Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 1: Holiday

Its holiday everyone (fer a malaysian student like me its heaven). I havent got any 4 weeks holiday eversince my second year. It was obviously torturing me. i went half frenzy treating my mom kitchen, woaaa,, i dunno what had gone into my mind because for the past few hours i just thinking about cooking :) Unfortunately my bluetooth seemed not workin now so i gotta postpone my activities report in diz bloggie :) i made an awesome pudding, fruttie and i sneak into my refrigerator to find a nice cold choco Walls icecream. I dip my spoon over it of course. The pudding taste good, not bad for a beginner , i noe the presentation was bad because I got some serious probs on cutting it, my lil bro runaway wiv the whole thing because it taste good (pffftttt perasan sudehh)..then..i made carbonara wiv peas and basil sprinkle..:)) this is my favs, so far dats all my stuff, we need to keep busy..HOWEVER!!!the best thing is my daddy bought like 3 dozen of novels..the 38 buck novel each..and m gonna snap my pics wiv all of sufficient for my entire holiday i guess..seriously 3 dozens, i merely suffocate frm excitement urgency..I love the holiday this time . I have a great time on my own, wiv my lil bro and everyone at home. I just love the holiday!Yeay..tho m kindda .... but nvr mind that's not taken into account,just get mysev happy oryte, u too people, be happy outthere :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


If u listen to me talk to me. If u sense my feels please dun let it burn. Occasionally trying some cognition with tammy. This thing really stiff and mute. Talk to me, anyone just talk, talk anything dat can make me sleep with smile, talk about something dat u really want to talk about. Just keep talking and I'll do d listening. Anyone? *pufffff.... no sound..just d air around me trying to say smth that i cudnt digest in my brain. What is it wind? Does d news dat bad until u have to blow everything around? Poor d flying papers, poor the hands that pick it up ): I just wanna listen when people. Okay
1. In total depress
2. Please my head is so miserable
3. What is it with today?

I cant figure it out what the hell is wrong. I noe its funeralmood


"Semalaman, terkenangkan dirimu, sanggup ku singkirkan semua, kisah yg lalu...mengapa kau sanggup meninggalkan diriku..."

Feeling so helpless today
Sensing no energy flowing today
Truthfully, I'm lost in my own brain
Where m I
What m I
How m I here


