Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Nightmare

Finally the semester is blur sem ever!!!i gotta renew my motivation state y kindda weird diz sem..full attendance next sem n back to justea n my skyflakes i gez..i dun care what ppl gonna call me in the claz m gonna be as bising as i can tho writing diary in class but still gotta bark up..(but juz make sure not on a wrong tree)
A relieve i gez..cuz i juz cant wait to end diz semester so badly..i noe diz sem gonna be worst..according to my calculation the lowest that i can get is 3.44...huwaaaaaaaaaaa...xlepas dean!!!but its juz an assumption..hoping there will be more As n no C or even away..i juz want A!!!!!kindda tough diz sem but most relax sem ever..wif ol the sickness (dmam+gastric+migrain...vomit yda..yda..)haihhhh..mean diz holiday m not gonna be admit to hospital..yeay..cuz usually every holiday m gonna hav worst health condition..Reviewing back ..rewind..rewind..1st sem i have this bad tummy ache for 3 days till doc tot i got ulcers..whoaaa..dats too much..second sem i have this bad dehydration n high fever but m shivering..mum trying to keep me warm from SA till Banting..n i collapse in front of Dr room..(it was DR kuben...aaaaa..hate him babble)..n he did try to do blood test for me..hahah..surprisingly,not even a drop of blood kuar frm my body..yeah great i was holding my rage..rase nk tendang diz doctor..3 times he injected me on right arm..n twice on left arm..saket phm x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still no blood..finally he he went down to my blakang tapak tgn (how to xplain drip spot..aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...dat one thrice sakettt..not even a drop come out gak..mmg la m being xperimented dat day..i remembered my mom almost cried seeing me on hospital bed..huhu..n back to the point
So he use the old fashioned way usually for babies..he press my hand to force those hemoglobin out...lucky i have zero energy threshold..i were surely curse him if i had a chance..damn..dat was the worst one..n the 3rd sem..i got this weird fever..ahhhh..praying hell no more blood test.this time i went to my fav Dr Kuben 4 times..hish3..asking for more powerful ahhh..dats my holiday nitemares..
Damn m bored lyke crazy... (white horse spinning on my ears now)

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