Monday, December 19, 2011

One Direction Fever

It’s not even two weeks left before New Year. I’m getting psyched because I’ll be flying off to Miri and having a blast New Year’s Eve with my girls. After all we have an event coming up before the fireworks can fill the air or fresh coming year. Christmas just 5 days ahead and of course I’ve been busy running here and there getting things done. Just so you know I haven’t gotten time to buy gift for everyone (think I have few in my mind). Next coming Saturday will be shopping time  I always wanted to have a new dress for New Year since the old one bores me already. I know I’m turning into some sort of Shopaholic but apparently I’m quite impressive with my financial plan, I can remain at least a few hundreds in account after the month is over (keep it up I said). Not much to be told for things that happen around me, just doing okay. However, I’m not that sure whether it was real okay or I’m just avoiding being not okay. How pathetic for not knowing self-current update. I just know that for these couple of weeks I am getting really obsessed with One Direction  I just think I need to have a new hobby rather than hooking up with something uncertain. I never been so fanatic with a boy band until I met this 5 adorable kids from UK. Round applause Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam & Louis the best boy band ever. Lemme just list down my favorite track in their album “Up All Night”

1. Na Na Na

2. What Makes You Beautiful

3. Gotta Be You

4. One Thing

5. I wish

6. I want

7. Everything About You

8. Another World

9. Up All Night

10. More Than This

Try out people I’m sure you’ll fallin luv with the songs!!!! 

Until next time

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Folks

Just realize that in this world we have to beware, don't ever trust your own shadow. ROFL epic isn't it. Here's thing, I came across something dat pinch me really bad. It will leave bruises somehow and I just think its the most ridiculous things ever. I need a break really, from all of those people who bounded themselves with jealousy and envious objective. I thought married people are wise enough to be in adulthood. Scary when you know they have new habits called, spreading rumors and talking mean. I dun even know what was that for. Seems like they've got too little in their hand that they start to look for a business in other people. How cheap was that. The main issue today is "hiring". Think I'm lucky enough to work where am I now and please I'm not getting help from any of my relatives for being what I am today. They deserve respects so I gave them but what I can assure what I got from them on my side were creepy bad alphabets. I'm am pleased to see them showing their true color even though I've seen it for YEARS. Just pray to god one day they'll change but appraently NOT. 
I just need to clarify certain thing in our hiring /recruitment process. We never do favoritism or even gender discrimination. Please bare in mind that office attire is something decent but not SEXY. I never know that our national outfit (Baju Kurung) categorized under "little piece of fabric". I really got no time to teach people who don't wanna learn to create peace and always hunger for war. When I'm being sexy I'll show them so that their eyeball will fall off one by one. I have no idea how these shortminded people get their aspiration. Probably through their moronic folks. They may laugh now but I can laugh louder. Like cmon, I dont even care what shirts they're wearing, cars dat they drove or even how much cash that theyearn. When it come to me everything matter like I'm so IMPORTANT (uuuu...awesome). Even a dumb ass can differentiate how being good and how is real good. I don't think preaches were enough to make themselves to be called saints. Trust me, they're even worst than a criminal. I am pissed with you people for telling me sick grandmother story and affecting everybody. I'm delighted to dare you to confront me face to face. Behind curtain is so not my style. I'm happy to give rebuttals. The first and last thing that I know is they don't give me a penny to make a life. They have to pay for whatever they have said. Crazy folks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boys Prefer Silence?

I just have 5 minutes starting from now! LOL,,actually I was browsing the web yesterday and i came across a blog saying bout "Why boys prefer silence". I found that the topic kindda paused me on my sit. I have to agree when they said its not that silence always directing towards negative thing. Perhaps in some part it can be yes. I just think that human are all creative creation of God. We have trillions and zillions personality in this world. Despite of segregating two gender , people tend to see things generally. (pardon me if you dont judge people based on general traits). When we're talking bout boys, i just think they are build up with no to call stony but high sense of self regard. It is rather common in them because they were traditionally a bread-winner. I noe sometimes it can be very exasperatin' dealing with people with too much self-regard. Toward certain large extent these people need to learn to be a lil bit more sensitive of teir sorrounding. I really don't blame them cuz it has been something that embedded in them eversince jurassic day I guess. Above of all, what I think we can do is, show some respect if they prefer silence. Sometimes its their sober moment or anything. Just let them be, and I'm not freaking out if the guy that I love not to be like what I wanted them to be. Afterall, I can't expect them to do things beyond their will knowing that they also bare certain things bout me. Just a note to everyone, think about what you have, what have you done and think how people bare with you. If you see things start to be unequal then maybe you cn make your move. Just an opinion for me, we can never change the world to be flat just be in it and mk use of every moment we have. Same goes with your love one. I only have one Chucky the blur, the annoying, the cheerful , he's too far to be reach but I learn to learn certain things. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Appreciation Dinner

Appreciation Dinner @ G-Tower Rooftop Bar & Tanzini French Restaurant :)
Awesome foods & cool scene!.................................

The committe snap2 with our CEO, Dep CEO, HR Director, Finance Director, Senior Managers and Execs

A Night In Bolly..ROFL

ROFL, anyway, here 2 photos for my company Gala Dinner. Crazy Bollywood Night I can say.

I'm too embarassed to do this !!!Seriously I will never do this Bolly thingy ever again. Next time I suggest stick to Musical. I can simply wear dress and behaving decent :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale

Greetings ! I know writing is now landed as my least thing to do. Despite of having micro time in life spent for my own self I'm no longer a person who can run here and there picking up fun. The phase of adulthood bites my tickling clock badly that I can't even consume a jazzed songwords anymore. So on 20th October I took a flight back to Kuching and even a day before my soul partially arrived at my lovely town. I really miss the place damn much. Too much memories and too much things that I've learnt. I met my girls :) who happened to gather earlier than me. It was all about excitement. Couldnt believe my student life is over yeah its really over. Sad to think about it but we only have life once so I'm gonna use it to the fullest. Great luck I sent off all my fella friends. We did so much great things back there and I knew it will never dimn in my lil frontal lobe. However, we've got more blank paper ahead!!
Having your both feet standing on that stage holding scroll, surely burst your tears, whether its the unseen cry or physical, it surely happen deep down in our heart. It wasn't glorious but there was a sense of satisfaction. "I did it"..I'm just glad I'm there and letting my parents seeing me with tears of mirth. :)
I'm now an HR executive, not a surgeon, pharmacist, lawyer or engineer. I knew I skidded away from my real dream but being HR make me feel comfortable. Though I'm a workoholic (i know) but I know this is something that I wanna do. Cheers everyone, happy graduating !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Challenged for challenge

