Monday, August 31, 2009

Buka Puasa at UNCLE'S

Here I am at d livin room,lepakin wif my cousin n da lil one Najwa..haha..she's so funny,juz now crying cuz she fell..haha,,suddely she laugh again~~kids..haha,btw kinda nice cuz i dun hav slugs connection here..m goin back to college at eve i gez..huwaaa..tmorom claz..xmo2..alamak i didnt bring my charger..great!xlme lg battery K.O..huwaa
Nobody online at this stake..tdokah mimie n tim n aleng n kin n ida jgak..last nite dey hav charity dinner which i missed dat one,but worth havin my aunt cook y super sedap..alaaa sowry to deb n leng2 i cant make u guys dat mixie fruttie wif ice cream time la,,adoh..61% more battery..lolz..make diz very2 very fast!m not bad in typing laa..heheh..baru sedar i type kindda laju..
Forget bout those but i reli dun wanna balik..huwaaa..n one more thing i've been trying to keep in touch with my boy..but wher is he?is he okay?haiyoo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Okay

Hello whatsoever~m gonna tell u smth outstanding,how to break-fast at mcD counter..haha..obviously so desperate wen its olready time for break d fast but u still in the lines of people,wanting to buy fuds,,sounds so kesian for those y perut dah croakin n the air inside buat bungee jumping frm ur lungs to intestine(wasnt it hurtful?)..Puasa is all about no foods,but if u dont eat d entire day u still not gonna die arent ya..its proven by me,i didnt sahur n break-fast at 9..n still alive(god will),i supposed thers no excuse for those outhere to fast in diz holy month,come on u're not gonna die..
To the surprise my non muslim friend loves dates(kurma) soo much. Beside of having intention of dieting la..shez buying diz yusuf taiyoob thingy..n so overexcited for it,,hahah..its okay,she'll be fine but hopefully she eat those for d entire day,,mmg payah..
Speaking bout fasting...whats the best thing for puasa at strangers land is u have lots of friend dat bukak story wen time bukak puasa,,seriously many stuff to be shared. Dats the nicest thing puasa away frm ur hometown..its gona be a lil difficult for people y still homesick..come on la,,raya nnti leh balik,xyah nk sick2..hahah
Btw,i have great time n m okay..burries those weird unbalance feeling jap,,n stay out frm probs..dat wud be have to write back soon~~

Oviously HEALTHY

Library maniac~m waiting for Khad n her sick laptop,its breezy outside,a lemonade will do kot,xpn hot choc n donuts..choreo2..dunkin2..

Dat juz a jovial faces before illness came n cost me 5 days on bed,yet not recovered frm cough~no h1n1 okay..m clean

Do I look I.L.L

Ahh,great!I'm so stranded in d mood of being isolated frm the crowd..hello m juz coughing,i have itchy throat man!dats it..m totally cured frm any sickness,its just my cough still not recovered..i was urge to left the claz by my lovely Dr Tan(felt like crying)..
Noe what I put such effort diz morning to wake up n dress up n having shower to go to that replacement claz cuz i think i'lll miss alot of thing..yah ryte dun aspect ur effort will be appreciated,instead i was dismissed in front of the entire class(lecture hall)..whoaaaa :((..firstly in pn dayang claz n now dr tan..after diz lily dublin?miss vicky?..DO I LOOK ILL????dats the biggest QUESTION. because i came to claz wif obviously JOY N MERRY N OVERJOVIAL..
Probably next time i shud commit some medical conformation n i shud wear matric card which state my current medical status..seriously I cant believe he urge me out..btw i can continue my beuty sleep but i hav no mood,i was planning to study after claz since dat thing happen..bye2 books n slides..m focusing on tammy,novel,bed,samsung,sleep,songs...dats ol for the great morning i have,no cursing since its holy month~okay..m out