My brief explaination on OL

Swear to god I can't sleep. Alright, lemme digest what I've been read for tmrow's exam. Basically everything about knowledge but 1st u need to understand what is organizational learning, I mean this thing u can't simply memorize because u can end up having "malfunction" neurons. Organization learning is simple, how organization adapt to change, develop new ideas, insights for their development and growth. Ther r several forces dat trigger these OL things. (remember!undertand, dun memorize). Give u an analogy kay, OL is like u going to another continent, in order to adapt and survive u need to learn, if u stay ther like a dead-shell u'll die. Either frm starvation or anything else. Oryte there are 5 learning principles in OL, personal mastery, mental model, shared vision, team learning and system thinking. These 5 principles correlates wiv each other, if u wanna see how it works u'll figure it out in practices and tools chapter. That's just a principle of learning, now moving on to the learning process (i cant believe m doing diz). This is the crucial part but dun forget 5 principle is very fundamental dat u can relates to d processes of learning. 1st, identification. 2nd, Generation/creation. 3rd, diffusion. 4th, integration and 5th, actions. In learning you'll get thru these 5 processes. Identification helps to facilitate d indentifications of noeledge internally and externally by making the internal one visible while accessing external source of new noeledge. Okay look very carefuly this 1st process, it involve all basic 5 principle earlier. I noe its hard to understand. Simply, its actually when u identify whats the problems, whats relevent to ur business. When it comes to generation and creation. This is d core of the process. u need to create the knowledge. Knowledge creation is smth complex dat u cant simply program. When u have more explicit noeledge the chance to dev. new knowledge is high. These matter relates to the 4 cyclical SECI model. You guys need to combine d note in order to understand tho. In knowledge creation it involve 2 famous thing, TACIT + EXPLICIT. haaaaaaaaa...1st understand dulu whats tacit and explicit. Tacit is basically knowledge frm experience while explicit is the facts. Tacit knowledge u cant simply documented, so we need to tranform d thing into explicit, explicit knowledge u can document it...the 4 SECI spiral thing is a CYCLICAL process..starts with SOCIALIZATION(share) -->EXTERNALIZATION(articulate)-->COMBINATION(connect)-->INTERNALIZATION(embody)..
I love diz part cuz i got some analogy for it. This thing is like u wanna find a guy or a girl. 1st, socialization, rember in socialization u share knowledge thru joint xperience. Its like wen u and ur frens going to a party searching for a boy, okay,u wanna find somebody that has what u needed. Same goes to noeledge, the place (ba) for diz phase is party (originating ba). Its a face to face thing. If u wanna noe him of course u approach him and u starts to talk about smth dat u wanna find in common. Moving on to d second phase, externalization, u start seeing each other because he got what u want, u start to meet his frenz, and get to know him deeper. You exchange numbers u text him in ym by 3G or video callin skype. Its dialoguing ba. In this case i use YM as the virtual place for dialogue. For knowledge d example is Lotus Notes, IBM:Team Focus. Then Combination phase, connect explicit knowledge frm diff sources into new systemized knowledge. Okay all info bout him dat u get frm his background, friends, teacher, neighbour and whoever lah, u kindda arrange them, preparing for next stage. In this phase u'll be supported by systemizing ba,indirect interation among ppl in group. If nak senang ingat i assume, i love him, i noe bout him, his frenz and family so indirectly i'm related to them, need to respect his family, his culture, his friends or whatever since i dah collect data dr few source before. Okay next phase is, u planning to get married in internalization. You get married then, whatever data that wujud dlm ur brain u exersize it in exersizing ba..huhu..for example, he dun eat pineapple , so when u cook jgn letak pineapple..oryte..or u wanna prepare smth like a recipe frm his mom, so u assimilates d knoledge time combination dulu2 tu and embodied dat thing. Dun forget bout ART system, simple je art system, its smth dat trigger us to move frm othr learning mode to another mode. For example culture system. If dlm organization, diorg mite foster org culture, brula dpt move to another phase. ART system ni basically dye detect d discrepancy, contohnyela..Best Practice..inside best practice tu u guys have to do diz and if kat one phase u guys kne fulfill it, nak xnk terpakse la..Example yg Wall Mart tu..dey have scheduled meeting to discuss what happen in operation. Every Friday kalo xsilap. So nk xnk, terpakse la manager go around d floor observing, approaching customers. See kan dye trigger tu. System dye culture of conducting meeting every Friday.. :) Evaluation of Organization Learning, dun be scared kawan2, this is juz a measurement mcm anova tu..haha..u wanna measure OL so u look on its intellectual capital, dlm intellectual capital tu plak ad 3 dimension human, customer and organizational. Actually u guys bleyh measure using performance gak..IC tu just one of the ways. Don't memorize, u guys need to understand what the animal called IC, refers to Dr Dursit talks dat day..but then they say diz IC ni kindda susah sket nk diterima cuz ad little solid foundation, mostly diz thing handled by managers, of course la d process dlm company, diorg yg measure, xmcm OL pnye theories, yg relates dgn psychological, management, social and whatever lg la..dlm chapter 2 yeee..IC ni xde theories sgt..kindda difficult for practitioner to disucc bout it, cuz dey dun have foundation, nk bincang kne ade foundation kalau x cmne nk bincang, pasal ape? xkn tetibe odd la kan..Malas dah nk further explain, tp after knowledge creation tu, diffusion kay, followed by integration and last skali action. Before I slipped away, remember the KOLB learning cycle, very important !!! Oh m so tired !Thats all..

Until the very end. She still LOVE him.