I heard that if a cobbler try to teach a pumbler how to fix broken pipes, they gonna have the entire house flooded with water. Anywhere around the world it happened! A scientist teaching how to fish, a taylor fixing a broken knee..Initially I'm glad to help but when people challenge my core, (shaking head) its seriously disastrous. How do you define a people where his/her knowledge is nowhere to be challenged and we give them a chunky respect. I was stupid enough if I were to challenge them (like I have too much time for it..pfffftt). As usual I really hate when ppl challenge me..Compared to her probably she has 1% knowledge bout Kuching. Whats makin' me furious was that, she said she need to understand Kuching. I get it, go on..I did asked which angle she's lookin' into. (I thought I could have some direction)..Should I laugh hard or rolling on the floor like hell?? She didn't give me direction but she expect she can get what she wants. Madam, be clear on your direction, how do you direct with somekind of direction. (Lame)...I can spill anything I know but wouldn't it be nice if I know what am I suppose to say (as in filtered information). I cannot teach someone whose already ahead. I was taught to respect people with their expertise. (So I did)...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too much Question

Sometimes when we think too much our head gonna blow with scattered alphabet. Skipping thing isn't a good thing either though it can make you away from it just a second. How does it happened, when you grow up very well but eventually something came out of nowhere screwing your planned change. How does it happened, when you're trying play safe suddenly things went out of control and all your childhood seemed fake. Sometimes people are too keen to perfection but a lil perfection doesn't bite do they? These are the perfect nightmares in some people's life. Technically its awful but it teach you the definition of being stronger. Shallow life doesn't give you scars but when deep life give you too much? (does idiom makes things worst?) However, no matter how much scar life had given you, it always gonna be a karma in your life. Have you ever been in a state of waking up jazzed with consternation? or you can't even sleep because you've been thinking deep and your head hurts. What does family means to you? Why does an angel turn to be a black sheep? How is that , when you noe everything but you have no voice to speak out? Do we really have to trust our relatives? How do you know when people sincere to you? Does dissapointment giving you an alarm?Too much question too lil answer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

British Pound Salary

Happy Eid Mubarak specially for all Muslim & also non muslim that enjoy the joyous celebration. This year it appear to me not-so-awesome festive. Perhaps when you grow up you'll lose the fun bit by bit (not to mention being a zombie deserted on swine-land) Some says do not whine when life gives you a big fat lemon. Afterall the urge to scribble something in your brain is unstoppable. I bet we are all created with tiny space of natural temparament of whining in cerebral cortex. I was really trying to have fun. Despite of partially eligible for Eid token nothing awesome hoverin' around. Its juz crime thoughts keep on troubling me with clashing decipher. At the end of the day, I just sat on the edge of my bed having blur visions & ransom voices killing my auditory. Perhaps I should start oblige myself with wisdom thingy. I always find it difficult to laugh now than couple of month ago. Seriously, the course of getting excitement had been a bad add math formula (which I regard as extremely head-achin'). Realizing that I left my fantastic happiness back in my school life, it turn up to be perpelexing adulthood life. That's really true about grown up wish on "resistant to ascending age". Lord, I'm having the same wish too. Sometime you just wish you're just a kid while a kid who do not know anything about trouble. I just wanna be a kid that so innocent bout this life and never gonna care how complicated life can turn up to be. Its quite emotional ryte (laughing at myself). Now the most used vacab is "tedious" and my objective of life had been concealed by the greed of being a corporate lady, specifically a supreme HR director with British Pound salary. Its quite exageratting but I can promise all, I'll be the most tedious person ever as I start indulging myself with tactical and strategic views. I learn to develop my own principal & believes. I would like to change the old fashion way of being the top people. I will..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Damn Cell Phone

To begin with, it was really a fucked up day..these few days i have unpleasant feeling bout more than dozen stuff in my head. I'm ahead of my own decipher, sometimes you don't wish it to happen but it did happen somehow. So everyday is like a deja vu. Anyway, life is pretty messed up with work. Yesterday was the worst day ever, proving that I'm ahead than my thought. I left my cell in d office so I only have my another cell which acted up at eleventh hour. There goes my stupid Samsung phone, frm LRT station all the way home d phone wasn't working. It showed "searching" on the screen. Couldn't make any calls nor send text messeges. I'm pretty pissed with d idiotic signal detection. I mean, I'm in KL afterall not somewhere in the middle of jungle. So, I smashed the phone and officially couldn't be used anymore (burghhh stupid cellphone). That wasn't the end of the story, because I only have 10 cent to make a call using public phone. It was sooooooooooooooo embarassing and shucks I didn't know how to use those lined up phone booth..(damn). Life is not fun anymore,wish I cud just fly away to Mauritious and stay ther like forever!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadhan Day 1,2,3,4...

I've just deleted a post (accidentally) so I have to re-write again. Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims all over the world. Basically my first day of Ramadhan I spent throughly in the office trying to be an HR (seriously). It was a pain in the ass for the first day fasting and some people doing me frenzy. The best thing to describe my "parcel issue". Man that was really iritating, not to mention I held my breathe for 2 minutes and being laughed by crazy bitches and trolls a really big fat trolls. Perhaps they don't do decent thing (shame). The cooling period wasn't that easy for me. Yeah, practically I just bite my tongue..cont biting it until I feel like the damn sun burning my skin and there's a bacterium eating my brain cells. There it goes, I spent my 5 minutes walk to LRT station throwing my veng with bad vocabs (knowing me..hmm). I was being radical for the entire evening just because of a stupid singular-plural thingy. When I think about it again and again..that was me being lame over simple stupidity. (not to mention d part...screw them get hit by a lorry). I was mean when I cursed too much. So, gonna shut for a moment and come another chunky gift,,I was having a bad fever on my second day of Ramadhan. Swear to god, my head gonna blow like atomic particles. (pessimals). I was actually on leave but things going upside down and it turn up to be my worst two days of Ramadhan.

