Monday, December 19, 2011

One Direction Fever

It’s not even two weeks left before New Year. I’m getting psyched because I’ll be flying off to Miri and having a blast New Year’s Eve with my girls. After all we have an event coming up before the fireworks can fill the air or fresh coming year. Christmas just 5 days ahead and of course I’ve been busy running here and there getting things done. Just so you know I haven’t gotten time to buy gift for everyone (think I have few in my mind). Next coming Saturday will be shopping time  I always wanted to have a new dress for New Year since the old one bores me already. I know I’m turning into some sort of Shopaholic but apparently I’m quite impressive with my financial plan, I can remain at least a few hundreds in account after the month is over (keep it up I said). Not much to be told for things that happen around me, just doing okay. However, I’m not that sure whether it was real okay or I’m just avoiding being not okay. How pathetic for not knowing self-current update. I just know that for these couple of weeks I am getting really obsessed with One Direction  I just think I need to have a new hobby rather than hooking up with something uncertain. I never been so fanatic with a boy band until I met this 5 adorable kids from UK. Round applause Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam & Louis the best boy band ever. Lemme just list down my favorite track in their album “Up All Night”

1. Na Na Na

2. What Makes You Beautiful

3. Gotta Be You

4. One Thing

5. I wish

6. I want

7. Everything About You

8. Another World

9. Up All Night

10. More Than This

Try out people I’m sure you’ll fallin luv with the songs!!!! 

Until next time