Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning with capital M

Morning to the world of if people reading this~gonna upgrade diz blog soon..haish..I rolled again,the matter that i dun wanna talk about,i can live w/o him?can i..m not sure how to do dat..its reli killing n shuffle my mortality,m holding on smlman n d entire day try to keep in touch wif nano n choke n ol,,a lil joy came after wen he text but a line of words reli made me wanna jump frm the 3rd floor..u reli2 wanna see me this way ke?reli love to see me suffer more than let me face the thing y he said so vulnerable to me..hmmm..i dun wanna talk about this,,ruin my lifetime spirit y terkumpul n tertinggal..the pain linger dgn do u noe m okay?u dun even be here wif me...maafkn sy pg2 tlah begitu emosi..hmm,,but i dun wanna fake myself anymore,,feel like zombie dat trying to be dracula..a pain wif no pain but really a pain..hows dat?okay twisted already tho..I gez i gotta wear specs d entire day..u see both of my eyes look funny..okay..i'll send regards to dr tan today..gotta see him n my team member..okayyyy..nk go for shower..oh now i rememba hav class today till 9 akn mati kepenatan..

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