Monday, November 23, 2009

nothing at all

life is just so unfair

never knew i needed you

for the way you changed my plans
for being the perfect distraction
for the way you took the idea that i have
of everything that i wanted to have
and made me see there was something missing (oh yeah)

for the ending of my first begin
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
and for the rare and unexpected friend
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
for the way you're something that i never choose
but at the same time something i don't wanna lose
and never wanna be without ever again (oh oh)

you're the best thing i Never Knew I Needed
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed
so now it's so clear i need you here always

my accidental happily (ever after oh oh oh)
the way you slime and how you comfort me (with your laughter)
i must admit you were not a part of my book
but now if you open it up and take a look
you're the beginning and the end of every chapter (oh oh)

you're the best thing i never knew i needed (oh)
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed (that i needed)
so now it's so clear i need you here always

who'd knew that I'd be here (who'd knew that I'd be here oh oh)
so unexpectedly (so unexpectedly oh oh)
undeniably happy (hey)
said with you right here, right here next to me (oh)
girl you're the..

you're the best thing i never knew i needed (said i needed oh oh)
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed (needed oh)
so now it's so clear i need you here always
baby baby
now it's so clear i need you here always

Vote for Colbie-my bad day

Life is just life afterall..what makes u learn what make u grown up is life..(is it??—honestly I dunno). I bumped into Jesse Mc Cartney song…body language,sounds awesome..cuz therz a diff greeting inside. Really sounds nice..thez Spanish,French n Japanese..i wud lyke to thanx leng2 for downloading me You Got Me-Colbie Cailat n According to You…dunno who sing dat btw..tos are my latest addiction..m really a hard core fan of colbie..she play wonderful guitar..ehe..anyway..the song was reli awesome..n also suddenly happen to love Sweet Dream-Beyonce..she’z rock man!but I love You Got Me more…dat song was so sweet n salubrious..
Colbie sumtyme sounds alike Jason Mraz..the way she ate those word when she sang..reli alike somehow they are diff n I love u cannot love both!!! I chose Colbie~yeay…

Holiday Boring

I was trying to pursue ma dad for his broadband since a few days ago but he’s not around (as usual..nver gonna see him even before the dawn) yada..yada..yada..its quite boring here..n I have absolutely nothing to basketball gang isn’t around..they are all in overseas..sigh..m the one who stranded here..waiting for the second chance of going to orange county!as I expected every holiday there’s got to be smth going on..i have these 3 days heavy tummy ache~~to bad..i have to swallow those yellow and white and liquids..errrr…I hate being sick..esp at hope cuz I’m forced to eat those..and 24 hour non stop observation n a lil lecture..huh…dat will do..i dun have time to touch my lappy n even charge my phone..

Serious shit its damn boring…I was being a maniac to text ppl which I confirmed dey wont reply..hahah..absolutely 100% boring syndrome..i dun think this post gonna be as long as the prev. one cuz its not damn good around here n nothing to complain xcept being in a paranormal bored state which caused me to sleep at early n course woke up at wasn’t helping at all..n dvd was so such a disaster..i had watch those for more than 10 times last holiday..i even memorize da lines..”I am different….bla..bla..” n the glass sprang..whatever..”u gotta believe me ..he’s back!...bla..bla..”aaaaaaaaa…m so freaking crazy~

Yeah it was great m runnin outta novel to read..gotta run to mph to buy one or 2 piece of it..cuz..its gonna be a long holiday..n seem ol my friend isn’t around~~so I decided to stay dormant in my gramp house here..n boring..n no cousins around..just sarah n her niggard even helping..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

- -love in the air - -

Venus finally stay parallel
Sweet winsome of the poets drop
deep into Juliet's once had
Silent crush singing lullaby
at nights with no sleep
But, never a vengeance
wisdom fell apart consently
charmed by unconscious lush
Lucious yet vulnerable
Almost chill of the midnight dews
lit the forbidden quiver
crimp over muffled desire
too long to reveal
that the love is in the Air

written by

Lovesick and Everything

Lately I kindda lost my mind~~I wonder how can I fall for someone so many times..every second that goes to minutes to hours to days to weeks to month to years perhaps…just cant stop mysev from this lovelorn..this love story had became more then romeo n Juliet once had (what a love parabolic make sure m not being hypochondriac ..

