Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday kah?

Since m goin to pack at 6 I kindda have 2 more hour to finish my mind map & sum un-finished business. I thought thursday gone so well till i dun wanna be in tmrow. Gosh another bookshelves fell on me. Life is so funny anyway. They gave you exciting feel and turn it to ashes in a split second. Work crushed my neurons and hormones so here we go again, the upside down sleeping table. Cmon there has to be sum values for diz week and d February. February dark clouds still absorbing my luck. As far as I could remember i my goldfish memory, ths week I had tons of report.Oh yeah m a secretary for student council and industrial visit. That was so not awesome. I had my days crippled over sum formatting and formal words. :(

So, I hate whining, it tires me. huhu..lets just listen to
Overboard-Justin bieber Ft Jessica Jarrell
I'm coming home-P Diddy ft Skylar Gray
Valentine-Kina Grannis
Marry You-Bruno Mars
Girls at the Window-Bruno Mars

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