Sunday, February 28, 2010

A.I.M for S.U.N.D.A.Y

Time is a witless painter.The longer it works on our potrait,the more it mars it~~i play as Rebecca the princess in our dram!urghhhh..y dey even pick me up,,menyesal ak buat script..wat dress fits me well,dala at the end everyone died..shoot m d first one kne shoot~uwaaaa..apakah!!can i pull mysev off diz,i dun wanna play a good angel role,,i wanna play d devil..y it has to be me????crap,,dala kne wear dress whatever!!!screwed houghton~he will be Jordan,,the guy wif i-phone!!aaaaaaaaa..tension nye!!!!!xmau phm x..but xde sape nk dat role and i have to sing some more~heeeee *hld on!its not n d script man!
Screaming to Tim~"Tim tolong refillkan ink printer"..i think she's in d toilet..ngeee

Quatable Quotes

Ahhh.fedup sudehh downloading..thanx my fon fell frm my study desk *inactive sim..fedup sudeh waiting for diz justin bieber song!!it took ages to grab d video,i had open 6 tab for d same song,,nsib baik its a nice song,,tersa nk throw diz lappy down frm 3rd floor n bley madly in love wif my hansome red sony vio,,*make a phone call for new novel before mom complain wher'd ol my cash gone for diz solely short 2,dun let me in mph or popular!!anyway i bumped into my old quotable quotes..nice one top 5 dat i like
1.The snob error is to put a good taste before a good heart..Joseph Epstein
2.Turn your face to the sun shadows fall behind..Jan Goldstein in sacred wound (Regan Book)
3.We call things we dont understand COMPLEX,but that means we havent found a good way of thinking about them..Tsutomu Shimomura,Takedown
4. Fear is just excitement in needs of an atitude adjustment...Russ Quaglia and Doug Hall
5.Being truthful,when you know it will cost you,is the true test of honesty...Dave Weinbaum

S.t.o.p me frm being NONsense F.R.E.A.K

Frankly speakin' i hate sun!!but we cant possibly hate god creation,,honestly its darn burning me like crazy~i have my 6th shower since 8 pm last nite..feel like takin off my skin as well,,its hot..please raining,,uhhh..i dun wanna be a roasted aisya,,i have no idea wht to write but 5 days without facebook and blog wasnt killing me dat bad i gez,,i have tons f letter to be done and meeting report (minit mes.....xtau eja),,tell u wat,i was staring at my lappy for 1 hour for 2 lines of bm word,,i was so pissed i end up writing ol tos letter in english,hah!!padan mke...--trying to download justin beiber song-- i think i fallinluv wif a kid!!cutie!!nice voice!!however diz ovarian cycle reli killin me!!damn!i dun have dat pinkish pill (not ecstasy okay-----> its pain killer)..the moment i hate being a girl!anyway,m cool now wif everything and i dun feel like i wanna care bout anything,so i just concentrating on my FYP 1..i'll grad next year,,so approximately 10 month left,,i put so much endorsement in effort of staying here,,i reli like srwk as the way it does,*no sweat i reli do,i have lovely friends frm srwk,dewi,irene,martha,debbie..,cuz its a quite harmony place,,not much pollution and political crux i supposed,,but then i dun feel like staying in Malaysia (sorry mom and dad i reli cant) m gonna finish my degree and let me have my MBA away frm Malaysia,,i must be crazy lately...ahhhh wat m i doin here anyway!!!i got dean list my pointer is 3.4 and above i still lost!!!i wish i were just a 6.55 in d morning~~~stop me frm being nonsense freak..yaiks

Friday, February 26, 2010


i miss bloggie,,it had been a few days delaying my post,,i turn to be very damn busy,my jaw dropped --mmg hangin again-- i was just checkin my darn mail..dat absurd text!!!xlarat nak curse dah..wth he think,,he's the one caused me a day of hell,,out frm nowhere..and fucking dislike wht he said,,no religious issue plez..:( outta mood already..hmmm..i dunno what to type anymore..reli freakin out my mood..back later:/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alang2 dah worst bia aku jd tambah trok