Mix Fruit wif Ice Cream Topping

Why la my eyes mengguli again..huh..dala sok ade statistic(damn i hate replacement).No worry monday gonna be absolute HOLIDAY..1st i screwed my mood tonight(blame my fingers y menggatal pointing on notebook n phone)..i deserve dat mark btw(no i dont!!!!!!!!!!!!)..okay forget those lame thing jap~plez..hish
Did i took any caffeine today(obviously nk mati if i took caffeine)?no i dont okay..At this moment m sitting peacefully wif tammy,wishing it can talk n make jokes(huu a lil spooky tho)
I miss my boy badly(he's busy perhaps)..hmm let him be,i dun wanna screwed his time..hope he still remeber me here..btw tmmorow m gonna join leng2 break-fast treat y agak best KOT..hopefully yes. Then on Monday m gonna do MIXFRUIT WIF ICE CREAM TOPPING..i eventually promised to deb,khad,leng2,mie,ckin.tim n ida to make this treat for em..huuu..cant wait to do diz,,my fav ever every fasting month!:))..(sounds m a kitchen freak) but dats d only stuff i can do,desserts n pasta..mmg trok other i can cook soupy thingy as well!not dat bad la knowledge cooking aku wishing for no meticulous mom in law..hahahahahahaha..vunggukz)
Anyway since i cant sleep,so i spent time to continue my novels in making..lalala..n melalaking..daaa~ohhh ckin here..shez gonna sleep ere!wuu hide my handphone b4 she dig everythin again..ngaaa...btw daaa~~~
I miss him more than badly
I love him more than he love me

Wrong Timing

Yes it is~~I have this stupidness of night perhaps,I fell asleep which i tot juz for few min,m so fatigue n dehydrated because of stomach ache..gosh tell me which part i did wrong for my health-sigh-
Even worst wen i on my notebook which screw my mood entirely tonight!i dun wanna crap bout diz..but seriously I hav 2 A's upon 3 subject of intersession. i was suppose to get 3.9..but the slacks..the 3rd subject~~i screwed my japanese tho..dat was the worst result ever..seriously..m outta mood now..because of dat my pointers..huhhh..reli dun wanna talk about it..m gonna repair dat soon in the next intersession which mean..NO HOLIDAY AGAIN!i dunno what to do in diz Sarawak btw..i wish i were home wif my bed,mom,lil annoy bro,dad...n mom will yell in front of my door to wake me up evryday which i noe i get my mp4 n plugged my ear..she end up throwin away my comforter..spare keys of course..but i love dat,rather than..dull here seriously not in the mood of anything..i can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why i have slacks..seriously shit

Friday, August 28, 2009



M a C-H-A-L-K dat left alone at d empty blackboard

Stuck!Stranded!my brain act hanging smwhere on earth i dunno,tho i told myself so many time not to~1 days past..2 days past..the 3rd day going to past..m just standing on my ground wondering without exact rationale. Subsequently(sounded so formal)....m being a chalk stick,cold n left alone on blackboard dat have empty surface(ther goes the analogy)..reli~~even the duster so far away frm me..its just me and the residue of empty room,just ancient ago left abandon..Well,I cant sum up my total feeling because it seem to be exceed critical points..a very high threshold n not compatible with the status quo,,my brain have riots on its own thought..
Yesterday claz was so stressful,because i have non-stop travel time..n thanx to mdm Dayang for the compliment~i kept dat compliment,tho in busy day still i have space for something but i dunno OTHER..lost in consternation again perhaps,,confuse of i dunno what..n zero explainations for actions..i infer that person methodology failed because no resource stated but theres seem to hav long problem statement..oh my god..what the hell m braggin' ere..i dun wanna talk much,cuz m done wif certain talking n wont brag bout smth stupid here..this is a blog n it cant do anything for me..dats it...


What to brag??-sigh-looking for the missing part of me y mcm extremely missing~unknown location,no stimulus feedback..creates assumptions

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Week with sacked of almost EVERYTHING

Recently,ol of burden come on me..hav u finish ur report?ur tnd pair work?robert raymers questionnaire?revisions?spss?....busy is a word dat killing every inch of my limb,slept at 4 last nite n end up missed ur sahur meal(great) its practically over~n i gez one more coming..which i cant wait to hear the creepy presentation,,huh..i wonder what it will be..
One more news dat struck my pencrease n ol of gaster juice in my belly,our OD claz will be separate..split again???I DUN WAN!n to the horror..miss vicky share claz with miss Farida(huuuuu,she screwed my hrd last time n gimme A- o B+)xmau her!n one more thing miss vicky said OD mid term was horrible..n m so getting into worried basket..can i get my 3.7?hmmm...with internal probs dat gonna come soon..for the god sake..I'm ready..dats more words..m so outta idea..

