Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keep On Forgetting To Forget About You

I keep on forgetting to forget about u,dats d perfect words for’s topic wud be..forget..why its so hard to forget things that u love,instead u crave for more. Memory is d initiator of everything. Its just so odd when ppl say “I can easily forget” for me its d hardest thing I ever come across. Unless u have amnesia or spatial neglect or smth. Yet, I can’t simply handle it. I mean every things dat happen shud have relevant reason why its stick in ur brain like queen Elizabeth portrait on Buckingham palace wall. Forgetting things that we love is practically difficult in every way. Once the memory starts to play film without sound it’s d starting of an endless pain *uhh skip dat epic lines..btw,thing can go different in every person,I just super curious how can u forget people dat u love. That’s just so wow!FRANKLY,I still missing my oxygen,obviously still love my oxygen *refers to page smth2 for oxygen jargon. Well I dun care anymore if he didn’t noe..enough when its just me myself and this churning feeling..which leads to forgetting to forget. Have u ever tried to stop ur decipher?wooo if u can possibly do dat, I owe u a lifetime..jeez, I hav no more back with sum spicy story and issues!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


SPECIAL EDITION :When there’s no place to run in heavy rain,I just hav absurds option.Lately m being so epic!not because I wanted to but I noe deep inside there will be smth bad…I knew it,,if ppl can see how hard I train mysev not to weep for little pain,but this one is too big to stop weeping. Things that gonna change everything forever. The hardest part of letting go they say,I preach dat in my bleeding heart. I shall never share d pain,cuz its carved beautifully dat d pain is mine. M gonna miss her,and everyone..i miss my gramp so much!like too much..I just can’t stand diz piercing hurts,as much as it can tore off one’s head.. hold my tears,shall I congratz to mysev or straight away blame my idiocy for being a fake jovial person. I just can’t get rid of this sorrow thingy!!i had a full page of my diary and still it won’t go away,I need a shoulder to cry..i reli need one..i need to talk to someone,I reli need one..but I didn’t see any for me..i miss my gramp~I have none.. =[ she’s gone..all my gramps are gone..i only can say it in my language,the pain that I had,the fear of living..

Latest Playlist -Funearl Mood

My latest playlist

Impossible -Shontelle

Shut Up and Kiss Me-Orianthi

What You Waiting For-Mizz Nina ft Colby O Donnis

Time in Between-Francesca Battistelli

Stranger-Chenelle ft Colby O Donnis

When She Cries-Britt Nicole

Say It-Britt Nicole

Total Eclipse in My Heart-Rachael GLEE

Lets Fall in Love Again- Jason Castro

If I Ever Feel Better-Julian Paretta

Brokenhearted Girl-Beyonce

Billionaire-Bruno Mars

OMG- Usher

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not Much

Hey baby whats ur name,sexy's my name oh yeah sexy's my name!shall cut those lyric posting on d wall cuz ppl determination is different.Obviously,i'm obsessed wif music. Jason Castro!!lurveeeeeeeeee =) oh man i hav gastric just now,i dunno whats goin on,think my pain is back =,(,i hav dis dirty lil secret~i dun hav shower yet!!ngeee..btw..i hav no rhapsody things to share,maybe later when my idea gloath in my lobes sumwhere in *pointing at my'm juz being happy..thanks

Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Good Hand-Natalie Grant


Life And Truth

I see such brave days sunk into night thus leads a nocturnal world foremost! by Aisya,i still believe dat one day sumone will definitely tag my lines as a quote..obviously its Monday by time its 1 a.m in d morning,still in doubt whether i shall or shall not make a despair wish to d bed,my late night post usually came wif proper insanity than,*is it?? wht i saw was juz a blank imagination dat blend into "kesewelan"..roomie not around so i'm all alone in d room,exageratting in my own decipher. Every idea tht gloating in diz frontal lobe will be like bubbles dat hav a sudden pop n vanished..shud not think about complicated stuff i gez,why dun juz human being walk d life without havin so much thought on it?well how m i suppose to noe if u ask me such questions..i'm not a person who verdict life,we live in uncertainty so..neither conclusion frm anyone tells d real "whats goin on". I read a piece of word this morning on personality,,we shud learn to let things go,noe my brain i juz imagine a word HOW..dats d problem,wen we say smth d error one cud do is nvr explaining ppl come in various traits..maybe therz a reason why d how came after everything over,its us who had to figure it out how..not wanting to wait for ages for d answers..The ugly things revolves around life is truth,yes i doubt to put end to end on a phrase we called truth..well its random. Life comes with complextion and truth. Whether its tangible and visible or vice versa. I maybe not dat "senior" they say to preach about diz kindda stuff. What i see is life teach us to bleed and learn dat we shud weep and go to clinic to get rid of it..hehe..As for me,truth is d most crucial thing. Its d key to certainty. Why hide things,its like hiding yourself..ppl shud be free to be themselves..:) Everything in diz world promise a return. I noe we are all here for reasons dat god had planned for us. I'm not a person with wisdom nor repel to salvage act but its enough to know life is a gift.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plez No More Question

