 56 years still holding this so called democratic country. How democratic are we?

After my first voting, I was happy to do my job as a citizen, but its just sad when I keep on seeing people trampling on each others, spreading false rumors in social media site. I just ashamed of the uncivilized behavior that heighten up the race issue. These what I called barbarians! Sadly most of them are educated but behaving like Paleolithic people. Seriously, I dont ask for all this crappy drama after the general election where people protesting on streets like mad. Whoever planning on doing so please shame on you democratic people. We look like a clown outthere where other nations looking how pathetic our behavior is. Some may have lost their mind by thinking riot is the last chance. Kiss my ass because the leaders already advise us to calm down and they will settle it at their level. Some fanatic moron as if they being killed and raped go violently provoking people. Serious shit man, I have no time of using nice words, these people dont even think about better future, yes you wanna change to happen but please change your pathetic self first.Causing so much hassle, behaving like kids that dropped their ice cream at the playground.

I care about my country and if i dont i wont be voting on the first place but the aftermath is just too dramatic. Nobody wants to get over it. Just take care the portion that everybody gets, just don't get to steamy asking for help from the world as if a Uranium just dropped in our country. People act people judge you can do so I dont mind but please I want to live in a world where news stop blabbering crap and nations become a mess.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Terrorism is sick and barbaric!

I came across CNN news with headlines, "Does Muslims Really Hates Terrorism". This might be the issue that genuinely hits all Muslims all over the world with one bad black mark on them after September 11. That marks the changes of everything, all the harmony life we had a citizen of earth. We couldn’t event cite how does it starts and why does it happen. Was it really a bunch of people trying to retaliate or its just a conspiracy. Nobody can answer that with a long line full of justice if we were to speak on world podium today.

Speaking on behalf of my true self and perhaps other people that have the same thought as me, I would said that we really hates terrorism. I don’t care if people would like to bash me up with says I’m looking down on jihad. Apologies for my unpleasant point of view but these people has been misleading the true sense of jihad. You see, jihad isn’t about revenge; jihad is about protecting the dignity of our religion. By doing this barbaric terrorism, the world has mostly changed the point of view about the religion. We are regarded as terrorist and Muslim has been put in a corner of the world where there’s big label saying we’re terrorist. Trust me, we are not like that, the true Muslim will never have this weird sense of jihad. I bet they don’t even know what jihad really means.

This is because one, there is no clause says we need to blow ourselves with grenade to retaliate against enemy ) hell no because the religion teaches that the real enemy that you need to fight is your inner self. I may not an expert but I tried to pick-up what is right and what is wrong. These people are just insane, they are killing innocent people, these are the short-minded folks I could say (they are sick psychopath). Who the hell they sacrifice for if in the end they died because they blow themselves and they killed innocent people. Is this jihad??!! Hell no people I ain’t give a shhhh on this because this is not jihad. Its massive massacre, and the worst you just commit suicide. What even more worst you have caused Muslims all over the world to face the consequences. So what are those bombing for? I bet they don’t even think before planning to plant the bomb.

I just see day after day they become even more sick and obsessed with bombing attack. I know they believe in an eye for an eye but seriously if its just making it worst and difficult, don’t you think you are on a wrong track. Yes some people may have killed our brothers and sisters but revenge, please come to your senses because our religion never teach us to kill for revenge. These bunch of people are those who make others suffers for their weird propaganda. Just like my nation politics, its just getting weird and odd day by day. They fight for their nonsense believe, kicked people from throne using the most dirtiest causes they capable off.

What an emotional Tuesday, I just think Labor day should be a week off!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The bunch of arse?!

