Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swithching Blog

Hola ! Happy Eid Mubarak everyone :) just wanna tell ya i have new blog that i just started posting some stuff here it is LisbethLee.blogspot.com ;) love xx

Friday, August 3, 2012


Happy blessed Ramadhan to all muslims and of course others who enjoy the month (random). I must admit I haven't been here for quite sometimes. I know there's a lot of things to catch up though the audience are most probably someone anonymous tht might come across my blog first time. Since  I left university I think I loose the part of me that love to crap all along. Of course, my time was officially taken by my working life and hence nothing much i could brag accept for one two stuff and eventually after 24 hours I'm too tired to brought up any argument (being on bed is the best choice). Now, my life is pretty much on I have job and weekend is precious :)

Actually I just moved to a new job and this is totally new to me. So I'm now in transition from a HR spec to Conference Producer..Overall the job is okay and I'm kindda happy with it (hoping to claim commission). Anyway, this year I found out I have less drama than few years back I hope that's not a sign of complete adulthood. For some reason I just hate the term "adulthood" its like a nightmare. Nobody wants to grow up when they already half way to enter early adulthood. Screw the little me who wish to grow up fast 20 years ago..(lol) Afterall things turn up nicely and today I'm gonna do a little bit of shopping :)

Alright then, till we meet again :)