Tuesday, December 21, 2010

:( what an errand.

I went to Bukit Bintang yesterday. I've been in super depression and even depressed wen I came across samsung galaxy s :( I want......I was looking for executive's apparel which i managed to find one piece. I'm on green fever (new green shirt). I was forced to KL, now i'm going insane. I was talking to a sales girl who happen to be sarawakian. Hish, gago jak mk klaka sawak. The crowds reli makes me dizzy and almost hell puke. I'm risked to puke to death because of crowd-sickness syndrome. The most is everywhere is samsung galaxy S!!!! I went through evening rain and prepare for dinner at 8. Away frm my lil misery. Okay non of d activity workin. :(

I'm Sucks

Good Morning!have u ever feel like been swept away by cyclone and you tried to turn ur world around but nothing changed. This is rather insanity of personal, apparently..For the past few days I've been in total misery with excluded reason in writing. I was on a little mission to study human behaviour and selfishness. Hence, I ended up leaking alot of points and I had no idea how to figure it out everything. I'd rather come out with very clumsy conclusion which is human are all selfish. However, I was wrong when the day somebody advise me wisely and I shud thanked him for opening my eyes for every invisible sights. I was seeing with emotion not my wise brain. I was obviously a total bitch keep on raging around my reckless temper. I really hate my temper (always hating it). Special thanks for reminding me my current irrational state. Ths person is really special that he makes me realize everything around me is functioning. Something that I always abandon whenever I got some serious miserable thinking. Honestly I'm sucks in personal god knows how. I'm glad I still known someone in the world that makes me become wise. I'd like to become someone who will put a thought before actions. I dun wanna make severe decisions dat can destroy my credibility as a human being and future HR. However, my head is still down under extreme misery. I have such lumpish attitude, once u break in u need to keep on walking until u found smth that u need to find.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Result Real :)

I 'm so hell excited. Of course the result is out :) and awesome!Thanks my almighty! I think I was d last person who login to smp. Its officially yesterday but u noe, i drained my few bucks sending ill-ed text messeges to unimas sms service. Seriously, I did checked my personal detail twice, i tot it was someonelses' account. Correct! its my name on it and my stupid passport pic. (urgh..=D) above of all m so head over heels. Thanks for last minute inspiration and thanks for being a freezing chick for 2 weeks in library, thanks for being such a creepy asshole and sociopath breakdown living thing in that library. Not forgotten thank to my lecturer, the most to miss farida :) finally she gave me A..fheww and Mdm Sheilla as well, next time we'll have an errand a month earlier and bout that level of learning, never mind, i get the point now :). Almost flat, I think I know why and I know how. Another dean list! love u books and everything !

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Invisibility Choice

Sometimes talking too much can make you cry
Sometimes silence can make you die

I prefer invisibility in the choice because
What left in the option were only despair and frustrations

Yes, there's a line to walk thru but the lines was ruined by a fierce tornado
Fogs covered our eyes, so I shall took another road
Where to start? There's no need cuz you already walking (looking at my feet)

Its sunset.Keep walking.I'm through.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episode 4: Malacca Errand (: [Shopping?Whattaya Think]

Sunny day here in Malacca, again I was drowned in epic memory. Remembered in one occasion I fell in Malacca Zoo! Well I ripped my knee precisely. I know I got bad chicken legs when I travel around. The journey of obsevation, of course sneaking eyes into some hot Honda City, Black is so elegant honestly. Alright my first car will definitely be Black! we have "ikan bakar" wow yummy!!!i love today errand :) Okay ppl, whattaya think about SHOPPING? I mean as for some girls its their life and death. Discount and sale season are what driving them mad besides hottie. I'm not a shopaholic reli am not, but I know some of d random facts bout girl and shops. you can tell that I'm not a shopping-maniac that runs insane over shimmering gold cards.
So is it true girls, women are those who shud check-in in mental asylum on festive season. WHY?its sale, UP TO 70% . Tell me, I never had this fantastic insanity on grabbing and groping everything I saw in the Mall. Some people who shops alot usually in that kind of group (miss universe-like-girl). That's funny cuz I'm a girl too. However, to defend my own kind, I have no idea how to doubt the burden of proof "see!its 50% off.omg!!" she, the one who say it is a girl. Oryte I know that shopping waste money but, what kind of definition do u give on word shopping? the measurement that u use in shopping. Shopping, basically does not mean we buy the entire store. I think depend on person definition. We can't possibly say shopping is evil. When someone said shopping we choose to turn 180 degree into negative statement. Its just how a person view "shopping". Whether its a verb meaning evil or anythingelse.
Well, the gender issue must be teken into account. I mean, boys love shopping too, regardless of they are metro, retro or whatever -ro they are. One thing I respect over these dark-side of bad "shopping" term, girls will consider bargaining for less price,boys will go for -no matter how expensive they are-.,thats what i think. I prefer to define shopping as something nice and innocent tho..So, taht's all for today, nites!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"keep telling myself that its not worth it, i already know i don't deserve it"

Episode 3: Cooking-fever [the tomyam and empty rice cooker]

Think this is the only way that makes me feel like a bit insane and amnesia. “Cooking” I just culdn’t believe it! I went cooking the black pepper beef [1], the seafood tomyam [2], taufu [3], egg-things [4]. Of course no vege!cuz I freaking hate vegetables. I dunno who eat all the crap dat I cooked but the rice cooker was empty : ( somebody takeover the world and eat all the food! Was it dat tasty, I think so..lalala..so the responsible people who finished everything had to go out to buy a dinner. They went back home that afternoon and eat everything. Fhew, that means my cooking wasn’t that bad, its just my lazy cells dominates me. Huahuahua..I’m so not me anymore! I cooked, I did my laundry without somebody screaming at me. I’m so an “ALIEN”. Who am I??Scary tho! The very next day I tried an insane thing, “Fried Black pepper Chicken fillet”

