Saturday, October 27, 2012


Earth is just another painful place I would rather burry myself and die. I just could not understand why things goes that way. First of all relatives are suppose to be the safest place we could run to. Happen to be some people just being mean and hateful. Every single minute that I have eating my brain out. Trust me sometimes I give up giving chances to people outthere because they never deserve it. I have life to live and i have my own hardship that I expect ppl to understand live with it and not putting us at the bottom.

What happen tonight just a shallow hatred and i decided what comes next will be me and always me. Why do i need to trust them my relatives. They just a bunch of grown ups who doesnt know how to make ppl live their life easy. They always wanna put smth bad in return of our happiness. Such a shallow circle i have. I wud rather bring my family and my youngest aunt to live in states living those crappy ass here rotten in Malaysia. Trust me i need a moment of chucky. Too bad chucky died. I'd kill for a person to talk to me but i only open up to one person and he died a 2 years ago!