Saturday, February 12, 2011

Place The Order

It had been bleary days back there. I was convicted into work life balance issue. (wish i hv remote cntrol to fast fwrd and rew things). Well no such thing okay. There's a dark side of it dat u nvr noe what it is. So, dun wish for too much magic. I dun wanna be in history book. Saying dat in 2011, a girl was disappeared with mysterious manner. She was nowhere to be found till 2030, archelogist found her tomb which stated dat she died 70 years ago, before her actual birth. What was she? a vampire? dang~

Shall we talk bout othr stuff now? death is d only word dat i wanna avoid till i have my name carved on d CEO door. Every wednesday, i'll treat my staff with choc indulgence and my secretary dun have to pour coffee for me. Basically, m gonna be the nicest person in d office. (but seriously if they messed up i can't tell how horrendous i can be, retrenchment!) Seriously can we talk about food now? Me and my normal imbalance eating hormone. (normal imbalance-was it oxymoron). I love foods but i love western foods more. So sorry that's just me. Its not dat i dun like locals but watch my statement. I love foods but "i love western more". Well, 3 years of me staying in Kuching i have top 5 favorite spot dat i use to get my insanity source.

Here we go:
1. Sharing Planet
Regular Order: Supreme d volail
Drink: Peach Iced Tea
2. Kenny Rogers
Regular Order:Quarter meals (black pepper)-macaroni cheese, fruits, rice
Drink: Tropical Paradise :)
3. Delizze
Regular Order: Chicken Blue smth2
Drink: Guava Juice
4. Secret Recipe
Regular Order: Chicken +Black Pepper+ Rice
Drink: Orange Apricot Slushie
Regular Order: Chicken Chop

That were all my fav fuds. Seriously i nvr changed my menu whenever I went ther. So do wen get into pizza, top 3 will be carbonara, bologonise and beef peperoni. I will never ever getbored wiv d same meals cuz dat one struck my heart. huhu..Once i love d things served before me dat will d same order for 35 more years..hahah..
but i love locals tooo..i love tomyam so d very super much,the best restaurant goes to "de iris". super nice thai foods were served there. Now m starving already.Gotta a bus to catch...library not awesome waitin wiv books and thesis..

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