Who am I to talk bout love anyway..tho I juz knew it for a short time but I can say its wonderful n I just dun wanna get away from it -pray to god..let me be wif oxygen-

This matter is so unexplain~lots of thing remain in riddles..aaaaa..what the hell m I talking about..cant believe m actually wrting this thing on my blog..but believe me for the god sake I feel like telling the entire world how much I fall for him..miss him..aaaaaa..aisya’s outta her head..what have this love done to me..those love song that I never bumped before had been my favs..those things that I never dreamt before had been apart of my soul~~Tammy plez bang my head on the table or smth..i need my sweetheart oxygen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(can u hear me..??????i’m screamin to u now…..i said that I love u..)huwaaaaaa…m insane agaknye today..when glucose level pop out xtentu pasal nila jadinye..n I gez my cholesterol level da smpai thap dun eat any cheese~~mushy!aaaaa…mushy!corny!mushy!the miss-him oxygen level in under paranormal level..seee..m now officially lovesick!

Neway m goin back to my hometown~finally after 2 month struggling with low motivation level plus deterioration of health..creepy semester! Surely diz eve my mom gonna ask “why berplaster2 ni..ade kne buat bangunan ke?”!it doesn’t mean bwat bgunan bru kne pki plaster..wua…tonyte I wanna eat a lot..alot n a lot of fuds..bologonise,indulgence,prawn curry,white chine porridge,sausage with baked beans,nasi lemak,everything..everything.. m coming!!!!yeay staying at gramp old house was so gonna be fun..tho granny da xde..but I miss her..she’s da one who teach me how to ride a bike cuz m such a worst cycler …remember when she cook for me..force me to take care of my nail..wait for me after upsr result out (look nenek I got 5A)..she laughed unconditionally..n funny things wen she didn’t wear her specs..i owez got duit raya lebih n more pocket money...n remember wen do picnic together..hehe..:,((.i miss her so much~~:(..tho I can’t make it to see her on her funeral I still love her(too bad..cuz m the closest)..(thanx gramp for taking care of me for 16 years..) my her soul remain in the faith one..amin..i dun wanna cry..:((..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Nightmare

Finally the semester is blur sem ever!!!i gotta renew my motivation state y kindda weird diz sem..full attendance next sem n back to justea n my skyflakes i gez..i dun care what ppl gonna call me in the claz m gonna be as bising as i can tho writing diary in class but still gotta bark up..(but juz make sure not on a wrong tree)
A relieve i gez..cuz i juz cant wait to end diz semester so badly..i noe diz sem gonna be worst..according to my calculation the lowest that i can get is 3.44...huwaaaaaaaaaaa...xlepas dean!!!but its juz an assumption..hoping there will be more As n no C or even away..i juz want A!!!!!kindda tough diz sem but most relax sem ever..wif ol the sickness (dmam+gastric+migrain...vomit yda..yda..)haihhhh..mean diz holiday m not gonna be admit to hospital..yeay..cuz usually every holiday m gonna hav worst health condition..Reviewing back ..rewind..rewind..1st sem i have this bad tummy ache for 3 days till doc tot i got ulcers..whoaaa..dats too much..second sem i have this bad dehydration n high fever but m shivering..mum trying to keep me warm from SA till Banting..n i collapse in front of Dr room..(it was DR kuben...aaaaa..hate him babble)..n he did try to do blood test for me..hahah..surprisingly,not even a drop of blood kuar frm my body..yeah great i was holding my rage..rase nk tendang diz doctor..3 times he injected me on right arm..n twice on left arm..saket phm x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still no blood..finally he he went down to my blakang tapak tgn (how to xplain drip spot..aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...dat one thrice sakettt..not even a drop come out gak..mmg la m being xperimented dat day..i remembered my mom almost cried seeing me on hospital bed..huhu..n back to the point
So he use the old fashioned way usually for babies..he press my hand to force those hemoglobin out...lucky i have zero energy threshold..i were surely curse him if i had a chance..damn..dat was the worst one..n the 3rd sem..i got this weird fever..ahhhh..praying hell no more blood test.this time i went to my fav Dr Kuben 4 times..hish3..asking for more powerful ahhh..dats my holiday nitemares..
Damn m bored lyke crazy... (white horse spinning on my ears now)

A prove for efforts n hard work..salutations for the fingers~~

My Rules and Regulation since 1989

My Rules and Regulation since 1989

1. I hate people comparing me-it sounds like humiliating mment, therefore I hate is me..

2. Never make me fed up or control my patience for too long…like wait for mum shopping..arghhhh..feel like pulling my hair off

