Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nyte anonymous world..leh~

Almost 2 am now..huwaaaa..so heavy la diz neck..dun ever gimme pillow or m gonna start dozing n xbgon for sahur tmorow..hahaha..damn..i hope people called me like d 1st day puase..man apehal tonite susah sgt nk carik political influence..kn bagus click trus kuar what is desired..cm expectancy theory..howhhhhh..now i rememba i hav exams on thurday..which means tmmorow is burn midnite oil day...dah lame xsentuh bku for d sake of exam..xcept last 2 week for vicky claz..n it was so damn susah!!!eiii..i was so not gonna pissed bcoz of dat..i have stupid assgnment of robert raymers y ckp laju thap gaban..n cant even catch up wht the hell he say..
a s far as I rememba i used to hav native speaker as teacher gak wen in seri puteri dlu..but not la as bullet train as raymers..still rememba david murphy=)..ngeee..Mr David I miss u man!wellwhy am i wasting my time writing here..alaaaa still nk write gak..it wont take long..as long ther are so many stuff to be construe n to be highly highlighted ere..no probs i gez..lols..I gez my optic chiasm cant hold on anymore my neural transmission sending toooo many impulses on my head saying that..SHUT OFF the notebook n hell get a sleep..syez m fatigue today..dunno y..probably cuz of sakit perot y terlampau kot..diz eve y disaster i was so havin tummy ache..darn la i have to hold dat pain sampai waktu bke puase n it still sakit..well..gastric kah?seramnye..hope not..den i end up eating chocs n munchy's my fav!anyway syez my laminae the rod n con celss in my brain cant help to catch more lite..soo..this one last post..to my hubby y readin diz blog..i love u soo much..hehehe..nyte anonymous world=)

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