Tired wif error sleep

Its exam tmorow..this awont be long..hmm..human being is still a human after all,,i juz realize dat m not android cuz i have blood O type blood..hehe~y on earth m doing diz..i keep the rest point stranded in..smth debatable wasnt olways have end to end just like.........ngaaa..bye=p m done

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Day W.E.I.R.D.N.E.S.S

Gez I shud stop writing here..somehow m not gonna post lame issues again,m goin back to my real journal diary which I've been sleeping with everynite,dat wil do..u see I started to think reveal ur expression to public can be nonsense. Think about it, who's gonna care?Old fashion way will do kot..writing using ink is better,,tho sometime m over the space in dat diary(purple butter)..but wasnt I dun wanna people noe,,n blog goes to anonymous..haha..m confused already,me with my confused head..olwayz..
Feeling something different when i open my eyes today,counting how many hours i've been spending to sleep last few hours. With notes under my blanket I realize dat I fell asleep like troll n its a very2 deep sleep i gez. Surprise I have my morning shower which I rarely have because of "kemalasan". Usualy i hav it at noon tho~
Seriously today is different,I have lots of thing to settle today,my notes,my assgnment,my appointment,my senggang(debate) and my whatsoever more in house---huh..its okay gonna get used to it,I gez my intersession spoil me alot n turn me into diz plastic hardworking..m gonna bark up for diz,,sure not at the wrong tree =)
I suddenly hav feeling that my mum read my blogs..haha..(No Way!!xmungkin)..forget it cuz it bring no harm at all..
Fuhh,,my 6th sense telling me smth but I hold it on 1st cuz i gotta focus on my studies,,need to push my pointers to long as it exceed 3.7 diz sem m so gonna be okay..if its vice versa..m so not gonna forgive i fill my bullet to the fullest so dat I can shot more to the accurate..(stupid analogy frm me again) weird post today~~m off for books now,,c ya..dunno wen..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worst EVENING in my life

Hmmm..I really have no more words to speak, writing is d best way to liberate ur anger whatever rather than u curse(not good for diz holy month).The class start at 2 and end at 5 today..well basically a few min break after Arabic claz before spss lab session. What the hell is going on???dat “pretty” lady flite delay slugs came so “early”(vice versa)..damn its stated in university official timetable lab session starts at 5 and end at 6…huhh..m tired getting angry,,my wrath exceed tremendously bad altitude 9.995 over 10.

Suddenly she gave us task which I dun mind if it’s a 5 sample stuff..but 20 sample n we are the silly damn respondent itself..mmg take time to fill in d bloody hell questionnaire..arggggghhh..tension siot!now I start to feel the strain on my head..n we hav to finish key in tos lining up numbers n words on d spot..damn lab claz is just 1 we r not permitted to take the sample questionnaire out frm lab(which is so idiot). I was sitting ther silently n hell focusing to finish it up..n my watch had passed number 6….she hold us dahla xsahur diz morning(plez jgn merungut aisya)..i have to grumble here..because I haven’t buy any fuds..n obviously I didn’t have any energy stick n any drink in my bag cuz ITS FASTING MONTH!!!!!haaaaaa…screaming hell I wanna go out in my heart very loudly..face wif so many wrinkles cuz m frowning so very extremely bad..

Ahh for the god sake its olready break-fast time n we still in claz..i reli forgot to ask aleng to help me buy the fuds and mimie is in east campus cuz shez havin exam tonite(gud luck!)…n reli start to be in box of pressure..after 9 m sooo freakin no time for myself..n haven’t reli enjoyin fuds..finally at 7 smth3 we’re out..

Writing is my medicine I gez..write what u feel u wanna utter..but u cudnt say it..hmmm..dats it!tonite got assignment date wif Debbie,n gotta study foe mid term diz mite be ol my blog thingy gonna be freeze for a while..i need to check on my other assignment whether it still on progress o not..damn I hate CARRY I gotta toil for it!huhhhhh…freakin pressure!

Short inter F.R.A.M.E

Ahh..never underestimate my brain y slow happen ol the time wen u mamai ol the way and u hit shower door!skank!hahaha..that was creatively made me olmost fell in d shower..syez brain damage in frontal lobe that shud be cure using fmri surgery
Well i gez m late for claz arab today..lewat ke?xla..kan3..(tp dah 3 text in my inbox.."ney kau aisya")hahahaha..
Hmm,btw now in this lab waitin for my garang lab demo stil sempat crappin around in diz bloggy..hope today no more spotlite plezz..m so tired answerin question(cm fofuler la plekkk)..
Wipe those perasan thingy off la babe dats just a coincidence~~now is 4 smth2 n my tummy croackin lyke hell~~~

