Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dark Clouds vs Love

Ohh it was soo tiring. FYI i crashed my fingers for assignment, burnt my eyeballs for mid-terms, turning deaf for sum rapid motivational speech, mute for direct presentations and i got a vampire hunter stake me badly. I'm not officially dead but this week is so not awesome. It was awful and bad and ugly and nasty. whewww...d dark cloud of all unfortunate curses and spells fell on my head diz week. It was raining quite bad with lil cylone and sum volcano eruptions (if u noe what i mean). In spite of being rational i turned to be more than that, a person wiv no feeling and prick head was born. Thanks to d zillion stakes dat I regarded as big fat humiliation. I repeat, the big fat humiliation and insults. My bad, it was my very first time, insulted before 200 crowd and I felt like a bookshelves just dumped on me. Whoaaa...there goes, I got some shaky esteem for the entire week thinking how cud i be so cool answering such pathetic questions from some pathetic person who being so pathetically ill-minded. I was cool, d fact dat i was not spitting out my nasty vocabs deserve some compliments. Its either, m matured or as a leader i shud just let it go and accept d fact dat nobody's perfect. Probably both. Screw d protocols and everything. I got tired everytime I got mad of smth. But those two kids in dat hall dat day shud feel relieved because I dun turn into vampire and rip their head off instantly. Seriously annoyed by d biggest tragedy in my life. Jeez, they just a new intake students who's not aware of cultural changes. Screw d law faculty, diz is human development faculty, not tug war academy. We behave with ethics, speaks with ethics (tho sumtimes i cross d ethic of speaking), we give ideas diplomatically.

We are livin in a peaceful culture (scrutinize dat kids)..huh
However, m cool wiv it, they can say wat they want, its not affecting me a bit. In fact, they r d one who have to work harder to prove dat they are better den us..gud luck kids, welcome to d psychological no hard feeling, dey shud'vebring management books wiv them and open d leadership chapter. Theories help kids! haha..its funny but its ugly and nasty :)
I just have one luck, wic is mr hunky :) i got sum virtual rose. Ohhh d love of my life ! He did make me forget bout every single unfortunate things in my week. huhuhu..

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