Yeah, I went frenzy these few days because

1. I cannot have my Starbuck

2. I cannot have Burger King for lunch

3. My health is damn crucified

Tell ye what, fever during Ramadhan is soooo not cool. You'll get dehydrated and end up being an octopus lying on bed. However, on this holy month I'm expecting the bless and blithe frm the almighty. Just wish this Ramadhan end up good and bring cherish to everybody regardless of what religion they are.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I miss him to death

That was rather controversial title but ultimately, yes I do. Lemme tell you a piece of my mind about him. The person that I can stand for years with, tho he's away somewhere across d globe but he seems close to something in my chest (we call it heart). Its like singing Jessica Jarrel song and that Bieber boy "so crazy is this thing we called love, now that we got it we just cnt give up"..hahah..sound too epic, to mushy corny cheesy cholestrol !!! Tell you what, today I feel like I miss him to death and eventually I feel like I wanna hear his guitar string playing song and his annoying questions like "do i care" that left some mark inside here (pointing to my lil amygdala) Seriously, when he's being awesome,I'm jealous wiv him. Every minutes dat he spent being awesome outthere, doing cool things I'm just glad and proud. (like going for social work and travel ain't it)..Those minutes turn up to be the moment that I wanted to have everyday.

Its been awhile since I've heard frm him and I just wish him to come back home and rockin my day again. Even tho if I were to be called slow for downloading his fav songs and I love to answer back to him annoyingly , thats the moment I love d most. When he's Chucky d blur and terrifying innocent, to a complete uncle who's maturity taught me bout life and to an insane grandpa who gonna nag and being "poyo" bout some things. It turn up to be the best thing I ever think of..(I'm so dead if he read XXXXX...I exposed you a bit).. quick, leave Cambodia already..I'm kindda bored and almost a dead zombie here,,huhu..Someone across d globe!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Novel Lover

The effervescent of reading novels had been running in my vein since I was a little me. Do you know the feeling of getting into the power of words? Its amusing, novels taught me how to imagine things without seeing it. There were points where you just couldn't wait to flip to next pages and there's a vibes of emotional engagement with the storyline. As for me, thriller & horror will always be my prime choice. Once you flip d first page you won't be able to get up anymore because d churning of getting to d end. (like I skipped meals for novels). However, I realized that not everyone can bare sitting and staring at the 10 point fonts even for 5 minutes. I remembered d last time I talked to someone from d bus station, and dat person kindda annoyed me because he talked non-stop bout things dat only on his sides of interest. I was just cursing inside my head wishing d brag cud stop just for once. Just imagine, he talked about nonsense way of sitting and how you should treat your feet in lukewarm water which happened to be in plastic basin only. Urgh..1 hours for that, I'm sorry d next day I stepped out from dat bus station and avoided his daffy speeches. Afterall he's a stranger and I prayed to god please make him stay away frm me.

The thing dat make me furious is that, at that time I was half way reading my "Twisted Wing-Ruth Newman" and d guy asked me "Best sangat ke baca buku cerita macam itu?". What he was trying to say is that what so good about reading that kind of books and he started to brag bout facts and everything. I told him, this is my passion, it gave me the sense of excitement and I can tell you that my home now is like a mini library, Ken Follet, Sidney Sheldon, Peter James, Keith, Steig Larson..etc they all sat happily on the bookshelves. Suddenly my adrenaline started to kick with fury as he said those books doesn't expose any moral values. That was the most idiotic and sophomoric statement I ever heard. It was rather shallow and he claimed that its better to read motivational books. Name me any motivational books?? C'mon I read Tony Buzan's, Chicken Soup For The Soul, I'm OK you're OK..(that was d lame move of a stranger, when you dunno ppl just don't brag too much)..I was laughing hard inside my intestine knowing that "you just don't know me".

I tell him what, the reason people writes because there are people who reads. The reason why they create such storyline because they want to get readers to imagine and if he wants moral of the story I tell yeh, only real readers can pick up things to learn. That's why I said earlier, I learnt through novels. I guess just don't mess with novels lover because we care bout what we like. We think what we do is awesome!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Childhood !

Sometimes you felt that you're so close with your dream,,like you can smell the savory color in a wingspread but sometimes there were just too many images and its overlapping each other. In the the vision that we captured was blur. Let me share something about dream, as it can come in many ways. At some point you don't even know that you're dreaming (how's that??). This peculiar thing that we called dream can be real if we knew the secret of making it real but ultimately not all of them can step their feet in your life. There still some..some that waiting to be unveiled. (Pffft start to be corny again). I'm pretty sure every childhood life happen to be different. As for mine, its not different but weird instead. When you're young the biggest possibility of you having your own circle is big. Afterall, kids are those who fond to make friends. You know why?Because when you're just an innocent toddler you still don't know complicated reasoning. You don't have to worry about human being honesty, sincererity and you don't have to bother the term strangers. It was like your world is a plain canvas with never a dark spot and you have fun coloring it. Until you grow up and found out the plain canvas was filled with almost everything and thats the starts of misery.

However, its not d time to talk bout misery,,I wanna talk about my weird childhood that color my was really ethusiastic bout writing and books. I started writing my first poem when I was 7 and my first english book was when I was 3 years old. I love books damn much but I wasn't really into my study thing. I love exploring the unknowns ..weird ain't it..but i love reading..

Hey gotta go waiting...

This is my recent activity..wandering in KL city wiv my girlfriends (photo taken by ima at May Tower Residence)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Raising Fund

Its been awhile and we're not talking bout few days but months, man I miss blogging like freaking much but time never permit me to do so. Poor d tickling clock, I never have time to start breathing. I've been involve with loads of fantastic things. I help out in raising fund for the kids through UNICEF and we got our go green caimpaign and that's awesome. Above of all, Discover Race is most triumph event ever! I've been givin all out and its really a fun day!! I really like the time we spend out buying materials across the town and end up with absurds finding and I like the time we all sit together making flags for the race. This is probably d experience that we can never learn from books (seriously).