FUCK!!!!probation day is over!!everyone go away!!i tot i love the person i love and he loves me back..and what did he said just now ---LINES DAT U WILL NEVER FORGET FOREVER--what m i waiting for?angin..pasir..tanah..debu..i'm waiting for nothing..thats torn!reli torn everything..why the hell everytime its not my fault i still kne!!xbley ke MANUSIA DALAM DUNIA NI SETTLE BAIK-BAIK????xbleyh ke????i just felt like a shit in d middle of trash can..ready to be buang kat selatan sudan!..i will never forget those lines forever..cuz its the FIRST THING I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE dat goes really suck in my more probation m changing..into the WORST!i dun care~i am bad before n after..i wanna be worst person than ever...cuz no one ever care!the person that i tot care dun really care..instead...hah!--The BEST LINE EVER ---..being insulted all the time.....m being nice but ppl step on me!walking across my head laughing hard..i always tell the truth when i'm supposed to lie..but i stop lying because i love him..i being fussy for the rest of my life..but i changed a bit because i tot he will always be there for me..wen i fell deep underground..when i need him..he's not there...what had i done wrong in the past life that make me face ol this shitty thingy now?????

Day 1 Probation..the beggining


Encouraging myself to throw myself out frm the bed,i was the let my brain left empty. I really dun wanna think of any problems that i had,feeling or any skeptical desire..tout va bien,at the moment, my french is a bit rusty since ages away frm it..i just hav a pack of choc gardenia (i hate creams) this morning and my head is getting dizzy *i skip my pills..nothing really bizzare that can ruin my 1st day of probation~no one noe bout this so dey must be wondering how weird i didnt scream any words today,i was completely silent and doin my stuff,,quel est le plat du jour ??nothing..accept i had misprinted the letter for the 3rd time,mais je reve!!:(( my left head is getting worst but i still wanna write here..i dont care,,i will nver leave my bloggie and my diary alone--its my everything..i just wanna commit to some ppl that "vous n'aves pas le droit!!to say things bout me" okay..m cool with dat and i have load of work,ther goes my day 1 started to be a bit hot and spicy..hmm..i mumble to myself the whole way back to my room..i have to manage foods,i have to make sure things..who am i?united states president?i need a break..but i had a break last week,indeed long break,so i told maself not to complain just do it..diorng mmg love to ask me to do this and that..hmm..i'm not complaining,,Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire pour t'amuser?i had lost d definition of fun,and my life isnt fun anymore cuz i lost apart of myself,yg get drown ngan benda2 yg childish and nonsense..A good present need to have new wrapping paper,an old song need a new rhythm..really i had lost fun,cuz i just felt..hmm leave it,,
I'm gonna have to hold a piling up work tho i just finish one that reli mountainous..i reli wanna be wif someone that always sparks my day once upon a time,,i dun wanna give him burden by telling mine,,i keep wishing 24/7,,checking my inbox..but its empty,, un garcon dat i this busy moment wen i'm trully sick,headache,vommiting and weak..or wen i'm in d middle of crisis,in d middle of busy crowd..i just cant stop thinking bout him..ther goes my probation day 1..full of consternation,blurry picture,headache,tasks and get a non stop phone call frm the vice president..
I need a green grass to lie on instead of bed,,i wanna fly to a place wher thats just soft breeze and waves and perfect sun covered wif clouds...i wanna be next to the fall,lying on the hammock,,wild flowers blooming,so peaceful..hmmm..sigh..(long)..away..