Closed my eyes, breath as deep as I can, exhale slowly and chant a word "i'm okay". Thats quite a good tips. There's a friend of mine, she loves diz man so much, as much as she couldn't explain herself. Whatever she did, she only envisage him. She look as gay as I cud be now, but, she's like d girl in d song brick by boring brick (paramore). The clock strike 12 and everything she love went away, like ashes. She did things just to make herself not feeling peculiar, just wanna comfort her own heart. (In another word, she lied to herself bout being happy). She tot she was there and he will hold her hand whenever troubles coming, she tot he will get thru everything together with her. She was wrong because, the clock had strike 12 and like evry fairytale, the prince has to leave so she has to wait. She wait and wait until d clock went rusty, her feeling for him will never change. She cried and cried, like d tears almost turn to blood. One day the man dat she loves came and said, stop loving me. But the man does not understand how much she loves him. How much every single day she thinks about him. How much she wants to be beside him. The man doesn't understand, the man leave her. There she was, until now, her love is still for him. The hardest part she learn in love is, its hard to make people understand how much we love them. That's all for today. Wish me luck for exam tmrow :(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LoveHate 2010

Packing time! tho tmrowI got one last nuisance paper. Well i saw tons of grizzles over d subject tmrow, here tips friends, dun gettcha self miserable, then only u can understand. I've cleaned my closet with d widest smile ever ! :] No one has to remind me anything cuz I always remember, prepare things early ;] yes! going back ! take a bow everyone, diz semester is almost over, here come d final semester ! New Year is on its way, m gonna be as gay as ever. Close the year book and it's time to open a new page ! 2011 ! m just so excited over it. Feel good after such long time leaving this blog, back to the root..its just minus some curse words,,huhu. LOVEHATE 2010 ! I'm just living my life to d fullest :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Content really contagious- Cheryl Cole -Parachute


Alright, lets start chewing d fats..It was my very first time going back late frm library. I'm not a grade-grubber okay, went ther to online and finish notes. I can cheers for my last paper diz coming thursday and my plane on d next day :) Quite awful as I'm d only human exist in dat bus-stop and shucks, its dark. I got some serious night blind esp, for right sight. Vision 1020 i guess or even worst. Funny thing, I was glaring at these 2 i dunno what gender r ther, u see trying very hard to do some mental representation in my head. Screw d stingy uni lights. I can't see. Seriously, the bus stop had me apple-up! Chuck d bus comin so late dat I coud not stand d creepy-ness in d air. 1st, its quite isolated, 2nd its dark, 3rd no one ther except me..I started to thik d pitch I shud use to scream hell if anyone or "anything" unpleasant crush over me.."I'm cooked". The bus came 30 minutes after I freak out, for d godsake please be punctual,,jeez these people..d bussie who drive like a funeral car.. :< spec went missing, i had to use d old one which totally browned me off..the degree is not equal, dat old rubbish..btw, m being bubble-brain yesterday over sum "Dell" thing.(if u ppl notice d inverted coma, its more den just a noun) Mad-mug session, u see..m getting insane i guess, haha,,oryte forget bout dat lil gossiping, gotta go for real education adventure !

Monday, November 22, 2010

The American Slang. I'm jitterbugging now.

The American slang 4 inch thick I found in my university library :) 5 words per day keeps ur head insane straightaway :D
1. Lookie-loo - customers who enjoys looking at d merchandise but has no intention to buy it..erghhh..lemme rephrase..its window shopping..duhhh
2. Jive-ass - insincere and unreliable person..
3.Nertz! -expression of frustrations..its kindda dialect for NUTS..
4. Let it lay - forget about it!
5. Shuck - smth nonsense and lil worth ( ohhh whatta shuck!)
Its kindda awesome reading diz book, btw i can tell 97% were ol talking dirty and sex thing. I noe more den enav bout dirty things..hoho..Be back wiv more lunatic

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yeay to the world

I was google-ing this................ >>>>>>>>>>>

Since I was so obsessed wiv Tulips I kindda have loads of tulip's bouquet collections. I feel awesome everytime I gaze on these fantastic flowers. Omg can't wait fer tulips sale next year i supposed. Ahhh, its still way along day to go..I remember d last time dey had JJ, Mid, KLCC..gosh i was there buying one piece of it..1st its fer mother's day apparently i was too greedy mysev..weeee..I feel relieved now cuz i dun have to feel d bipolar sickness in my head. I have 2 more paper to go before flyin back!I wanna do evrything! Every single thing dat i missed doing it wen I was on that long jet plane going nowher..:) Yeay to d world !

Ellegant Black

Awesome RED

Big Bow Belt
4.99 GBP -
Belts »

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Retarded !!