It was really a busy and tiring day back there but equals to so much thing that I've learnt. I guess its worth it. Before I escape the hectic day, I'd like to make an announcement which already 3 weeks had turn 22! big thanks to Chucky because he made it to wish me before the actual day :) I love you damn much!! and ...and..I made it to watch Harry Potter!It was really a day because I went to watch d movie with my lil bro and LUCKY us..dat was d last sit for us!!thank god..We're almost cursing when d flashing light showed that the room is full...but dat our damn fuckin lucky day..and yeay but sad it was d last episode of HP :(..wonder if there any following movie for Albus Severus Potter !!!see ya gotta go virtual world

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working Life May to June so far

HEY ALL!! seriously I've been as busy as ever. Offices work & everything make my world goes upside down and even back ad forth for a while. I miss blogging like super alot. Life has to go on no matter what happen. Even when you only have half life, you still gotta breathe easy with it (even if its not easy). Okay, I'm in workin life now, so most of my time I spent drilling ideas for training and I need to figure it out the missing pieces that my manager told me. I'm sticking out things together. Have you ever feel so helpless and you don't understand anything that the person said to you. You just stared but your mind wonder in the other world. "Loosing concentration" that happen because your mind is fully concentrated with thoughts..non-job related thoughts. Swear to god it kills.
That's what happen in daily life, you have tons of things, ultimately it switch on your mental disabilities. Sometimes, its funny when your manager said things and you cant figure it out any single thing that she said..its laughable. You have to frown millions time for the key words. Its totally different when I was in school. I understand what they say and I can do it. Seriously m in a big trouble. I hope my friend were doin okay..I miss the good old day. I miss Kuching! I feel like the piece of peace that I got in the past was from tht place. Here, back in KL you have 24 hour traffics. You feel like you wanna die when you sit for quite sumtime in the car waiting the traffic to be normal. Just praying, and it will never hppen..and everyday my best friend is Starbuck. Americano & Cream chips are my bestie here.
Worst come to worst when I loose track of "Chucky"...Shud I go to England???Hunt him down????I'm on a rocking ship..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Towards the last day in CAMPUS

Its not a hateful week after all, lol..changed of perception. Thanks to chucky, seriously i like his voice, diz time around i really2 like them :)..he played guitar very well. Pls god dun make me fall for him twice..hehe..if i cud have d whole nite just to listen to his singing, pls i rather not sleeping..thanks chucky, i love you damn much!thanks to mie too for loaning me her broadband. Yeah, I was supposed to buy one but, reckless me and my silly obsession over esprit..i've used it. I dun remember much bout how d money can be vanished frm my pocket. My piece of brain just cudnt let me think about it i gez..hahah..
I have 4 days to go before permanently leaving this school (university). Sad but i have to leave..for good. To my friends dat i known all ths time sake, u guys were awesome, to dewi , irene, deb, khad, marthya..u guys make me gay!!thanks to u i forget d time i need to cry cuz u guys gimme bunch of mirth. Thanks to mie, tim, aleng, kin and ida..for being marvellous to me, u huys are sewel forever :) thanks to Honda Getz for driving me to classes and givin me shelter for rainy day and taking me berfoya2 too..:D Thanks to my uni for giving me d best experience ever in my life. This is d last thing dat i wanna forget if i have to choose. Thinking bout those crazy 3 years, seriously i cudnt believe it has end. Climbing 3rd floors were just routine, going for jogging and stalking ashton and the foods. Tho it was rather stupid but, dats wat left in my temporal and frontal lobe. The defnition of fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whatever You WAS a friend

Hey suppp...diz cud be d most hateful week ever. Seriously I dun wanna start braggin bout d nonsense. Somebody just poke my nerve anyway. She said

if u really care, u wouldn't have done or say such things. i thought that's how friendship works. don't just ignore everything when u know that it'll hurt others' feelings. I've seen enough my friend. u're doing it purposely. not to say that i'm d "good guy" here..just to let u know that i don't see any reasons why i deserved to be treated that way.
April 27 at 10:45pm

Well, dunno if i missed smth, but being a girl really complex. You need to think more than twice whether ur friends really did it purposely or not. My say is...if I were her, I'll let it go. How do u define maturity if u urself pretend dat ur friend does not exist and purposely make us look bad in social networking site. Dat was dumb jock (xcuse me for using it on girl). Honestly, m not a mean person but wen it come to this dozens of questions pop out in my head. I dun feel like looking at her face after all. She who thinks she value friendship dat much (i supposed) probably got smth wrong in her mind. A lil misunderstanding had spread into bigger cut wen her strangers friend mocking us. What was dat? matured? I dun think so, dat was rather being an asshole. I wasn't a bitch until d day she declare us (and me) as a bitch and bastards. Frankly, does she noe dat those dirty words was outta date. *shame!
Sometimes god gives us one brain because He know dat one brain had caused enough mess. I suggest she who declare herself victimized by bitches to use her brain. Frankly she need to learn self control. We never insult her in public as much as what she did to us and still dey wanted to call themselves matured??whoaa round applause. I was wrong judging d outer n inner of a book i guess. Perhaps its better to stop looking at the surface. Cmon you ain't no in masquerade party. You are d shallow retard thinker. Who never thought bout your deed over ppl. One who never being so thankful for all d friendship dat she had. She'd d one who never value hard time together. Sorry to say, you had wound my respect. I've seen enough too.
Especially when we all tolerate whatever she wanted to and she gave us shit start insulting us in public. No remorse knowing you but a remorse because you've shown ur color a bit late.
To friends outthere, appreciate your friend. Dun hesitate to ask why and seek for explanation. Dun just bluntly putting serious accusation. Seriously, I've started to loose respect to those friend of hers. They never know us and they will never were. Person like dat fit to be mousey on d ceiling or cockroaches clan. Spread ur diseases away! You're just a weird dumbass

Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter Season In Malaysia * I guess

I'd rather live in d cave. I dunno why lately my ears become so sensitive over certain decibel of noise. Well, as usual, m meditating in library. A week to go before exam week, i feel half frenzy with my fyp and I have upside down timing for my finals' revision. Life is complicated anyway, tho we nvr meant to see it that way. So, I need more positive cells for 2 weeks of survival. Stress will make you feel like everyday is PMS..*scary. Currently playing in my player is "california king bed-rihanna". Its a nice song, ever since rihanna become bad girl monster, i'm loosing my innocence over her. *seriously. I like her slow musics better than her nonsense whatever song. Now, Next to You by Chris Brown & Justin Bieber. I'm not really a Bieber fan, but I like few of his song. It favors me tho..:D but to be his fan. *HELL no.

Its raining outside, so I bet anyone can guess d temperature inside diz building. It feels like being in ice box. I nvr knew Malaysia had turned into a country of below 0 degree Celsius. In this place (called CAIS) sure it does. OH yeah I read ma friend's blog juz now. What captured my attention was her latest post. Hmm when I think bout it, I did make a few lines from there :D what girls say and what does it really mean. Of course, guys think it as simple as it just words. Sometimes when i think about it pinch girls just being to protective over her ego, some cared too much on not ruining their relationship, some just love to beat around d bush. Seriously where does it takes you at the end of d day. Sounds like point right?