Nice eve! Cold and damp after rain. Im just trying to control my 7th hell anger that popping out in my head like a popcorns. Why ? Ask those stupid assholes who keep pushing people in the train. These asshole really put their ass before their brain. Too stupid despite of their heels and office attire they are way way stupid.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid Housemates

I have no idea whether to be pissed or ripped their head off. This is the dilemma of living under the roof with strangers that has minimal common sense. I really need to move out from this house seriously. I'm okay paying extra penny for a better room with no brainless people walking around like a complete idiot ruining people's day. Frankly I hate when my schedule is disrupted by these moron. Pardon me to call then morons. You see I have a sequence of crazy people living with me. The first housemates were sluts! they slept with 2 guys in one room, I have an incident where I saw this guy shirtless at our living room, cmon this is not a prostitutes house, find a house where other people don't stay together then you can bring dozens of guys, I have to be in my long pants all the time just to be cautious! I call them the sluts…Here come the second people who replace them after they were chased out by our owner because we complain about the indolent manner of these girls! (Show some respect people!!) Okay the second people are not as worth changing, theres this one vitamin botox girl (she claimed she had an injection and that makes her fat, whatever). This girl is a figgin disgusting person, so not hygienic and always always take others food before even asking the owners. My other housemate reported their groceries gone when the come back to cook afterwork. Such a brainless person, imagine if the food that she took is the last thing that the owner had and because of that the owner have to starve. They just have bad demeanour in cleaning and tidying the house! You expect me to clean up your mess, please fucking dream on because I barely make a mess. This person has been using and eating people's foods extensively! (she won't dare to take mine because I will buy foods that she never eat in her life, if she dare, she just don't even know me and what I'm capable of, i might make her pay for it because most of the stuff i bought, the price is no joke). She is a food thief and funny things she keep on cooking and I'm certain those things aren't hers (shameless moron). Here come the third person after the second one left, (maybe the moronic thief give up after her intern company bankrupt). The third person is as moronic as her, because she go and soaked her laundry as if she bought the entire machine. 

And today I'm really in extreme rage because the dummy soaked her clothes without even bother to wash it. This behaviour is for people who hardly to educate themselves with human norms. They are what I regard as stupid and do not have a slights common sense in their brain. I bet their neurone explodes each time they are trying to think about the right things. I'm sleepy now but these moron still haven't wash their clothes, i feel like setting the machine on fire. To dummies out here please stop being dummy because your dumbness make me feel like dumbly hitting you with chairs till you bleed out your moronity! Sucker! please wash your clothes faster!!!!!

Obsolete Evening

So much or too much for a Wednesday or specifically another Wednesday turns to disaster. This malicious bad luck has been hovering mad on particular day. Pardon me if I suddenly grow a fang and scream mad in the monorail (unforgiven jokes tht only god know why). I just felt the content of Wednesday is obsolete! Somehow~ This evening weather is not kind as Im staring bluntly in chilly office. The rain pouring like the fountain in the theme park tho. Its really look like the wind gonna blow our building away! I bet flash floods is coming very soon and indeed faster.. Well we know who to blame for this.

Currently standing at train station and bunch of moronic slugs keep on cutting the que. Hope god will forgive my mouth and please dont give me tongue cancer :(
Gotta go!

Going Away

Today is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, which I wonder for the dozen-th time why does it have to be wordless. Being as a mid of week I bet its a tough job that people will be in between I hate Wednesday, god god its already Wednesday or even OMG its just Wednesday. Its call living with expectations. Even the days revolves with expectation. How can I not to concerns much if non living things gets that much of expectations, what could have it be for a human. Living into one is always the hardest because we could not achieve all of them. To be fair we have to fail around before we could get there. All you got to do is be strong, stay tough and cruise it with no fears because eventually you will get there.

Speaking of getting there, I'm currently trying to pursue government sponsorship from XX country to work there and most probably live there. My timeline doesn't give me much time so I give myself 5-7 years and thats it. Should be enough because we always have alot of things in our plan and that doesn't mean all come clean and we can swipe it in one shot. So pick this one over everything! If people wonder about my timing to settle down, they can bloody piss off with their thoughts because I dont have any plan of building a family. That's way a long journey for me because from now on before I could start anything I will question why how what! Nowadays everything sounds easy that it done.

