Friday, July 29, 2011

I miss him to death

That was rather controversial title but ultimately, yes I do. Lemme tell you a piece of my mind about him. The person that I can stand for years with, tho he's away somewhere across d globe but he seems close to something in my chest (we call it heart). Its like singing Jessica Jarrel song and that Bieber boy "so crazy is this thing we called love, now that we got it we just cnt give up"..hahah..sound too epic, to mushy corny cheesy cholestrol !!! Tell you what, today I feel like I miss him to death and eventually I feel like I wanna hear his guitar string playing song and his annoying questions like "do i care" that left some mark inside here (pointing to my lil amygdala) Seriously, when he's being awesome,I'm jealous wiv him. Every minutes dat he spent being awesome outthere, doing cool things I'm just glad and proud. (like going for social work and travel ain't it)..Those minutes turn up to be the moment that I wanted to have everyday.

Its been awhile since I've heard frm him and I just wish him to come back home and rockin my day again. Even tho if I were to be called slow for downloading his fav songs and I love to answer back to him annoyingly , thats the moment I love d most. When he's Chucky d blur and terrifying innocent, to a complete uncle who's maturity taught me bout life and to an insane grandpa who gonna nag and being "poyo" bout some things. It turn up to be the best thing I ever think of..(I'm so dead if he read XXXXX...I exposed you a bit).. quick, leave Cambodia already..I'm kindda bored and almost a dead zombie here,,huhu..Someone across d globe!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Novel Lover

The effervescent of reading novels had been running in my vein since I was a little me. Do you know the feeling of getting into the power of words? Its amusing, novels taught me how to imagine things without seeing it. There were points where you just couldn't wait to flip to next pages and there's a vibes of emotional engagement with the storyline. As for me, thriller & horror will always be my prime choice. Once you flip d first page you won't be able to get up anymore because d churning of getting to d end. (like I skipped meals for novels). However, I realized that not everyone can bare sitting and staring at the 10 point fonts even for 5 minutes. I remembered d last time I talked to someone from d bus station, and dat person kindda annoyed me because he talked non-stop bout things dat only on his sides of interest. I was just cursing inside my head wishing d brag cud stop just for once. Just imagine, he talked about nonsense way of sitting and how you should treat your feet in lukewarm water which happened to be in plastic basin only. Urgh..1 hours for that, I'm sorry d next day I stepped out from dat bus station and avoided his daffy speeches. Afterall he's a stranger and I prayed to god please make him stay away frm me.

The thing dat make me furious is that, at that time I was half way reading my "Twisted Wing-Ruth Newman" and d guy asked me "Best sangat ke baca buku cerita macam itu?". What he was trying to say is that what so good about reading that kind of books and he started to brag bout facts and everything. I told him, this is my passion, it gave me the sense of excitement and I can tell you that my home now is like a mini library, Ken Follet, Sidney Sheldon, Peter James, Keith, Steig Larson..etc they all sat happily on the bookshelves. Suddenly my adrenaline started to kick with fury as he said those books doesn't expose any moral values. That was the most idiotic and sophomoric statement I ever heard. It was rather shallow and he claimed that its better to read motivational books. Name me any motivational books?? C'mon I read Tony Buzan's, Chicken Soup For The Soul, I'm OK you're OK..(that was d lame move of a stranger, when you dunno ppl just don't brag too much)..I was laughing hard inside my intestine knowing that "you just don't know me".

I tell him what, the reason people writes because there are people who reads. The reason why they create such storyline because they want to get readers to imagine and if he wants moral of the story I tell yeh, only real readers can pick up things to learn. That's why I said earlier, I learnt through novels. I guess just don't mess with novels lover because we care bout what we like. We think what we do is awesome!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Childhood !

Sometimes you felt that you're so close with your dream,,like you can smell the savory color in a wingspread but sometimes there were just too many images and its overlapping each other. In the the vision that we captured was blur. Let me share something about dream, as it can come in many ways. At some point you don't even know that you're dreaming (how's that??). This peculiar thing that we called dream can be real if we knew the secret of making it real but ultimately not all of them can step their feet in your life. There still some..some that waiting to be unveiled. (Pffft start to be corny again). I'm pretty sure every childhood life happen to be different. As for mine, its not different but weird instead. When you're young the biggest possibility of you having your own circle is big. Afterall, kids are those who fond to make friends. You know why?Because when you're just an innocent toddler you still don't know complicated reasoning. You don't have to worry about human being honesty, sincererity and you don't have to bother the term strangers. It was like your world is a plain canvas with never a dark spot and you have fun coloring it. Until you grow up and found out the plain canvas was filled with almost everything and thats the starts of misery.

However, its not d time to talk bout misery,,I wanna talk about my weird childhood that color my was really ethusiastic bout writing and books. I started writing my first poem when I was 7 and my first english book was when I was 3 years old. I love books damn much but I wasn't really into my study thing. I love exploring the unknowns ..weird ain't it..but i love reading..

Hey gotta go waiting...

This is my recent activity..wandering in KL city wiv my girlfriends (photo taken by ima at May Tower Residence)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Raising Fund

Its been awhile and we're not talking bout few days but months, man I miss blogging like freaking much but time never permit me to do so. Poor d tickling clock, I never have time to start breathing. I've been involve with loads of fantastic things. I help out in raising fund for the kids through UNICEF and we got our go green caimpaign and that's awesome. Above of all, Discover Race is most triumph event ever! I've been givin all out and its really a fun day!! I really like the time we spend out buying materials across the town and end up with absurds finding and I like the time we all sit together making flags for the race. This is probably d experience that we can never learn from books (seriously).

It was really a busy and tiring day back there but equals to so much thing that I've learnt. I guess its worth it. Before I escape the hectic day, I'd like to make an announcement which already 3 weeks had turn 22! big thanks to Chucky because he made it to wish me before the actual day :) I love you damn much!! and ...and..I made it to watch Harry Potter!It was really a day because I went to watch d movie with my lil bro and LUCKY us..dat was d last sit for us!!thank god..We're almost cursing when d flashing light showed that the room is full...but dat our damn fuckin lucky day..and yeay but sad it was d last episode of HP :(..wonder if there any following movie for Albus Severus Potter !!!see ya gotta go virtual world