And guys, *through observations, think they dun understand diz girl whatsoever languages ppl called. So, another code will do :D. I like that post, can I reblog it ..hehe..seriously girls n boys are d same species but it seems like they're cuming frm diff planet. I dun wanna make analogies, cuz my analogy always turn up to be aweful and outside, its chilly here, even typing can't make your fingers warm.jeez..and yeay..diz wednesday we have a farewell vacation at Damai Resort. I'll totally rock my day. Its my final sem n i wanna spend as much time as I could with my friends..:) and to someone across d globe, i'll definitely grow fat soon :) so mark your word :D ily!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Part l: Suprise for Dewi

Happy Birthday to my gedix girl, Dewi !! I hope she had so much fun on her day, seriously its not her alone but US..we're being extremely gay and I ended up sleeping like a drop dead person. Birthday Part l, was awesome, I tot i heard Irene said "pls dun take too long, I have work to do" Yeah ryte, we spent a day at Bing! Oh yeah Martha juz cudn't stop forcing us to eat her beef lasagna. Damn, it taste good & hell I'm full :) This is d first surprise for Dewi..

I tot d day end soon BUT we're going insane for laser tag. The fun part was, we were suppose to tag our opponent BUT..we always shot one another, which in d same team. *rolling eyes*. Khad was havin a hard time since she bumped her head on smth. (sure d bruise will come out in few days) I love shooting Debbie frm d back cuz she's too busy confronting ppl on her forth. Pinky was screaming like a maniac everytime she run here and there shooting everyone.

It was the best 20 minutes finally I sweat all over (not really sweating actually). Seriously!!!A++ for laser tag & pls dun talk bout exams. :D ! Our trip did not end at laser tag, of course, its a hot day & u spent time running here and there in d dark to tag ppl. I'm thirsty man! so next destination was "ais kacang" hahaha..I love Swee Kang! I dunno othr drinks but I'll definitely order Jagung refreshing!!..
Well, onething dat i noe bout the girls, we had a bad decision making. It took us 30 min to decide a place to eat, a place to go, a place to pee..gosh! we're really bad at it ;) So here come d decision making session,,after a few minutes paused we decided to go for bowling. Oh diz girl really have extra mitochondria. Bowling was suppose to be awesome but our line always got reschedule & whatever high points dat we got was deleted. It was frustrating but again we're sweating because we laughed too much.
Finally, a place for dinner!! ( i noe diz will take more than half an hour..fuhh). Sharing planet?delizze?khatulistiwa?the spring?....=Kim Bay at spring...haih..I had a very nice nasi lemak there & i tot chinese dun like spicy fuds..hmmm...That's a very tiring schedule of the day. As a result, I had a feeble leg and all my limbs aches badly, haha..thats just Part l....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Day-Presentation-Bone Cracked

Hello has not been ages but for quite sometime i have not been blogging. Simple answer, "I'm busy". According to d vacation stamp on d right box of my blog, I have around 3 weeks here. It shouldn't be a mirth nor mournful day when the time comes. I'll be leaving all d 3 years hardship and wonderful experiences. So do my girls..well, lets not be in a gloomy mood. Its Saturday, of course, weekend is d only time I'll be having a supernova internet connection. Yet, i still missing something..dat someone across d globe. Lately I have few bad lucks tossing it's jinx around me. I missed a few important text frm someone that i've been waiting for. Too bad, if its not sleeping then it has to be my phone is in silent mode. Funny thing, my rommie saw me sleeping with hand holding my cellphone. I'll wait again till he text me :) I promise! huhu

Speaking bout waiting, last Monday is d day that I've been waiting for. Final Year Project presentation day! Lucky me, Mr Phillip was my evaluator. I couldn't imagine getting another lecturer as my evaluator. That fatherly man deserve a crown for a very supportive comment. Way to go Mr Phill !! Everything seems okay. However I have to work out extra time since I have 4 report to compile. Its making me quite busy for a "supposed" relaxing day. By the the time my presentation over I can scream and jump till d cloud nine! Its the last presentation I ever had in university. I don't have to present anything anymore as a student !!!yeay!!!..I love presentations and i hate it too. Probably my lecturer felt tedious wen it comes for presentations. I hate my face either, for being on the stage or the rostrum talking things..well its over btw..they dun have to see me with my weird slang & debating on my cost benefit analysis. :D..

Last nite I slept at 8.30 pm till 6 am, I felt my bone cracked every-time I turn around on my bed. Seriously, d sign of tiredness. Fuhhh..I hope today will end good :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloody Crap

Here come Sunday again. Frankly, my life is kindda on a tip of iceberg. Talking bout overdue and the undone...(tears of blood starts to drip). The word "tons" dun really come out bizarre since i've been repetitiously consuming endless efforts. Why the hell d work still coming in. I've blocked d door wiv protective seal..i dun wanna do any of those job anymore! seriously, i feel like throwing all d paper down d stream. Oh any alien pls eat my homework. My total accumulation of brain damage and residue of retarded-ness had exceed my max limit. I'm gonna be doomed!!! I hate doing diz paper thing anymore!!!! Crap work..crap assignment, dats all just crap things. Suddenly assignment make u feel more stupid than ever. I thought course work helps for better understanding. S*** understanding a company doesn't seem harmful but what if we have 4 organization. You're talking bout internal issues man!!!I'm fed up wiv stupid assignments related to organization intervention whatsoever. Its bloody stressful.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sugar Glider

Around 9 a.m today I officially talked to a Chinese girl frm FEB (fculty of economic n business), surprisingly asking her bout financial analysis ! terrific :) I had started a social contact. Developing more communication skill is basically crucial for me. Well, I have problems chatting wiv someone i barely know. This is a good kick start for me. The motto of the day "EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL WEB" . Actually I have diz assignment on cost benefit analysis, i swear d laptop saw me pulling hair doing budget and investment return. Obviously m an HR with totally zero knowledge on finance and investment whatsoever. So, yesterday I went through couple of finance books which ended up futile. It was a good attempt tho but, with complex jargon, I can die drooling on d text book. Seriously, studying is tough :( (specifically finance). Again, today, I invest my time wandering d beauty of numbers for my project proposal. I want it to be perfect, like when ppl read our report they'll say, ths is comprehensive. Hmm..anyone wiv finance and investment background are welcomed to help me :)

