Monday, February 8, 2010

Totally tercabut screw

Jgn find alasan..hish3...nk trun stairs dat kindda berjela2 pnye jauh and tinggi..semata2 nk wash baju2 yg bergunung ganang..i need washing mechine in my room!..finally d laundry over..its rainin outside..m in my room..digging for foods..aha!there goes my vono soup..kindda starve and malas nk walking ..and who cud be so stupid goin to cafe yg bukak at find anything dat can be crammed into my tummy..maybe dah nk jd litar sepang..selagi class xstart selagi tula ak dok menaip w/o ful stop..peduli ape..since friday i had 10 post already..
argh..why chocs menghatui my brainy me i wanna drink iced chocs..n i miss choc cream chips..anyone jom g the spring i wanna buy dat!!!rase nk hug starbuck~~apakah--
and i had ignored the door knocked ntah sape ntah..i wont open if i dun feel like opening it..darn..jahatnye..n of course dat budak kacang *nick for moron..she wanna borrow my iron..lalalalal..xmau room plez..
sememangnye mood ak baik today..sumbat telinga..jgn menoleh and bwat mke pinjaman sila buat di bilik sebelah..Aisya tidak offer any services dat related to lend or borrow and never pulangkan...
Last nite dream bout vampire..bunyik cm sengal but really..since i never heard his voice so m just blur in dat dream how can...but nice conversation*wua just dlm dream je..i really miss vampire..hmm..wonder where he go..
Anyway..terasa nk mkn ice cream..i dun remember the last time i had kne marah dgn cken ..haha..cuz i dunno how to eat ice cream without spoon.xtau LICK..soooo..agak weird but who cares..dh xreti nk wat cmne..what to do?xkn nk tukar DNA ..apakah~~
really mcm kne rasuk jovial ghost..maybe cuz d dream and my dad called =))

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