My Cells My Vein My Nucleus

i cant deny,,i reli miss vammpy halfway to death by now(i bet he didnt noe)..have u ever been in love?sounds goofy try this have u ever starts to care bout someone?when u wif them u feel like u dun wanna think about universe..just both of u..once upon a time ak pnah ckp dat love=somthg yg ssh untk dilakukan..its not ssh but we the human being yg make it susah..anyway..
i need a place to throw myself to..
"i need a relationship that i can finally sink my teeth into...."vampire kisses by ellen shreiber
i dun mean it dat way (just bcoz i call him vammpy) but think deeper beyond the words,this isnt about being in lust okay,just think beyond it,its about acceptance..i trust him,believe him more than anything in my life does..cuz in my brain my vein my impulses my cells my epidermic my neuron..its all about him!!cuz i darn love him..oryte dats all cuz m gonna spill things too much and dats not nice,,keep half of the reasons in me tho..imy ily

Support call 911 or 999

Bonjour virtual world..a place to tell..a place to report..a place i appreciate..okay je suis perdu,what m i suppose to say..m recovering a bit,i was in a worst health stage last nyte and i end up sitting alone in my room..i was swallowing 4 tablets of medicine,,i reli wanna tell ppl dat i was so xlarat,but..hmmm lets just me handle dis,dun wanna spoil deir joy,i didnt go to claz last eve..
i wanna change..everything...,yeah~sure..and to all my friends,my family,my vamppy,my uni..cheh poyo lak..if u guys have any confession sila buat sekarang when my storm is in my pocket,u guys penah curik gula2 ak ke,u guys pernah rosakkan mp4 ak ke,(dgn harapan yg very explicit) :) i have no reason to do stupid lame things anymore,gosh i dun wanna starts wif those dirty words anymore..(je vais bien)..hmm..but at this moment reli need someone dat can understand my reckless head,huhu (since wen ak ad kwn yg dga ak ckp kol 3 pg??)..maybe i dun need afterall,i can talk(writing) to my diary (surely listen and no negative feedback) my friends:do u guys reli love me?accept me the way i am?wont push me away?wont hurt me?--->(love mimi's mum cook) lol
i need support!!*is it like cheerleader sort of thing?..ehe..

Monday, February 22, 2010

She is so PITY

ak xtau npe ak ske writing,mmg sejak lahir ke ape eh,i wonder

Comment dit-on malang en francais?Merci bloggie for being my 2nd diary (at least not a detail thing i wrote in my blue super diary)je ne comprends pas npe i love writing..hmm..anyway,today reli my bad day rsenye~hmm..long way to put into a short story,adeh..i was dehydrated,,mau je lari g hospital "doctor tolongla!s'il te plait DRIP saya!tolong doctor sy dah nk mati" sounds paranoid..i was asking some coins (dgn mke pucat lesi anemia or thalesmia *cm nizar..)..vending mechine kat lobby off so i went to hall..and really (*#$%%$#@#$) that "kindhearted" mechine g telan my coins tanpa mengeluarkan any drink..m sweating already and it was a cold sweat (read fact:cold sweat is non-healthy one)..hoping to call 911 for immediate glucose *just h--- drip me..i went back into d claz breathless and vulnerable and wif my chicken twig leg almost tripping..being silent for 2 hours or m gonna fell fainted in front of d crowd in my claz and miss humaira that reli enthusiastically teaching in front ..few thing happen following the event ~i was being question for my short stories cuz of the english is so classic and reli like a novel writer *aduh..pening ne comprends pas!!!pourqui??is it wrong to rite in dat kind of rela buat 1 story and u sit in front of me cuz d result will be d same,i was reli xlarat to answer so i just throw an answer "yes i wrote it i love vampire and always readin it but i dun copy cat" pas grand-chose i can say..sekali lagi terasa nak sujud kat lantai dah *rsenye dah terlebih garam dats y i vais bien but then i reli pas si bien~xlarat nk tell everything in one page,xtermasuk salah print,aniq xtampal2 memo,and ak kne buat semua drama pnye script (mcamla 2nd year ni terlampau relax,i have mahasiswa,debate,latihan industri,college,assgnment,2 mid term THIS WEEK) how bien and heaven if ad assistant..senang je "nah bwatkan script)