Here come d best part, I had fallinlove with a baby sugar glider. It was so small, innocent and deserve a 24 hour hugs. I wanna have one. For d past 48 hours I had an argument wiv my roomie,because she said dat cute thing look like mousey..euwww no no no..its cute and its not mousey, Its a marsupial !! :0 Gotta wait till m home and settle down on my 1st week of intern then m gonna buy one. I prepared a name for my lil pumpkin "ZIFFY" ziffy junior will be my best partner ever! :) so do ziffy have couples of names before, 1st Rufus, but "someone" said "xbest" so I changed to Pixie..I thought pixie will be a great name but, i think she will end up being too bitchy and extremely gedik. So I said to "Mr Ziffy Senior" m gonna named it after you..ther, d word ZIFFY just pop out in my brain :) The history of Ziffy's name. Seriously its cute, I'll buy d sleeping pouch and jog her around (since I love jogging) Weeeeee..Cute thing, wait for me, I'm buying you baby!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fired Up

Endless due date + workload + depression = Insanity
Insanity/Love =Life is awesome

Its a few days off I gave for myself to diz blog. As usual, stuff and assignment that act like a sulfuric acid poured on my brain. Swear to god it was hectic. So, d first thing to do is sort mysev out, tho i feel like wearing my pants on my head. You see sumtime wen you're too busy working out ur stuff u even forget to do laundry and fix ur bed. Its like, wake up in d morning run for shower go to morning class, do assignment and stay up till 5 am in d morning (if necessary) and u keep on doing d same thing d next day.

Still, to everyone or to anyone lemme tell ya, how busy you're, dun ever skip meals! :) generate your power since u know u'll overused it. Currently m on weight-gain scheme. Yesterday, I bumped into my girl mates in matrix, guess what was d first word she used on me?'re getting skinny. Am I reli dat petite??jeez!!!okay frm now on m gonna eat alot (as cited in Mr hunky speech, 2011).

Lately i feel like my heart and my soul wandering across d globe :) totally miss him. Miles are just numbers...whats important is.... :)

This week, m running outta ATP cuz my mitochondria seemed flaccid for overload Kerb cycles. So I need to fired up!!!I need more fuel. lol

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Explaining The Weekend

Meow meow meow..okay, lets not do diz in front of "atok hunky". That person hates cat :). Whatta introduction i gave to y'll. :,( basically it so T.I.R.I.N.G...I had tons of of business still remain unfinished (wiv exclamation point) !!!!! I think there started to be sum bump and hump around my neck. I get so obsessed with my final year project. Okay people who says its easy to graduate??? K.M.A (diz is quite dirty..kiss ## ####) its horrific, you gonna have to burn ur eyeball in front of SPSS and excel plus, its gonna be so bothersome when d data u keyed in messing around about one or two. The whole thing will turn into disaster. I hope my internship cmpany doesn't read diz blog. Yeah ryte m so obsessed with SPSS (literary for hatred). I'm on ninth stage, where 1) getting a topic 2) looking for variables 3)creeping for literature review 4)choosing samples 5) designing items 6) supervisors says and evaluators stakes through your hearts (Presentations) 7) calling companies 8) collecting data 9) computing data! I cud have sum wholesome meals at a decent restaurant in 4 month from now and still thinking bout how freaky it was when I was a students. Jeez (no remorse)

If people still wondering what did a prick like do on weekend lemme tell yeh. This is my weekend, writing in blogs, doing SPSS, looking for bok in library bookshelves and end up freezing and get sum extreme urge to pee. :D This weekend I hav barbeque with uncle and aunts (compulsory), i have a night sleepover and 20 hours of giggling wiv my lil girl -pumpkin peanut butter- cousin (najwa). Of course I have to play with d dolls and watching tv. Last nite I let my lappy switched on with SHREK Forever After till morning. I fell asleep like a polar bear. Also I was hoping that college WIFI didn't act stingy and shitty. Seriously, I can go vile wiv the internet connection. Urgh damn! i shud've grab sum broadband wen I was back to peninsular last week. I wanna text wiv someone across d globe (atok). I tell you what wireless connection, m talking to you wireless connection! I miss him!! (gez m a bit insane for talking to wireless connection) Now I feel like dying and for d god sake I imagine myself stranded in the oasis. Afterall it an awesome weekend. Since my gugu gay girls are up to something next week so, here I am. And yeah, we have carnival in college The BRC Carnival. Unless they invited the script or kina grannis then only m eager to jump off d floor to d carnival. Otherwise, foods are my point of interest.

Song of the week: Back to December-Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars-Marry You, Heart Aint Brain-Chris Brown,Valentine-Kina Grannis-Valentine

New Song of the week-checkout My Chemical Romance, The Ready Set, Neyo ft Pitbull

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It was so tiring, here some tips

I shall weep till d last drop of my tears :( hah!!lucky i sneaked off for 7 days. Back to college was d most tormenting stuff in my life, even in anyone's life. I can't help it, assignments were like choc raisins fallin from d sky. It was making myself looked like a ginger-man biscuit in a glass of milk (gasping for My phone just cannot stop ringing for once :(...I have like 10000 things to settle before March and I got an extreme backache (anywhere near me nothing ergonomics). I would really appreciate if smbdy could help me think as a second brain. I need to have two will think for me one is for fun :) (cut it off, its narcissism beyond conscious). Its damn "kepak" (wat sarawakian called for tired).

