Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm back~alive at 5 a.m

Whether yes or no..maybe or probably..i dun see what makes the difference. I'm back just a few days before xm's coming (matila). I reli praying to god no one read this post..its been ages i left my blogging world for my life stuff~i should put an alternative for my excessive mad emotion. Lately stuff been doin not so great. I dun have mood for dinner. However i gotta do so~i dunno y..i keep telling ppl i like doing diz thng while m not. I hate been assgn for smth i dont wanna do..but thnk about i twice. when u r in workforce do xpect ur boss gives u thngs that u lyke. Not AT ALL..
I was trying very hard to sleep just now...n i did fell asleep after waiting for college stupid reception to workout n i wanna text smone tht i miss so much in diz entire world (i bet he didnt noe) like more than i miss my mom. Then the bloody reception turn up to be so.....fucking slow n keep offline in sudden..(yeah great) do i feel????(just imagine a kid y terjatoh ice cream) sad..(who cares bout me)..
Then i fell asleep for an hour..holy cow i dream bout my lecturer n me reading notes in the dream,,esp ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR..oh my goodness..i woke up in horror n grab my book n whatsoever...n now typin a lil bit cuz its borink..