Edisi je parle mix2

When kepala yg berdarah rse mcm xde darah,When jari yg painful rse cm xde pape..mean mmg ak dah putus fius..huuuu..pas mal..terasa diri popular sekejap lepas sign memorandum for president,and every monday yg mmg bernas,because of ESE class. I take dat as Aisya fanclub class,,these ppl were really frantically lame funny...i notice i have few nick name in one claz,Aisya sexy,Aisya sayang,Siti sayang..haha,i felt like havin a public humiliation,,*blame the story telling session suis desole to mysev..and wondering y zureini xreply2 text aku,rpenye..battery aku yg low..ish...s'il vous plate!apres demain is meeting..and terasa gila kejap sebub tlampau byk letter kne tulis,,quelle heure est-il?il est une heures..maaa..m not in shower,m now facing my lappy printing out some of the new letter..and syezly bau blik yang dah pelbagai,kejap chocs,kejap strawberry kejap cherry blossom, y a beaucoup le fragrance..and if khad didnt text me til 1.30 (oh my , a vos souhaits!!speakin of the devil her text comin in..khad psychic)..i was just about to say "j'irai avec toi"..pegi sensorang..sungguh ak dah ptus fius pergi cmpur2 bahasa,kejap bm,bi french..plez no suis Aisya after mixing lang~chio

New Introduction

Tomorrow is Probation Day 1:Introduction
My room totally smell like a chocolate,is it because of my perfume combination or the air freshner or even ther's actually exposed chocs in my room..After a few hour thinking so i take diz step,not brilliant enough but i can assure that there will be changes in my behavior.*refers to appaling nice carved one..haih,no claz for 12-2..So tmrow wil be first of my Anger Management Probation and Jovial Forever..
Things to do
~writing policies
~update memo board
~printing out drama script (before my lovely houghton eddie membebel~it'll take ages to stop and even worst my fanclub in ESE claz)
~framework RM
~picking laundry
~get someone expert to translate report into bm
~Law *sexual harrasement case
Tips of the day
inhale,exhale let it go
always stick wif chocs *remain calm
not forget to SMILE

Addiction..i want more and more of thse books

Transition is happening

I'm a terrible monster wen m in rage i'm an angel like creature wen i'm okay..which side shud i delete?the left ryte..for the god sake..emm..thanx for one dat make me realize how childish it is being in veng..and i realize there are alot of thing we shud bother in diz world rather than focusng on one tiny winy threat dat can screwed ur life..if 5 pages wasnt enough i can add more..m totally cured frm few took me 5 years to reach the stage wher i didnt go and grab ppl collar and jerk them right before my eyes,,that was few years back and i wanna change not because being forced..but becoz i've been thinking alot since few years back,,i cant be in rage..
Realize that m not teenagers anymore that have identity confusion,always in rebell..yeah..he's ryte m matured enough to think that..tho i hate my boarding school so much but i gez ther wher i learn to stop fighting back wen ppl screwed u..wher i learn the meaning of silence..but i am what i am,,ppl always changing,m in a transition phase into adulthood,,act like grown up,stand on my own feet..m not forcing myself to change BUT letting them changing slowly,m so proud on day when i woke up i'll be no more the old me,,i'm the otherwise,,i'll do what i preach i'll make it frm now on no more cursing,fucked up day in diary,being ordinary better than being abnormal.. ...alryte..chow..till then