However, whatever happen!!! i need to stay cool and step d hell out of it. Think its just an ant bite ,not a lion bite. So here I have few tips of meditations
  • Avoid Swearing / Shouting - Many people think that this calms them down because it releases bottled up energy / anger. This is a common misconception. YES. Release your anger. Do not hold it in all the time or you will explode! Do not take out your bottled up anger on those around you. Swearing only hypes you up more. You think you feel better but really, all you've done is put yourself in a destructive habit. If you need to shout, find a place of solitude and let out your anger. Cry. Do not punch a wall. Find a pillow or something that you won't cause any harm to and scream into if you must. Just avoid taking your anger out on others because then guilt will stress you even more. Talk about your problems as they occur; don't put it off! Taking care of the problem now, can eliminate the possibility of blowing up later because your anger was taken out a long time ago with civilized discussion.
  • Its probably easier said than done but focus on what needs to be done. Panicking and acting over emotional is damaging to yourself which can make matters worse. Ending up in the hospital because of a stroke or heart attack is not the way you plan on taking care of the stressful situation
  • Don’t self-medicate. Alcohol and drugs may provide a temporary escape, but your problems will be waiting for you when you get back to reality. Besides, do you want an addiction problem in your life, too? You yourself may not care about it, or even be aware of it, but it will affect the people who love you
Also some eating tips,

  1. Eat moderate portions. If you keep portion sizes reasonable, it's easier to eat the foods you want and stay healthy. Did you know the recommended serving of cooked meat is 3 ounces, similar in size to a deck of playing cards? A medium piece of fruit is 1 serving and a cup of pasta equals 2 servings. A pint of ice cream contains 4 servings. Refer to the Food Guide Pyramid for information on recommended serving sizes.
  2. Eat regular meals. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in overeating. When you're very hungry, it's also tempting to forget about good nutrition. Snacking between meals can help curb hunger, but don't eat so much that your snack becomes an entire meal.
  3. Reduce, don't eliminate certain foods. Most people eat for pleasure as well as nutrition. If your favorite foods are high in fat, salt or sugar, the key is moderating how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them.
    Identify major sources of these ingredients in your diet and make changes, if necessary. Adults who eat high-fat meats or whole-milk dairy products at every meal are probably eating too much fat. Use the Nutrition Facts panel on the food label to help balance your choices.
    Choosing skim or low-fat dairy products and lean cuts of meat such as flank steak and beef round can reduce fat intake significantly.
    If you love fried chicken, however, you don't have to give it up. Just eat it less often. When dining out, share it with a friend, ask for a take-home bag or a smaller portion.
  4. Balance your food choices over time. Not every food has to be "perfect." When eating a food high in fat, salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients. If you miss out on any food group one day, make up for it the next. Your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy pattern.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back In Town

“Back in town! My beloved Selangor, here I come!” Despite of skipping class and registering on temporary delinquent program seriously, m home for work (plus sum fun). It was a great 7 days of short unplanned break but intentionally done for several reasons. I was back to peninsular for my final year project and internship interview. Thanks to Dew2 and friends for sending me off at d airport d othr day :) sure all famished with burgers (I shall noe myself). This is going to be a long post of d day so bare wimme people. While people were sitting for HRIS class (obviously tedious) I was partially awake and become a lazy homo sapien as lazy as ever. First day at home, yeeeehoooo!!a short break from work and I’m sure it will turn up with so much fun (yes it was). However, it was d day for my brother checkups. Well, we have lil blood errand (my adik was goin to refill his blood,lol). Guess what, I waited for 8 hours (as per flight to UK) gosh. I felt like having a Carpal Turner Syndrome. The bad part was, hospital wifi blocked media based web site. Seriously!!!! We’re talking bout sitting on d chair with lil ergonomic features for 8 hours. Sure my tummy singing “back to December”. It ended very late because therz sum problem with d blood checking procedures. Heishhhh..

As for my lil bro birthday, we had a day out. No parents!! We watched Adjustment Bureu (starring by my 23rd bf, Matt Damon, awwww so hot). Then we have a lunch at pizza! Ths is d best part because I saw my lecturer which I believed supposed to be miles away across south east china sea. Damn, Dr Tan!!watcha doin in KL. It was funny and he say hi to us. Our favorite Dr Tan ,lol. I was of course being a 4G fer a moment by sending text messages to my girls (gosh, I met my lecturer having lunch at d same restaurant dat I’m in). Yeah, and d next day we held a birthday party for my lil bro. Secret recipe was big enough till I felt my intestine was stuck with choc fudge. Jeez!!! It was d best day ever in fact of being extremely famished. I managed to get my questionnaire back!yeay.

BTW above all of those crappy and fun things dat happened to me THIS was the greatest I ever experienced. THIS, what I called “I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W”. was normal wen I jumped into d lift to 33th floor at multi purpose tower. It was a nice location, I saw old town coffe, secret recipe next to d building and it was damn close to SOGO. Now lemme tell u do and don’ts during interview. Everytime u hav one pls juz pls prepare!!!!read anything, because u need to crap something so dat dey will buy u. Okay, ths company was awesome, because dey gimme personality test and..and…AND..a CASE STUDY..dammnit! a case study, lucky I browsed smth and print it out a day before. One more thing wen u’re in d interview pls juz stay calm because if u’re to be panicked u can’t even swallow ur throat (fear of d interviewer will hear d sounds coming frm d throat). was d longest interview I ever had in my life. 2 hours man!2 hours!!! I was selling d best of me. If you were given a personality test juz make sure it was right one of yours, be sure to remember what your traits are. Just dun be afraid of exposing your weakness BUT u must have d skill how to manipulate those weakness to be your greatest strength. Never avoid interviewer eyes. I was there trying to make eye contact wiv her. My interviewer was a nice person. She asked me a lot of things. Really a lot,,huhu..and I was accepted to be an intern there!! Yeay…It was a tiring day,, I feel like pulling off my spinal chord and jumped into d coffin. Fhewww…

This short break ended up good, I’ll be catching my flights tmrw eve and I dun fell like goin back to college..huuuu..and d biggest thing is I miss atok hunky :) damn much. My heart ain’t brain grandpa..oryte, I’ll wrap diz things up. My 7 days was awesome, tiring but cool and I miss atok freakin much. I hope he’s on his pink of health!

Irene's Birthday

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome March

Its quite a sturdy day. I feel so compressed like being stuffed into a zip file (totally). I have a high level of anxiety due to final year project fever. Ths is quite killing me at d moment. You see to deal with reality of work life is smth dat u can't escape. This is not like sanction movie wher u hav to swim hell hard ad strive for oxygen. Its literary that way but wen it comes to psychology, those r d masterpiece of disaster. I'm suffering from backache since last week was a double mid-term combo. Sounds awful & nasty since i have to finish my 6 days stressed over theories and models. I'm beginning to feel like my heart & brain jump into d river. (cmon m still young and i dun need diz backache whatsoever)

Well, before i go whining more and more towards d unnecessary, i need to say one thing! Hello March and buhbye February..This scares me a bit, talking bout time wimme is like talking wiv ur hand full of grenade. Here come d best part today, love love love..huhu..dats all i can say..oaky enough bout that. :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011



overtime always happen wen its friday, wednesday, tuesday and anyday..haha..i shud've said everyday. lol. My hair had grown unconditionally since i left my loreal serum at dewi's. Okay, its saturday yesterday. *of course everybody know bout it..duhhh..
Seriously we had a mini errand yesterday. All d gloom busters were on board ready to go for some trip so called we-sing-badly-til-rain. Oh yeah, a nite before we had sum cd making session which i skipped for some kodomo lion dream. I passed out (no-alcohol ok) after got back frm sharing planet (gonna get to diz later). So, i hav no idea what happen, of course sum of em were great in sabotage-ing ME. Here come d saturday, we're off at 6.30..supposedly..sum technical problem (which cannot be stated reasons and excuses of what and why). The journey started with CD (1). Sorry to Dewi for have had to listen to our messy voice composure. It was fun anyway. As much as what i wanted to keep for my memory.