1. All the spices dat u need the most is the black pepper

2. Chicken fillet (that took 30 minutes to clean it using 2 pairs of glove and never stop screaming over the blood!tho it’s a breast part

3. Salt and whatever

4. An egg

5. Flour (the one with spicy flava)

Alright put all the spices on the chicken, shall I said marinate ‘em. Hmm, put some salt so that it taste better. Getcha egg and mix it it with the fillet and those spices earlier. Okay on ur stove and getcha oil hottttt….final stage when ur oil is ready, put it in the flour, please make the flour covered all the fillet and wallah throw it in the frying pan..caution: dun let it black baked crisp. Ish ish ish…

Episode 3 ¾ (flashback): Add Math Tutor

Okay, if its biology, chemistry or even modern math, I can do it. Seriously, those were awesome things but add math. Freaky freaky freaky !

Episode 2 ¾: “Life as a Taxi driver”

Last nite I gotta a town ride wiv my dad, after he finished his stuff in Jalan Duta. It was late 10.45 p.m. Yeah, nothing much changed in KL since I studied there. Except there’s a new neon light on The Mall (did remind me of my youth, was my playground once). I wonder if inside still d same, especially the Bread Story and the ABC thing. Oh yeah, wonder if the Mc Donald still crammed with our high school student when it’s not holiday. We ride pass thru my old classic school (I guess now, it’s not classic anymore, dey got some Netherland influence in building structure, think it was there since before the independent..since dey got sum of money frm the ministry, they renovate the school. Truthfully, I hate d new look of the school, I hope they dun cut down that Autumn tree !) The car moving thru Jalan Tun Razak to Jalan Parliament and I dunno what Jalan anymore there, I wasn’t the type that memorize the road really well. Here we are at Jalan Pantai Bahru. All the shops were closed. Suddenly I saw a Taxi right next to our car. I saw the clock on my car. Its half past 11 already, these Taxis still wondering around getting passenger. I felt a sudden rush in my head, imagine how hard these people working. They dun care what time it was. While other people lying on their Dunlop pillowand Vono mattress these people drive through the entire town getting money to fill their growling tummy. As if they never care on sleeping either. God bless these people. People are whining on how hard their life is, while they still have house to sleep, they still have night for themselves and they still can afford McDonald and KFC for food. These are not “hard”, these are ungrateful people. Those people outthere there are more that homeless, some with kids waiting at home (starving) waiting for their father to bring something home. They couldn’t afford a fried chicken for everyone; they don’t drink coke, just plain water; cold and plain. I did learn smth. We’re on our ride home, seriously sleepy. Nights ;)

Episode 2 ½: The InterView

We got major probs because we’re there but we cudn’t find the way in. Hilarious wasn’t it. Alright we’re in, what now? The security guard on d counter never heard of the company,how pathetic until I said C-11. Here we go, at level 11. He was so blur and I speak Malay anyway. I said “Victor Group”. Its futile talking to him so I get mysev upther and a chinese man open the door for me. Yes..yes..m the one who got appointment for internship’s interview. Guess what the CEO is actually the one who gonna interview me..okay relax! Remember this is board interview chapter 5 recruitment in human resource planning, recruitment and selection. Chill2! I obviously make some educated look sitting on the chair while waiting Miss Jasmine to call out my name. Ok, I got serious lup-dup in here and to stay calm I went checking my files (SPM certificate, Matric Transcript, Temporary Transcript, National Chemistry Quiz, Innovation Award, Dean Lists Award, Demonstrator for Biz Math..all checked!!!) fhew…okay he called me in, duhhhhhhhhhhh…I said my internship 10 month! What the hell, ok I’m nervous anyway.LOL. it was only 10 week. Funny, I got a lil chat with a CEO like a professional. What the hell m I doing I talk about current issue and my deep interest in development. Whoa!!!I was a HR manager for a second J He said if I were able to revise the duration of intern he’ll hire me as well !how heaven, now I got serious hatred with my university. Unimas we need to talk! Huhu..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3 hours and this :(

I drained my 158 buck :,(

Episode 2:Holiday-shopping

Hye KL, kindda spending my loner time shopping at SOGO just now, erghh I got a fatigue legs :( , tmorrow I got some serious interview, fhew sortta nervous like ALOTSSSSSS !! i wish i still got my luck charm :( if u read ths , TOO BAD CUZ YOU OWEZ BE MY GOOD LUCK CHARM.. btw i got a pair of ELLE shoe. Its extremely hard to make a choice. Plus its raining, jeez walking around like a lone ranger. I'm so tired and so nervous for tmrow occassion. just kill me wiv a dagger please oh please. I see sogo had changed eversince i graduated frm matric, i had no time to
walk around, keep on hanging out at my hometown. Its been a long time. Btw stop the epic things, WHO LOVES TANGLE UP RAPUNZEL????lets watch!!!huhu,,oryte as i promise m gonna post some of my kitchen horrific..haha..btw one last thing~ Hey ppl outther i gotta question, if u miss someone like crazy but u dun wanna say it till d day u die, what shud u do so that he knows??greathumbpin =,<

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