Chio see you soon

Friday, April 19, 2013

XXX Bank CEO Issue

Hello Friday, I've been wanting to share bout this famous book in 2012. I know its been 4 months after new year and I'm pretty lame slow.However, there's an incident today that will make me skid away from my main purpose. I can cover that later. Well here it goes, you might not know where I'm working right now, not even know which company was it. This is not the point, let me just put it this way, our company located as a building share basis. So basically we're sharing the same building with few other company. But this building is mainly occupied by this Bank called XXX Bank (even the building was named after it). This building has separate elevator limited to certain floor. So fortunate (literary) my office is on the side where the MD offices is. Still not the point of my story (I'm getting there shortly). Anyway, we're all going down to grab foods from XXX restaurant at KL City Walk and what a pleasant surprise there's this uncle in the same lift making that sour shitty face because it takes time for us to jump into the elevator. Fine, we apologize for our dummies behavior anyway.

The next incident that took place is that we're walking in the lobby where out of sudden a security guard shove us aside. Thinking dumbly that the security staff was trying to avoid from slippery floor since there's a "Cleaning In Progress" sign put on the floor. Huh! However! its actually not that main purpose (thinking lucky for 2 secs) . We are suppose to give way to the uncle we bumped in the elevator. Wondering who the finggin shit he is of course I'm like, got rot in hell. He was actually the CEO of XXX Bank. Seriously, he's a Malay and I've met and joke around with dozens of clients and those founders, CEO, Chairman and I couldn't believe how polite and down to earth are they treating me. Just because he is a CEO we have to be shoved aside like a chicken. Bloody hell, next time I bumped into you I'm gonna complain out loud how fucking stupid building management is and how inconsiderate are they about airconds and stupid elevator rules. We are all human and having power doesn't mean you're superior than other people in such way. Seriously I don't give a damn. If I knew he was a CEO I would've used violent words on him. I'm not scared of his shitty arrogant look. I hope he rot in hell.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Think The Thoughts

From d day the screen name pop-out in my windows I think I like u
On the 1st week u made my life feels like heaven I think I fall for you
On the 1st month I start hanging on u, I think I love u
Its a year we know each other, I think I can't live without u
Its going to be the second year, I think my heart only belong to u
Its the third year where its end I think I dont want to
Its now fourth year I think I still miss you

Sometimes talking too much can make u cry
Sometimes silent can make u die

Across The Globe Hallucination

Too much inspiration can caused an excessive mental stream. This is what I'm afraid of, the "holy shit" ideas gonna keep on coming destroying my brain for the rest of the day. Happy Wednesday, guess I'm gonna be a permanent residence here in this blog. This used to feel like home (I mean a medium to whine). Just to share with those who are not living here (rotting here specifically for me), its blazing hot these few days and currrently praying for a drop of rain (trust me it wont be a drop when it does). Last week was my horrific experience of thunder storms and flash floods here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. To be exact I have no idea people keep on developing and building some shitty sky-scrapper but so sucks at maintaining  the tunnels and drains. Please, wasn't it gonna cost more when the damage is done. What a weird move!

Anyhow, today's delusional thoughts and hallucination still haunting me even when I'm wide awake. What is this hassle call brain? I think I saw someone or the one that got away. The person that claim he is in UK one year ago and watches over me even when he's away hundred miles away and even in different time zone. I wonder where all those nice thing disappear. I think I saw the doopleganger regardless of my fucking dream last night. These few days my brain activity seemed distorted. I remember something that I wasn't suppose to remember. I wanna feel something that I've already lost long time ago. I'm start hoping for something hopeless. Yes, heart and brain because what makes you different makes you beautiful (i've been listening to this crap). Playing sophomore song list really dont help at all. Screw what ever demon that goes iside my head bringing back this scary films and swear to god its killing every ounce of my cell. I think I have depression and now shud I visit psychiatrist ???

I hope the day end soon, and well despite of having piano class today. I can't wait to work on my project. I called it LH07 hahaha!