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scary THINGS Happen Here

Currently not in a hustle mood~seriously i had finish 1/3 quarter of the book..i cant wait to buy the next one Dancing With Vampire (4 books in common)..and m gonna have to beg my mom for the Vampire Diaries series..3 books altogether in a set..(so rm36 times 3)..reli gonna create hassle wif my lil bro since i screwed his plan to buy the new selfish sister makes me..
I'm not entirely conscious today actually,credit for whom comin into my apartment,nice try to make me wake up cuz m not..haha..however what makes today reli HOT!!! uni got this serious ghoosebump issue!!and things goin not-so-nice anymore..i heard frm my cliques in other colleges, this supernatural thingy really get into the hot spot of the wif hypnotizing cases that growing fast and getting much more terrific (ahhh....spooky here)..There even a notice in the college bout all this stuff!!--this sounds like a concrete reason for me to book a ticket home--i dun wanna think about it so much,,but then since its a hot potato here,cant resist rather than listening to the new stories dat keep comin to my ears even wen m not asking~..Above of all,,the "JACK THE RIPPER " case is the hottest and he or it had take one girl down,,suprisingly no exploding news around just a careful warning,,maybe politics in uni..or policies..i have no idea..but all of this really barbaric,,if this creature is a human being plez captured him in flash,,lifes are in danger,and his is not jack the ripper era anymore,,who gives u certificate to rape ppl..
Anyway i miss my vamppy~maybe he's busy wif his melambak asgmnt..huhu..(have fun,enjoy ur time doin it dear..huhu)... :)

Obscure Situation Here

Regular routine~lunch *wil die w/o it..1st time of d month i have this internal urge to end up my claustrophobic (beria je ayat) by givin damn light to get into my room *open my window and curtain..obviously dusty..sitting dumb facing ceiling since morning,dun reli hav any idea what suppose to be done exactly..i read over my prev posts *reading own material is aweful in a sense of,what d hell i've been thinking all this while..gosh~i spotted so many grammatical error..(screwed subject verb argument)..yet i still find zilch piece of work to be done. With some nuisance thought that overwhelmed my parietal lobe..moving contagiously to frontal and affect some in wernicke area..the thinking pathway lead to a negative lane and its not docile enough to make it percept things otherwise. Right now,i dun have any explicit choice.
So,i took my dictionary and began reading it,hoping some of d words might stuck in my brain forever. I was totally obscure about myself doing thing for today..i have this obsession of VAMPIRE (dual meaning and i mean it both)..and i spent 1 hour and a half digesting,checking,digging MPH bookstore yesterday (dat cost me RM 41 after 20% discount for membership~) so next destination any bookstores are forbidden for me,,this month i had overindulged myself in buying Novel~(You kill me,smart casual,hysterical blondness and vampire kisses coming soon dancing with vampire)...and in 2 month i have piling up receipt (showing how shame a big spender like me)..its all about Business magazine,books and foods..urghh..m gonna get insomia after calculating total sum of thousand smthg..*include new specs dat i bought last month..but those novel reli kills me..i just cant stop buying it,i love reading!!:( never mind..m gonna have to change my policies, allowing 2 novel for a month (i deal wif mysev) and read it slowly..m gona be a bit its okay for books rather than other unnecessary stuff..cuz my mom didnt complain at all..but its just me worrying on overspend for books..

FACT OR MYTH??hahahaha

Haahahahahhah...i bumped into this funny horoscope thingy,tergelak terguling mcm kne histeria lawak..but fact or myth or even can u measure stuff by whether the moon is retrograde or not..hahah..some trait mite be hit the true spot..some just ahahahahahaha...I'm a do u define my traits by my moon?weird!
"Are you a little confused as to what cancerian girl really is - chirpy, somber or distant? She is all of these and still, she is none of these. Even more confused? A Cancerian woman has mood swings every now and then and these are only a few of her mood swings. However, her basic personality traits remain the same. She is very sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. Now's the catch! Most of her traits will be hidden behind a shell (what shell???u mean cm siput tu ke?hahahah) of indifference and aloofness, breaking which will require quite a lot of effort.

We will have to gently coerce a Cancerian girl to get out of her shell and come into the big bad world without it. When in love, she will be tender, womanly, timid and modest. She dislikes criticisms, can't stand rejection and gets deeply hurt by harsh words. Too much aggressiveness on your part may make her a little hesitant. She loves her mother, so you better learn to love as well as respect her too.