3. Hate people don’t trust me..i hate betrayers too

4. Never reload for me n never bank in money for me

5. I hate ppl reject my call!..daddy owez did dat

6. Never ask me to change into something I dun lyke… Never tell me to be graceful like a lady..

7. Dun ever gimme mayo n vege!

8. Never ask me my MUET band..ahhh crap

9. Never tell me harassment joke/sexual joke

10. I hate waiting (in term n condition) for ppl to class

11. Never wake me up frm my bed for something stupid..lyke English translating thing..duhhh

12. Never talk in Kelantan language wif me..heaven forgive me..

13. Never repeat the same thing yet people still dun get it

14. Never get into my parent stuff-dun engage me wif any of their is me

15. Hate people condemn me because I speak in English

16. Never knock my head for no purpose

17. Never tidy n clean my stuff without my permission-if u wanna see me freak out like hell..whers my socks?

18. Don’t ask me to pour HCL N HNO3 N HSO4 10 mole!i hate deal into chemicals wif high moles..corrosive!!!

19. Don’t ever call me siti..aaaaa..

20. Don’t ask me to do task dat wasn’t supposed to be mine while dat person who shud be doin it still alive.

21. Don’t ever touch my diary

22. I hate to look stupid

23. Never touch my inbox..damn inside I rarely kill u

Fingers nearly bled.get off frm my way

As i one ever help me to carry those bloody heavy stuff..aaaa..3rd floor man..i was so anxious at the moment~"wherz girls pnye stor?"asking half wif asthmatic possession..the guy smile widely..i remember that n i cant even hav time to think whether i shud look at him or not.!.."upstairs..."shortly..i was lyke what the fuck!!!!dala 3rd floor n i have to climb more floors..m a lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m i?whatever loosing my patience..i gez my sclerosis getting many time i was scolded by Dr Kuben...hahahahaa...i dun care..i dun give a damn care..kalo xangkut who's gonna do dat for me????????????????????tammy..even ak y angkat dye..6 heavy stuff..dat will do..mite wreck my scapula..
Arghhh..n i have 3 fingers plastered bcoz of dat...kindda ugly la berplaster my fingers..anyway not in a good mood. I had finished studying..but seemed that smthg is missing in d notes ..i think the issue part..adoiiiiiiiii..m so gonna be dead meat...whatever it is..m tired..m sick of doing things today..i dun even sleep for the entire day..n m now feeling like eating the building block of bunga raya college..pissed off everyone..m gonna locked my door..i dun care even therz a banshee inside here..go away la..just not tonyte..cuz m too fatigue..n i dun feel like talking to ppl as get the hell outta my way..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I just wish I’m not fussy,

Quite a sturdy day..i woke up grab my novels ,packin my stuff n went for shower~I dun remember how I can fall asleep last nyte..tired melayan perut yg mengada2!man I found stuff dat I’ve been looking for slame ni~mmg la my room is such a mess..diz morning it looked like a katrina sweep all my clean n my lunch were sucks..(again)

I bet I have emotion confusion today,m sorry if I ever done any massive fault,m sorry if I ever torn u~smtimes things around us just happen to revolve so weird till u feel like u lost in the middle of u don’t even noe what it is..i noe m a to change it??help~it ruining my life,I dunno if I can use feeyra words..m gonna change one day,it just not the time yet..”dun worry”..i am worry!!!!!feyyy if I’m not change the entire world gonna put the blame on me..

I wonder why things wasn’t as easy as ABC..but learn abc dlu time kecik2 pn painful gak..gonna be tornadoed by kindergarten teacher..haih..what to do..what to do…nothing easy in this world..things always revolving n we cant resist the fact on being on the bottom..n juz hoping it isn’t forever on the ground..

I juz think m a complete dork dreamer..moving aisya..its not gonna lead u anywhere wif juz dreamin..what happen to ORANGE COUNTY??…I shall or shall not dreaming???..ther still dreams.. whether yes or no…

I just wish I’m not fussy,why have to clean a cup twice tho it had been washed?why have to complain whether they put mayo o not?why complain whether the sauce is too many n too little..why have to complain therz so many vege in the foods??why have to brag to the waitress dat the drinks is awful..why have to put tissues on the seat??why have more longer order than anyone else with no this and that..make sure this and that..why cannot eat certain fuds?juz hoping I wasn’t that fuss..wonder what the hell wrong wif me..odd..weird..fussy..snubbish..whatelse?I JUST HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!what so good bout me???????????????????