You guys ever come across d word "stupid retarded" ryte. Oryte, five minutes ago I'm here to get rid of my scattered brain. Expecting silence so dat I can meditate until i feel like my eyeball is going off. However, the 5 minutes was over and now i feel like i wanna eat people ALIVE. For the god sake i ever come across d word stupid retarded, but i nvr come across d one who posess such lunatic trait. How unfortunate he lives in d world of idiocy and pathetic. I was here to study and of course checkin out sum business around my site. This guy, i dun even noe who d bloody hell he is, and he is so fucking idiot. Lemme spell d word I D I O T...gosh,he was playing his music player as if this library is his room. You bodoh ka apa?You sik tauk ka diz is library?You buta ka org mok study?You sik tauk baca peraturan library ka? Erghhhh...m so annoyed. Now changing my place..dahla on lagu malay merepek. Gotta be smth wrong dgn otak dia..eeeeee...ade jugak org cmtu kt dunia ni!affecting others as if u own diz world..cmon la , get a value.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Education Exorcism

Yeah, its been a while, I was running d errand for Eid's Adha. Finally, sigh of relieved! I already get rid of those FYP..yeay! now praying time (plez A plez plez)..Since it quite sometime, i dunno what to brag here, jeez afew minutes ago all were here in my m clueless, Oh yeah i got 6 days to go before flying back home :) cheers..(talking bout loosing my decipher m getting annoyed)..cmon ppl diz is library not starbuck..jeez..btw i sit in a small piece table in diz library..while ppl enjoying weekend i hav to stuck here :,( reading!! hmm..never mind then, oh man diz couple next to me, can dey slow down..why not just using microphone? if u guys really want me to listen to ur wishy washy discussion..erghh..whatever ppl, how unfortunate..i lost my spec, my earphone dysfunction! life is so hard anyway!till den, wen i got some hot issues to talk about..daa~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream Phone

Omg talking bout new item!!I immediately fallinluv wiv diz "thing". I was on a walk few days ago wiv my girls. Since my rommie get her adapter burnt so we went to some computer shops. Well, she really need a new adapter! Imagine I was in d room and tada!!! I was nearly get electric shock cuz her adapter smells like a burning underwear! So, we went there, walking around, wen I stopped on a mobile shop I saw "HIM". *him -name after my handsome samsung fon! He was so adorable!!!Landing flat under dat glass thingy next to iphone 4. Jeez, I reli wanna diz thing. D feature mite be similar to iphone but samsung got extra hottttttt temptation over me. Samsung defintely win over iphone. "Wicked"..My dream phone. Samsung galaxy S..too bad, its 2k.. T_T..

Never giveup in life

Oh yes, morning! as usual get up wif a cup of nescaffe and get rid of diz lazy cells. Currently m sitting in a frozen building so called, CAIS. * can't even pronounce d full name of it, basically its a "library". Pffft of course, who wouldn't noe a library. I've been staying like zombie for 24 hours. Congratulations, this is one of d academic item. I'm so tired & sleepy. But then, just chill alright. Lucky no more post in my facebook dat I feel like barfing frm distance and pull my hair til I go bald. Seriously..burghhh.. gonna block dat person or remove frm friend list if dat person kindly bother me again wiv such lunatic whatever.. I was juz on a rare thinking. I mean like, I wanna be matured and decide d things dat I suppose to do and don't. Keep on reading people, you'll get what I'm trying to say. Maybe I was dat 17 years old girl, but dat was years ago. I'm all grown up and in university even. I am totally on a different plane now. So, here I am. I got plan for future, I got massive desire on things dat I like to do. I wanna be somebody dat I cud proud being one in d future. I wanna smile in my late 50s wen i think about what have I done in my life. I don't mind d bitter part cuz those teach me some big deal. You people outthere shud do d same too. For diz entire week I think I found what I really wanted do. I really wanna keep telling people how proud I am being my own self. Vices, flaws its just a matter of perspective. Never give up in life :) !! If u happy just let it all out, if u wanna cry just cry as much as you want and wipe it all off and smile to d world. We've travel diz far in diz life continent, so, get full use of it. Cheers. Till d next post,, I gotta cont my notes :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Rid Of It. Shit.