A Cancer woman will never make the first moves in a relationship; she only knows how to move backwards or sideways. This is because of two reasons, her shyness and her fear of being rejected. This female has some secrets and she won't like you prying around her personal diary. She is very insecure and will need your constant reassurance. It doesn't matter if she is the current 'Miss Universe' or has men drooling over her all the time, it is your attention and appreciation she would be the most concerned about.

We will have to learn to live with a Cancerian woman’s mood swings, which is not so difficult since she is so good in every other way. She is extremely loyal and will keep you happy with her warm and rich humor. Once she is committed to you, she will remain yours forever and ever. Adultery is not one of her traits. With a Cancerian woman, you will always have to be careful with words. She is very sentimental and can get hurt very easily. Then, she can cry like a 2-year old baby and you will be expected to console her and wipe her tears.

A Cancer female is a great cook and makes better food than a 5-star hotel chef. She is quite careful with money as well. Neither will she be stingy, nor totally extravagant. She has a habit of saving everything that is usable, be it money, old buttons or empty jars. She also saves things that have a sentimental value attached to them, like the sweater grandmother knitted on her fifth birthday. A Cancer female fiercely guards what is hers and that includes you too! However, she is not too possessive or jealous. But, she does not like sharing her love too.

"She is one of those people who do not crib about bad luck. She will get depressed and may shed a few tears alone, but she will be patient and wait for the time to change again, this time in her favor. Almost all the Cancerians have the desire of being pampered like a child, especially when they feel low. Don't forget to pay your Cancer girl extra attention when she is depressed, otherwise she may retreat deeper into her shell. And then, it will be very difficult to bring her back to her normal self." i dun understand what does this suppose mean..hahahaha..

She will want to be told time and again that she is still desirable and you still need her. However, she is not weak and is completely capable of looking after herself. In fact, she is one of those who sacrifice all that they have, for their loved ones. She just needs some spoiling after every few days. A Cancerian woman may be fragile as far as her feelings are concerned, but when you need her, she will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. She will also be very protective of her children and make them feel completely secure.

A Cancer female always needs you, but she will never get too aggressive. She will listen to your worries and make you smile again!"

* this color present the maybe true statement


*this includes uncertainty

this is just a COPY PASTE thing!


Waiting for nite out wif vammpy


At First Sight--mmg la m a type of person yg xmenghayati lyric..hahahaha..damn..its a gay song!!!cant believe i like this song..but syezly it nice..just the part.."you said u wanted me to be ur GF"..sounds normal ryte...suddenly "i know u hate me..i'm .....GUY" *guy 1..and "you like the GUY on ur ipod and not the guy in ur bed" *guy 2..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...apakah~theres 2 GUY...bluekkkk..if i cud force u to love me i wud..force who?hahahah..and PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY?hahaha..this even funnier..

Well yesterday we kindda mess in a car accident,,its quite hot goin on outside..i yg sememangnye malas nk get into this emoic stuff stay shut not triggering myself..cuz i noe what will come out frm my mouth..the F or the S thing..dats not i stay shut cuz i dun wanna talk in english and i dun feel like joining the debate for a stupid car injury..Tim was freaked out entirely..cken said we are all screwed tp still bley laugh..u see its funny they claim 300 buck for a dirt yg bley lap gne car polish and they make thing worst so dat they get paid..dts y tim was so freaked hell soooo gle out!cken said maybe cuz they saw what shirt we wear what shoe we put on and the bags..dats y they all mntak byk2..hahah..i just smirked..aleng made a stupid joke..jual kasot nike cken and my adidas pay the fine..huhu..putus fius pnye kwan