Imagine for d past 10 hours u keep seeing d same alphabet constructed in to line dat sounds stupid and futile to my current situation,are these ppl practically insane,diz never a part of stuff dat besiege me,trust me..wat a nutty questions dey ask...*nutty as in it me or d questions are all d same and wow diz is not in final exams so my scheme is better wif distribution of crazy lil explanations.."tpulah mke cute xde bf?"what d hell!!hello m not those girls outhere,,d question is do i need to find a bf,how desperate is dat option to me?i see a 98% of failure in makin serious thing cuz i cant simply be in dat particular domain,,and yet i still wondering does my face hav a relationship tag sumwher???weird questions..i heard those for 5 time in a day..whatever la u ppl wanna think,pasni ak senang je ckp ak widow anak 3..haaaa...dats easy!bongoklah soalan..syez i dun have anything serious going on..n i dun wanna,now time nk is problems..problems came with ache..ache came wif insanity..insanity came wif depression,depression came with constraints..constraints came with love..hahha..maybe ak xsesuai kot..its difficult to find sumone who can understand u ryte,so better understand mysev first before i able to let ppl to understand me,better make mysev happy before let ppl do it for..

Jahat Line

I changed if u notice, dat suppose to be a resistant line,whoa..make friends everyday..and of course make friends wif someone who can deal wif ur appaling manner,dats better..i wana watch toy story =),i wish a cud do something more valueble for d past few days..oh i skipped yesterday's post for d crazy happy island and battle station..and omg~hahaha *tap smthg in my stuff shall not be delineate to public,besides m a...hahha :D..well,i can manage my anger now,but for critical stuff maybe i cant practically control..i'm a hot tempered person!!nth i can do to dwell wif such ass traits..well i'm now in 7 deadly,but i reli hate mysev for being so freakin empathy for such words,urghhh..i juz kenot stop mysev frm being kesian all d time..i need to wear sympathy shield, so dat i'll be more evil and demonic like person~maybe no one noe wats my naughty background,i had a bad record of threatening guy without being ambushed by wicked,since daddy and mr principle are best much i can brag today,and maybe i shall tag my objective "maybe i juz wanna see...." hahaha..please,i able to laugh in long distance wif creepy voice :D..i'd sound sarcastic to say dat girls with asses like mine don't talk wif boys wif faces like yours..hahaha..jahat line!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weeeee~gugu gay

Gay Girls

Check Diz Out!!


Movie nights wif gay,nightmare in elm street wasnt tht bad~deduct d blood and everything,oryte movie reviewin time!!i was a nice movie though..we do lots nd loads of assumptions revolvin around tos scene,we thought that Kriss and Jesse were d main ppl on d limelite..too bad,it was a confuse looking guy and a skinny partially cute girl who survive till d end,and obvious stupid pick up in diz movie r d freddy boy!hahah..he's a shorty guy ever!wonder how he grew that tall wen he's d nightmare!damn..we were all wrong wen we tot dat freddy boy was super innocent,frankly i start to curse d parents who being such asshole killin innocent ppl,,oh crap..he's d heinous and a fuckin demon in d show..crap!!!! *skip d curse..well diz is what happen to partially conscious girl ho just woke up frm bed and start blogging for her life..this page is now my slave,my addiction,my divine time breaker..whoa..m gonna start reviewing on vampire diaries again..over and over and over again,,cuz i had fallen in love with damon salvatore..jeez!!!he got sexy eyes..damn i'm starving!!i wanna cheese tart..blueberry cheese tart!!please~~i'm dying for tarts..and dat fruit tarts..wuaaa..reli cravin for it.. =( ..i miss vammpy..still remmber this is d time wen i accidently noe him last year..end of may..he was super funny,skyping like never missing d moments :))