Lunch were at SUSHI KING..awesome,i had to say dat okonomiyaki is d thing dat is refuse-able..damn,,i hadn't been ther for quite sumtime..Now m hungry really. :(. yesterday was awesome..its not just yesterday but d day before yesterday..Its food tour i called it. Since miss vick had us called food lover, no offence we are..and me of course xcept for vege things!otherwise its ON baby!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday kah?

Since m goin to pack at 6 I kindda have 2 more hour to finish my mind map & sum un-finished business. I thought thursday gone so well till i dun wanna be in tmrow. Gosh another bookshelves fell on me. Life is so funny anyway. They gave you exciting feel and turn it to ashes in a split second. Work crushed my neurons and hormones so here we go again, the upside down sleeping table. Cmon there has to be sum values for diz week and d February. February dark clouds still absorbing my luck. As far as I could remember i my goldfish memory, ths week I had tons of report.Oh yeah m a secretary for student council and industrial visit. That was so not awesome. I had my days crippled over sum formatting and formal words. :(

So, I hate whining, it tires me. huhu..lets just listen to
Overboard-Justin bieber Ft Jessica Jarrell
I'm coming home-P Diddy ft Skylar Gray
Valentine-Kina Grannis
Marry You-Bruno Mars
Girls at the Window-Bruno Mars

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dark Clouds vs Love

Ohh it was soo tiring. FYI i crashed my fingers for assignment, burnt my eyeballs for mid-terms, turning deaf for sum rapid motivational speech, mute for direct presentations and i got a vampire hunter stake me badly. I'm not officially dead but this week is so not awesome. It was awful and bad and ugly and nasty. whewww...d dark cloud of all unfortunate curses and spells fell on my head diz week. It was raining quite bad with lil cylone and sum volcano eruptions (if u noe what i mean). In spite of being rational i turned to be more than that, a person wiv no feeling and prick head was born. Thanks to d zillion stakes dat I regarded as big fat humiliation. I repeat, the big fat humiliation and insults. My bad, it was my very first time, insulted before 200 crowd and I felt like a bookshelves just dumped on me. Whoaaa...there goes, I got some shaky esteem for the entire week thinking how cud i be so cool answering such pathetic questions from some pathetic person who being so pathetically ill-minded. I was cool, d fact dat i was not spitting out my nasty vocabs deserve some compliments. Its either, m matured or as a leader i shud just let it go and accept d fact dat nobody's perfect. Probably both. Screw d protocols and everything. I got tired everytime I got mad of smth. But those two kids in dat hall dat day shud feel relieved because I dun turn into vampire and rip their head off instantly. Seriously annoyed by d biggest tragedy in my life. Jeez, they just a new intake students who's not aware of cultural changes. Screw d law faculty, diz is human development faculty, not tug war academy. We behave with ethics, speaks with ethics (tho sumtimes i cross d ethic of speaking), we give ideas diplomatically.

We are livin in a peaceful culture (scrutinize dat kids)..huh
However, m cool wiv it, they can say wat they want, its not affecting me a bit. In fact, they r d one who have to work harder to prove dat they are better den us..gud luck kids, welcome to d psychological no hard feeling, dey shud'vebring management books wiv them and open d leadership chapter. Theories help kids! haha..its funny but its ugly and nasty :)
I just have one luck, wic is mr hunky :) i got sum virtual rose. Ohhh d love of my life ! He did make me forget bout every single unfortunate things in my week. huhuhu..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Place The Order

It had been bleary days back there. I was convicted into work life balance issue. (wish i hv remote cntrol to fast fwrd and rew things). Well no such thing okay. There's a dark side of it dat u nvr noe what it is. So, dun wish for too much magic. I dun wanna be in history book. Saying dat in 2011, a girl was disappeared with mysterious manner. She was nowhere to be found till 2030, archelogist found her tomb which stated dat she died 70 years ago, before her actual birth. What was she? a vampire? dang~

Shall we talk bout othr stuff now? death is d only word dat i wanna avoid till i have my name carved on d CEO door. Every wednesday, i'll treat my staff with choc indulgence and my secretary dun have to pour coffee for me. Basically, m gonna be the nicest person in d office. (but seriously if they messed up i can't tell how horrendous i can be, retrenchment!) Seriously can we talk about food now? Me and my normal imbalance eating hormone. (normal imbalance-was it oxymoron). I love foods but i love western foods more. So sorry that's just me. Its not dat i dun like locals but watch my statement. I love foods but "i love western more". Well, 3 years of me staying in Kuching i have top 5 favorite spot dat i use to get my insanity source.

Here we go:
1. Sharing Planet
Regular Order: Supreme d volail
Drink: Peach Iced Tea
2. Kenny Rogers
Regular Order:Quarter meals (black pepper)-macaroni cheese, fruits, rice
Drink: Tropical Paradise :)
3. Delizze
Regular Order: Chicken Blue smth2
Drink: Guava Juice
4. Secret Recipe
Regular Order: Chicken +Black Pepper+ Rice
Drink: Orange Apricot Slushie
Regular Order: Chicken Chop

That were all my fav fuds. Seriously i nvr changed my menu whenever I went ther. So do wen get into pizza, top 3 will be carbonara, bologonise and beef peperoni. I will never ever getbored wiv d same meals cuz dat one struck my heart. huhu..Once i love d things served before me dat will d same order for 35 more years..hahah..
but i love locals tooo..i love tomyam so d very super much,the best restaurant goes to "de iris". super nice thai foods were served there. Now m starving already.Gotta a bus to catch...library not awesome waitin wiv books and thesis..