Friday, February 19, 2010

F*** security system..DAM!!!FREAKIN SHIT PNYE SYSTEM

I'm sorry vammpy...:,(...this is so inevitable,,Damn!!!darn~f*** to security system of my beloved uni..damn!!!i wanna see my buttercake,and plus mmg thap kelaparan yg xleh nk dibendung (proud using the right malay term)..kedekz xbleh blah.pdahal now is CUTI SEMESTER..pak cik don u noe???????? spoil tol..i was jumping into my red blousie and jeans ..feeding my head wif solely food fact,lyke i was sooo super hungry actually tho i had my dinner (m having this transition thats y my apetite go like uranium bomb!)...i hate those pak cik..asking him as if like he was a criminal..i hate them,,fuck la those law after 12..bley je masuk bdak2 ni kul 3 pagi!!this gotta be the stingy one!kedekot thap cendawan!!i was tucked up on my bed after 2...poor my vammpy,,and for the god sake i noe how it feels being in dat situation..i remembered they took my matric card wen it was just 12.15..damn!do i look darn suspicious???????sengal la pak cik nih!!mmg kepala rse dah nk kuarkan aura super saiyan,letupkan pondok guard kat depan tu..they even banning earth hour..atas alasan security..kepala diorg!!!adeke any case yg melibatkan security??ade ke org pecah masuk?hello!!!!!...alasan xleh nk dipakai masyarakat..i hate those ppl!!!i wanna see my vammpy cuz tmrow he'll be off.. :(( ..maybe vamppy shud say "i wanna pick my wife kot" baru those ppl yg retarded tu give green lite!!this is lebih melampau dr parents aku!!!syez shit..the law is garbage!and wasnt suppose to be applicable time cuti mid suggestion pak cik g download jadual kat morpheus kay..dala i was overexcited!!!!mmg siot!!!:(( i wana see vammpy..i miss him badly..heeee..gara2 security kedekut thap xingat..mmg HOT!!!!benci security @#%^..m so fuckin pissed!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help~eating monster

This afternoon i went for lunch,ther was my food and i bought another one as in take away pack..*dgn harapan m gonna eat it in 3 hours from dat particular time..(and ice cream)..Apparently,my eating disorder *desire to eat yg melampau..its not even an hour passed..20 minute I guess,I started to unwrapped the food container and finish it!!outrangeous!weird!horrific!(can u do that?) I mean m a girl..but doesn’t matter..m not afraid of growing fat but the fact is..this behavior is nonsense..imagine,,u just have ur lunch 30 minutes ago and u have another food 20 minutes later as heavy as ur lunch was..huwaaaa..i noe this keep going to happen for a week (darn it happen once a month)..untill~~*screwed hormonal swing in body system..and to make it worst is d food was soooo super hyper spicy..what I did was chewed it for 4 times and swallow it..they tot I was crying insane on d food,but trust me..i was sobbing because its too hot, even after 500 ml mineral water came into my lips was super hot burning,,so I sat on my bed eating lollypop and endure the firing spices..Feel like the super hot spicy effect blends wif my blood and all gone red..and yeah I was sweating *to show how spicy the food was..and now here I am at 7 p.m starts to be HUNGRY again..*a moment a way to be a bad wolfie..bad2 wolfie mcm dlm lil re d riding hood..huhu..seriously m starving and café officially closed (taz café)..what kind of tummy I owned once in a month????for the god sake..heaven send me some food plez~~*dgn mke pnuh kesian..this eating syndrome really kills me..uwaaa..just a moment ago I made my ears in d superb pain,the earing dat I wore on my right stuck on my shirt..ahhhhh..dat was indeed a slight of movement dat leads to auchhhh..ngeeeee…screwed everything!nasib xkoyak 2 my ear..torn internally..therz gotta be swell spot on d right..ehmm..i wanna go for shower,,before I fall asleep and being a stinks not hygienic..okay..daaaa virtual world~

Need something to do

What to do?
2.NO more place to hangout
3.My girls were too lazy to keep up their butt
4.They prefer watching korean the entire day
5.Theres no fun in dark room
6.I had finish my reading on 3 organization
7.Just about to put my last sentence in my assignments
8.Creepy boring
9.Regretting the last offer that my mom made,going back!
10.I wanna have CHOCOLATE CREAM CHIPS drink in starbuck
11. I wanna eat black pepper set burger in Burger King
12.I wanna watch csi!!!
13.I wanna cry of boredom!