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Short Eve..Happy Like Crazy

Weeeee...=)..uhm,i juz hav my fantastic blueberry cheese tart!nak lg!regret for buying 2 pieces..kalo dah tau perut tu serupa litar sepang..lg nk buy sket2..btw i swear to god sedap!like super scrumptious =) wanna share tp nvm,my tummy wont let me..hahaha..its 5.31 in d rummie is watchin korean,she aint gonna move her butt,i knew it..i went pace back and forth in diz room,digesting and try to figure it out what m i suppose to freakin bored..yaikzz..m finishing my 2nd poem of d week,whoa..i can write a book..and yes therz a song!m back singing..since i left it abandon for years,can't even remember d last song i sang on stage ;D..and i love dat shania twain song!!!!plez kill me wif freakin obsessed wif songs,mkn tdo..all songs..da xpedulik org sekeliling..and oh yeah b4 i even slipped my tape worm memory,khad had been forcin me to play dat weird happy island..fuhh..wondering how to play it for few hours..d funny thing is m in level 3 yet i dunno how i get there..hahaha..stupid aint it..dats d funny thing of this short eve..ohhh man m sleepy!but my eyelid remain separated..huuu.. =) cheers everyone!

Damage Beyond Repair

"Say i got ur..picture stuck on frame across d wall.u prove u point ur point okay i get it..a stranger.u become a stranger.." makin early morning noise wif colby songs!well,as usual,thursday,claz day,ther will be tutorial diz eve..i juz can't stop yawning..hard and long till my lung full and cramp wif air..uhhh..its a lazy starts today,well gotta finish up some business in spades!i've reach lesson 4..hehe..thanx my guru..beb roslan,givin me such hysterical experience,m a partial metal appreciating music je kot..i never wonder how nice being single and i actually hav lots of fun to dwell doesnt matter if ppl dun reply ur text wen u reli frenzy wanting tht name to pop out in ur lil phone screen..nvm,me is just a friend,maybe he dun even remember me in his days..*pointing fingers on my forehead telling myself, more memory lane,its been a few months..okay enough!lets sing..whats ur name,,baby whats ur name..oh yeah sexy's my name..yes sexy's my name..
Shud listen to what u waiting for by colby o donnis..and stranger featuring chenelle..damn fuckin nice fella!can't stop d,i never sumone wif ur body..whoa..whoa.hahha..m insane i gez..okay2..words of d day..Damage Beyond Repair..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Was on fon wif Ayish gedik..we'll be makin new song~weeee..i love doin diz,btw alex will teach me dat guitz thingy..hehe..i love my life..soooo full of me,okay2 tmrow will be dungeon day..emm,of coz 3 hours of claz..sungguh ak sakit pinggang nnti..haha..m not okay!!!reli not okay but m happy bcause i hav my crazy goofy friends dat cheers up up and away..forgets all d thing dat destroy my emotion..whoa..melebih plak,hmm..peter is super sengal!!!lowkey mengong..ade ke ptot bf ak mkn pn ak xde..hahaha..u guys were really funny..oh yeah..alumni diz july!!!i miss d girls..schools..and everthing dat makes me what i am now...tho..a bit disaster soon..

Fuck You..Tak Suka Laaaaaa

Ahhhh..bengangnye!!!syez diz man xfhm bhase planet bumi,okay m talkin french..okay kids or old man or whatever it is!!I dun wanna chat or msge u!do u get me asshole..uhhhhh..please for d godsake dun check me out!dun..wan me to translate i bet i dun hav to since u're a debater as well!!crap!!i hate i DECIDED TO IGNORE WHATEVER HELL he send to me..maybe i'll block him instead..hish..luar petala btol..i wanna be alone okay!heeee..plez find another person to get rid of ur boredom!!i hav no..nothing not at infinity no feeling to make a close contact wif anyone wif XY gene..soo..take my word n please,,eeeeeeee..what do u wanna noe bout me so much!m ugly,m a bad person!i curse alot!i have mental destruction..and i want u to stop asking me stupid questions revolvin about what i like,whats my fav thing..its stupid and a total lame guy move..bengangnye!!!!!okay fine!!!i still love my vammpy!!thats y i can't reli gat rid of xnak anything now..xnak okay..xnak!!!!!!!i dunno u..n u dunno pegi men jauh2..

