Friday, February 5, 2010

I wanna KILL!!RIP HEADS!!%$#@

I shall seek for some tape dat can shut my mouth!!!damn!!i just cant!!fuck la!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhh..i paid for it lunch my DECENT lunch..of course not at the usual cafe..
it was raining n my umbrella was stranded in Dewi's wet..all wet~~plus with lunch issue!!!this is so over my frenzy me..those food were GARBAGE..if u were there on the seat u wont blame me..cuz m not saying this on the ground of being FUSSY..but as a consumer dat being exploit!!!damn~~this is so shit on a way of serving services to people..the food was a trash or they even put trash in it?i dunno..what the fucking hell a WORM do in my plate???????????a souvenier?additional flavor?a bait?for what damn it!
I dont care if people staring but m really in my rage i take a long sip into my carbonated drink to make me calm down..i dun care the pain on the chest!!swear to god i wont eat there AGAIN ever!!*m taking this seriously really serious..cuz m hell CONCERN bout my food..what suppose to be there and what isnt....a worm wasnt suppose to exist..cuz i DID NOT take any VEGETABLE today..n what the hell and where the hell those things come from..outta apetite already..
I dun have the guts of EATING for the entire day!!!THANX to the garbage creature dat spoil my day..@#%$^....ahhhhhhhhhhh...somebody please gimme a gun..theres A HEAD TO BE SHOT!

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