I dunno how to start with, but those just so annoying!Cmon, m not in a mood of being nice so I won't. Stop being like a childish while you're all grown up. People might think in a different way, dats it, anymore annoying post m gonna block diz person (in a sense u better stop contaminating my socialization site)..damn it. I got emotional issue, so back off. If u noe you're XY gene. That sounds pretty harsh but really, its rather insane!!! I don't wanna be nice to anyone okay! I had enough with everything. I'm now in transition phase. Didn't I told u everyone I'm not interested in XY gene.. wats wiv ur head anyway!! I don't wanna people start making story because of ur lumpish, moron attitude. I'm on my own!!! if u're such an old mate behave like one, say hi and get rid of me. There's no need of being idiot on my matters. Right now!!!!okay right now I'm telling the world, I dont need pet name cuz I'm all grown up!!!and I wont be giving names to anyone either.So please, I'm 21 years old. Old enav to think, things dat I dun like, I need tell right on d nose dat i dun like things dat unnecessary. I don't need stupidity. I feel disgusted!!! Man, seriously!!!Urghhhhhhh!!!Respect my friends and my family who in d same socialization sites. Even my Ex-bf never done such thing ever. You're no match for me for such idiot jokes. I am 21 !!!!not 5 years old!!!Once I told u I dun like it means I dun like it. I always told d things dat I dun like once, telling twice makes me look like a s&^%!!Big remorse!!!!!I am not d old Aisya. Not anymore!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My HORRIFIC Experience

Do you believe wiv the unseen? Have you ever experience one? Chill run down my spine wen it comes to diz unseen. Not a great topic to start with but to learn about it is smth important. The unseen is everywhere, wher we share d living with. I wasn't as serious if I never heard one. "Exorcism" I was wondering how do you treat diz vocab~ Things that happen yesterday was a climax of a horrific zap! Ther'z been an exorcism next to my apartment. That was d first time I ever heard such ghostly conversation of a demon. I was ther on d balcony wiv my rommie witnessed d scary part (we end up closing all d windows because a holy teacher come over to get rid of d thing). I tell you what, dats d most frightful 24 hour for me & us. Before diz I was watching sum movies on TV (the fame emily rose). Seriously having d hard time went to bed especially wen I kept having diz delusions of d demon sound! That thing act request 5 things as a term for it to leave the host (poor dat girl tho). I can't handle listening to the 5 conditions. I cud only bare until d 3rd request which makes me wanna collapse and dun wanna get up until next week. The 3rd request was d most most most insane. (like on tv tho) Swear to god I heard d girl screamed everytime d holy teacher recites the holy quran. Oh my gosh!kill me wen d demon said dey eat raw egg and they came frm such distance!!!and and and "it" came wiv lots of friends...scary tho ( oh my eyes watery!!!) I'm not being superstitious but really me & my rommie was scared hell out of d thing. (we went back early after dinner yesterday & recites sum holy quran).

Smile until my muscles cracked

I cud have smile until my cells & muscles cracked :). Saranghae! je taime! aishiteru! teamo! ik houd va uh! I was totally forgot bout d horrific thud dat happen in my block yesterday (d exorcism). Because of you because only you can melt my hair & bone marrow (seriously high sugar level). Hear you breathing feels like you're talking 72 hours, diz! trigger my gaiety cells and all d existing neurons. I got an overload vasopresin hormones (CLEO,2010). Awful isn't it :) If the 2 am stays ther and let me juz holding on over diz Vasopresin attack! I will sing for lifetime if I hav to....Asleep wiv smiling faces :D (so much for diz

Monday, November 1, 2010

Study Week and Serious Playback

Finally it comes around! week, I donnoe d real definition of those days but I believe its gonna be a complete torture or vice versa (hah!) Something's different bout ts study week because I hav no idea where to start with. .will work it out sumhow. There's a HD (high definition) pictures in my head on d struggles. Ths time around I forget how to feel nervous. Somebody please send me some senses (hows dat) . I got diz very bad playback of few songs
1. Auburn ft Iyaz-Lalala
2. The Script- For The First Time
3. My Heart is Touched-Seeya
4. Written In The Stars- Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner
5. Descent -Miss $ ft Won Bin
6. Love Like Woa-The Ready Set
7.Deuces-Chris Brown
8.If I die Young- The Band Perry
9.Memories-Park Chae Won (checkout d lyric)
10.Something Bout Love- David Archuletta
For the dozens time, I got a very very very serious madness playback.