Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final countdown

Final countdown..(desperate days I supposed) sounds so silent..not even a hush..damn I have diz painful tummy ache cuz of my brilliant lunch (I shud appreciate Italians spicy fuds)..damn~it was a creative spicy meals ever..i drank 1 bottle plain wter n even had some sweets to reduce d burnin up fire on my lips..cant take it tho!!!pedas lyke hell so spicy n nothing as spicy as this spicy..crap!

This morning I was urged up by really damn early she wake me see her balik..wua,,it was pak sood(Daniel) y hantar her to d airport..what a morning love story depan mata…film with sounds..hahah..mimie2..mmg nk ktorg tgok drama Gilmore girl ke??obviously me n ida haven’t take a shower..we both still blur n unconscious.. yeah..she even called aleng to go down~~~ntah sejak ble ak jdi dayang istana y escort princess mimie gediqz..heeee..saje je dat kid nk tnjuk drama dye ngan si pak sood..huhu..nway I dun mind since she’s kindda the most kecik in our gang..the one dat owez get special lecture frm ckin cuz she hangout wif her boy til late midnite..n xreti2 nk balik n owez busted by either each of us..hahah..mmg la malang~

This rum kindda a bit chilly..outside were damp n cold n was juz after raining..n the breeze is getting stronger so I decided to close my window..ngee..grab my sweater n hell stay warm on my bed…tammy beside me n just having a thought a perfect eve y sejuk ni…if I cud have cup of hot latte or warm~~but itz juz a thought tho..n perfect wif some cheese cake..wua..nk~~~~~m so gonna eat dat one at starbuck before flyin off diz Tuesday…

Speakin about flyin on,this intelligent technology kindly causing me trouble!i need to check on my departure time damnit..but then zero artificiall intelligent btol..kenot even view it..

Shit! I was just puke!!!what the hell wrong wif me today???tummyache la puke la!i hate this stupid sickness it makes me sick..haih..gotta off..m not dat well to brag more..cont l8er wif more energetic moment.

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