Monday, July 25, 2011

Raising Fund

Its been awhile and we're not talking bout few days but months, man I miss blogging like freaking much but time never permit me to do so. Poor d tickling clock, I never have time to start breathing. I've been involve with loads of fantastic things. I help out in raising fund for the kids through UNICEF and we got our go green caimpaign and that's awesome. Above of all, Discover Race is most triumph event ever! I've been givin all out and its really a fun day!! I really like the time we spend out buying materials across the town and end up with absurds finding and I like the time we all sit together making flags for the race. This is probably d experience that we can never learn from books (seriously).

It was really a busy and tiring day back there but equals to so much thing that I've learnt. I guess its worth it. Before I escape the hectic day, I'd like to make an announcement which already 3 weeks had turn 22! big thanks to Chucky because he made it to wish me before the actual day :) I love you damn much!! and ...and..I made it to watch Harry Potter!It was really a day because I went to watch d movie with my lil bro and LUCKY us..dat was d last sit for us!!thank god..We're almost cursing when d flashing light showed that the room is full...but dat our damn fuckin lucky day..and yeay but sad it was d last episode of HP :(..wonder if there any following movie for Albus Severus Potter !!!see ya gotta go virtual world

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