Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Likes me wen i curse?or hate me to do so?f***** nonsense!!

told my self "there!i told u so"..waking up in a damn early morning..its cold..as if winter in my room (dress code summer)..totally hate dreaming at nite,cuz it turn to be nightmares dat make u dun wanna close ur eyes even 24 hours after..sounds freakin pathetic..(m i cursing too much??)..if this continuosly hapening i'll get insomia after 3..(hows dat?ade ek insomia after 3)
*** $%^ *** to %$#@&% ** $##@&%$?what the hell m i doin talkin crap??but here things , i wanna foods!!!
i dun care i wanna curse,curse and continue cursing..i always tell different thing,i am brilliant (in sense of cursing..uuuu)..i noe its not appropriate for a girl to curse..so what?hah!!nonsense..i dun care if NO ONE likes me cuz m cursing..thats just my tongue..tell u things kay..which one sounds better (bodoh or stupid?).or (berambus or piss off)???????haaaaaaaaaaaaa....malay is sooooooooooooo harsh!!!!m sorry for the word just now...but dats just apart of it..d comparison on how and why i curse in english..i didnt find it harsh..instead if u say shit..u shud noe before complaining tht a curse..it has alot of definition..my suggestion..read alot!!!cuz we need to change our way of thinking dat always barging into silly nonsense..pathetic..stuff...ahhhh!!!!i cant sleep damn it!!!

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