Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Support call 911 or 999

Bonjour virtual world..a place to tell..a place to report..a place i appreciate..okay je suis perdu,what m i suppose to say..m recovering a bit,i was in a worst health stage last nyte and i end up sitting alone in my room..i was swallowing 4 tablets of medicine,,i reli wanna tell ppl dat i was so xlarat,but..hmmm lets just me handle dis,dun wanna spoil deir joy,i didnt go to claz last eve..
i wanna change..everything...,yeah~sure..and to all my friends,my family,my vamppy,my college..my uni..cheh poyo lak..if u guys have any confession sila buat sekarang when my storm is in my pocket,u guys penah curik gula2 ak ke,u guys pernah rosakkan mp4 ak ke,(dgn harapan yg very explicit) :) i have no reason to do stupid lame things anymore,gosh i dun wanna starts wif those dirty words anymore..(je vais bien)..hmm..but at this moment reli need someone dat can understand my reckless head,huhu (since wen ak ad kwn yg dga ak ckp kol 3 pg??)..maybe i dun need afterall,i can talk(writing) to my diary (surely listen and no negative feedback)..to my friends:do u guys reli love me?accept me the way i am?wont push me away?wont hurt me?--->(love mimi's mum cook) lol
i need support!!*is it like cheerleader sort of thing?..ehe..

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