Morning After Dark

Such refreshin mornin!try to widened my eyes...(totally grammatically absurd here),,not in shower yet but trust me,its gonna rain stay warm in room!suddenly i miss each one of my old mates..its 9 and my roomie is still on bed kesejukan i mite need to lend her my blanket,oh yeah..i was taken aback wif my own towel since m so mamai diz morn lookin for my me got tons of fantastic song in those are my favs..i dunno whether ppl will like it..seriously i have top 4 ladies in my head now
1. Francesca Battistelli
2.Britt Nicole
3.Colbie Cailat
4.Taylor Swift
Well i av great plans for diz intersession probably starts after gawai hols (in srwk tho)..we hav french and guitar lesson!!can't wait--since i was so busy laz sem,and my guitz at home kinda rusty and dusty..omg!reli eager!super can't wait..will post some of short idiotic drma as well..since me n khad is in d same room..m sure we hav tons of lunatic objectives!!till then~breakfast callin! =)

Gay Intersession Claz

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lovey Dovey Section..=)

Huhu...okay frets time is jelez wen i saw ppl happy like love birds..huhu..aai is so sengal..hahaha..its sbub la aai not sebab..dats my vocab..hehe..anyway,she's happy wif her boo i gez..angau semacam je post fb tuuu..huhu. Well,mimie wif danial..ayish ngan razif..segedik alam..aidie ngan Doreen Lau (cmnela bley tersangkut ngan mata sepet aidie oii) wif sumbody frm ampang,al ngan guy frm singapore (i heard a keyboard player)..xlpe tirah ngan ali (nme xnk ol skool plak kan fazli).hahah..cken and her tutttt..hahahha..ohhh,feyy ngan dany bongek (susa nk mara lme2) ..martha ngan hughes..dewi ngan sik tauk sapa..oppsss...i just blurt a sarawak n smbody in sabah..whoa..but m happy to see them least seeing ppl smile make me wanna cheer my heart..happy2!!jovial2!!paling penting is gay! =)

I'm Sick Wen Ppl Check Me Out

Weird things happen..gez my lappy dah meroyan..1st my messenger sign in in 2 wher on earth is dat!!hmm and now my yahoo messenger had been sign out because i was sign in in other computer,mmm..weird isnt it, was it me or i juz had a dubious moment here..arghhhh,but there's a bigger issue here!i hate fb!i reli rimas!!!noe wat,xphm ke i dun wanna chat,talk or messaging wif u..i wanna be alone..m sick of pick up line,,if u were to hitting on me..oh please,i dun dwell tos thing..( i juz love my vammpy!!!!he's my only sugar spice and everything nice!)m a happy go lucky person!i like talking,writing..yes i love writing!and m spending my time here cursing u..uhhh..plez la..i've been pretending d line were sucks..jeez..dats a sin already..but i reli hate to say this "please go away"..dun check me out..never check me out..okay!i dun want ppl to get to know me..i dun want okay!i hate wen ppl say m nice!i hate wen ppl say m not dat bad..please i wanna be bad..i dun want ppl to get near me..i have my girls..i have my bestie..please stranger,i just wanna be alone..dun wanna listen to questions..wht do u like to do?what do u wanna hear? cuz i like to do nothing and i'd like to hear nothing!so please..please..ryte now m bored,i just wanna laugh not listenin like dork for stupid lame questions..i reli dun give A SHIT ON LAME THING..dats all..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i wanna scream hell loud!!and please..before i block u in my fb,damn juz go,ske hati ko la nk jdik persistent ke i care..i don't like u,not even an atom big i like u..not even an ounce in my cells say yes..i love vammpy and i'm gonna love him like forever!!!juz him..*real words frm me
Finally the creeps 5 hour is over!but another comin this thurs,my limbs live in fear~anyway nothing much dat i can rate highly torched on my head today..yeah my soul sister is back,funny things i gez she gotta live without pants for few days..ohhh nooo,holiday comin soon!m totally havin bad notion on this..yes aisya u need to start doin d right thing okay!!*how spooky givin ursev motivations..(mataku gatal!!) been dealin wif eye glow since mornin..darn~
btw!!i love diz song~sound salubrious yet meaningful~d guitar was super fine make me high(warning!!diz is metal song)huhu.."I adore and preach the insanity you gave to me..Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak.." totally like diz,,i dunno dat metal song hav d beautiful one..once u heard very addictive..