Thursday, May 6, 2010

its a what????damn!

Holiday was suppose to infer a chill days,but d definition is kindda corrupted officially,gone like lil germs after antibacterial hit!this isn’t easy~I have too much rebellious thing in my head,it starts to do picketing on my frontal lobe,make my intelligence failed to pause thinking!how fantastic diz god creation,d problems dat multiply like yeasts and parameciums…really urge my soul to stay crippled for couple of days,,sorry to d world I live in,cuz sometimes I give up staying ther,,my choice is,going away for couple of days,no network,no talking,no nothing..just mourn..trying to be me,just the way I was suppose to be~arrogant,fussy,I’m proud being what I was,tho sumtimes ppl wil think m such egomaniac,I dun care rather than being normal n look vulnerable..dats soooo auchhh I guess!stormy day wil never be over I knew it,,sometime I just have the strength to counter this damn feeling,end up being absurd~shall I laugh now or later,I never gonna probs down 3 more to go..see?how a probs can drag me into hell,what m I suppose to do with 4?wen I need sumone to talk to..yeah,,I always called outside human being “office hour” I gez..or wen others dun reli wanna bother..-sigh-..make it double and long!

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