Why la love P-A-L-S-Y

I tot my love palsy dah end..fuhhh lovesick y xkan end till d day i died..(che wahhh..nang la poyo)..Obviously I miss my love palsy syndrome mmg parah n payah..hahaha..dats y rule num 1..dun let me fallinluv(but i just did..hahah).It cant be help!Love sick,loveflu..segala mcm benda.Huwaaa I miss him badly.Very badly..T.T
Back to the main love palsy issue..why la kn tho u had text him hours ago u still miss him?i hav no ans for this..hish3..lovesick y overloaded..glucose level y xberape nk seimbang dlm brain..n everything went so CHEESY pnuh cholestrol..(u noe wat i mean ryte).Alaa I hav claz at 2 yet m still cuddling on bed,,hahaha..buruk atitude ku ini..but what feels better den being ur ownself..(dun try diz at home..nnti ur mom gonna sue me).
Well i text my cuzzie y nk engaged tu,,she'll be flyin off to overseas 19th if m not mistaken..kurang 1 cousin diz raya.Wen Syaful had finish his medic Daya plak fly off wat medic..but she oredy hav her degree in biotech..hish..noe wat..the percentage of my family relative y being doctor adlh 30-40% while engineers 50%...y dey love physics soooo much..i wonder!the extras is bussiness thingy like me! least i love this thing~
Wua reli2 in palsy syndrome mood...!!

Extension to the call~huh...

I was actually waiting for Debbie Jara to be here at 9.We were suppose to hav discussion on tnd assgent????wher is she btw?hmmm..probably still in the wonderland playin wif bunny n mousies..huhh..tooo much mind's eye man!My mum called AND……………ther goes 1 hour lecture tho today xde lecture..hish3..Its ol bout don’t diz ,dat,those..hahaha—suppose not to be highlighted here—and kindly I told her everything..n ther goes some usual morning gossip wif my mum..noe what she never noe how to gossip wif other people xcept me!hahaha..n I was forcing her to mail me pictures of those fabrics,,(here come more babble on baju raya..)its just the 3rd day of Ramadhan mom!
So many thing y di my cousin is getting engaged,,n ther goes more n more words inside my ears. But syezly I wanna eat my mum cook now!!(I mean waktu buka nnti)hahaha..huwaaaaaa..
Nizar>>> stil sleeping,mg trok la adik ak sorang tu~~LUCKY I only have one..if ther are 10 of him..ICU..ICU..high blood pressure—baru tgok mke—suddenly m outta credit..hish too much talking la ni..n accidently text zarif..super embarrassing..I felt like soaring over from 3rd floor..malu siottttt..wher did my eye goes?stupid aisya!m gonna blame myself for this entire day..
Damn my stomach start to croack. Singing waking up in Vegas I gez(literary hyperbolic)..Seriously m in the mood of –I dunno what I am—hmmmm..apekah?gilakah?
Btw by the end of this sem I gez I’ll be able to publish my book!Priscilla the great~teen world out…hahaha..but I gez not gonna publish it la…let me finish my milkmaid n gingerman first..huuuu..apakah y aku lakukan..
1st-m talking too much
2nd-m being emoic overloaded
3rd-I was supposed to be an executive not a writer
4th-lately I lost my brain
5th-m so relax(spooky I was supposed to be depress wif studies)
6th-I didn’t abide my rule of this sem(mind map on my table!wher is it I juz got 5 je!pdhal dah Align Centerbpe subject?bpe topic..malas!)

Analogy dispersion

Hey..hey..(sounds woke up as my phone ringing badly.Really I forgot how can it be I mean sleeping wif my phone slides open..n I woke up because my phone da stranded bwah katil...kasihan handphone ku..Seriously I have nightmare last nite..Did i

overlook to sluice(is diz a rite word?) my feet before sleep?hmm..btw I was really not certain whether it was dream or real,,cuz I noe it occur wen I’m being so tired. In a sense of spiritual spooky threads I gez its smth. Woooo,I shud disregard dat bloody thingy,not to point out the horrific thud dat I heard last nite..ignore..ignore..pleaseee..

Well,obviously I missed my sahur today T.T..m so gonna be zombie in anaconda’s tummy..sluggish n sengal..haaha!whats dat suppose to mean. Seriously sorry to the readers(as if I have one) I make thing n my word complicated and I create my own stupid n awkward analogy.But I guess this morning so many thing happen n I just stay in my room under my warm comforter(huuuu xmo kuar xmo2)—even now typing in it—hehehe..

Hopefully slide handphone ak xrosak..because I gez its terfell dgn hebatnye last nite.Til the slides ter open..(screen check!Camera check!keypad check!3G check!)fuhhhh…hanya rawatan pesakit luar I concussion. Apehal la sengal sgt ..aisya handphone cannot be sick my dear oiii..End of story okay~hahaha..okay m goin for freezing!