Saturday, May 30, 2009

Delay my post~gonna be busy soon

Those stories dat I never joke with,,(alamak..starting kindda menyeramkan with those romantic stuff)..Let’s move on to the points that I wanna tell today..The friends of jovial..wakakaka.This short sem had been a lil bit frenzy lately. So much to be express..Most of it really freakin lame n sounds odd to the normality society.(exaggerating y terlampau)
First of all,let e recap a few tagline that cause me to cry tears of mirth. ZAITON… someone named z smthg2 really made me laugh like hell. What a name he gave me tho~
My sports event also had been freeze for a while regarding to my intuition of being dormant seketika..But i still wanna week gonna be a super duper cooper busy week..assigments n project n my proposal..whew..
By the way..i might delay my post cuz kindda desperate for ideas to write stuff..

Not So Hot Babes of the week

Let me tell u the recent activities of this house of disaster. My hot babes pick up of the week is coming right away. (don’t blame me for the next words coming).Okay..let’s just go one by one..I think I wanna narrowed my theme today into a short simple word…

Profile Thriller Summary

She’s a year older than me. The along in the house of disaster. She’s the biggest (shud I define the word big??huhu). She’s now probably finishing her meals outside .

She once won the Miss Malas ever in early 2008. Then she moved to new apartment in early 2009 and again she snatch the crown tiltle for the 2nd time. She develop her new strategy in basketball by..balingan jarak dekat 5 cm..her formula had been ban by certain expertise in basketball petang2 field. However she managed to maintain her performance in basket with keganasan after her idea derived by miss cun like gilak 2009(me)..she had been involved in certain crime and deserve punishment. However,the press had confirmed dat she just runaway from dietetic academy…anyone with her contact please inform the nearest diet house officer. She’s dangerous and might kill an ant..


Tim had been my area under discussion of bully for this recent week. She had done a very heavy fault ever. She hide n take hostage of my Tammy (so I had to bahan her for the entire week…sooo cool). She was so malang as ckin,aleng n mie as well confronting her. My teddy is in trauma rite now because of the barbaric event. Now, it has been put in da ward of trauma therapy.


She had been overindulged the usage of Japanese word recently(obviously toward me).Tim had been cursing ‘BAKA SHINNEI” for more than 7 times per day..This number of curse had increase significantly as our class move to the next subtopic…(obaasan~sebut panjang). My family..


She dengan sengajanya hit my left leg in ebx class. To be precise during Dr Rusli class. With no point of argument. It has caused my leg to ache a few sec and it disturb my concentration of writing new songs in the class. (alamak..i just reveal my secret)~but it such a boring class n no notes required..(cover..)

How do you sleep

Tidal Quiver~originally written by me

When word turn to quiver

Lets the ocean unfurl the tidal quiver

Wide yet some lexicon

Frosty eyes fall behind

Crying no-consent flakes

Love converge in lies

When insults swaddle the mirth all certainty cradle in grievance

May if sorrow flutters wraith

The intrigue march out

So that,

When the sparks vanished

Will pain no more linger


A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant living in Sweden has cracked a maths puzzle that has stumped experts for more than 300 years, Swedish media reported on Thursday.

In just four months, Mohamed Altoumaimi has found a formula to explain and simplify the so-called Bernoulli numbers, a sequence of calculations named after the 17th century Swiss mathematician Jacob Bernoulli, the Dagens Nyheter daily said.Altoumaimi, who came to Sweden six years ago, said teachers at his high school in Falun, central Sweden were not convinced about his work at first.

"When I first showed it to my teachers, none of them thought the formula I had written down really worked," Altoumaimi told the Falu Kuriren newspaper.

He then got in touch with professors at Uppsala University, one of Sweden's top institutions, to ask them to check his work.

After going through his notebooks, the professors found his work was indeed correct and offered him a place in Uppsala.But for now, Altoumaimi is focusing on his school studies and plans to take summer classes in advanced mathematics and physics this year.

"I wanted to be a researcher in physics or mathematics; I really like those subjects. But I have to improve in English and social sciences," he told the Falu Kuriren.

dave days...

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sturdy day

It’s quite a sturdy day when it come to deal with homosapien with absolutely having zero intelligent (forgive me for this). I’m quite stunned when suddenly, after I just having my fantastic long and relaxing shower texts coming into my inbox. Since I decided to isolate myself from the society that day so stupidly I put it in the silent mode. But then, the superb vibration caused me to open my inbox n holy cow thers quite plenty of text from my colleague! “urgent meeting,,in cafeteria”~of course I almost wearing my pajama running here n there n everything turned into a mess..( meeting)

As usual a mouth which can’t stop cursing, but what exactly happen because the freakin meeting shud be at 8th of June. I started to blame those hags downther. Reluctantly I ran with complete shameless misery.(dun even commit to memory what clothes I put on)..urgggggghhh,,what did I saw then was smthg that I don’t wanna point out in this life. The rival n foe of my existence. The raison d'ĂȘtre of every single tribulations coming after. I knew ther wud be a tornadoes soon!(cheap creep). We had to handle a forum n guess WHAT???i had all the freaking loaded task writing proposals n and it over on Friday..(wonder if I ever declare myself as a cyborg) the collaboration of our group with him will definitely give a nuisance. Screw him if I have to burn midnights oil just because he past the project to team…I hate this..i hate this..i hate this..(eventho I’m currently in therapy but who cares!!!!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spooky~clone something2

Suddenly, I have hot potatoes dat kindda ready to be sold(literary speaking). I kindda bumped into really a ghost-bumps ..The story line a lil bit messy but then I try ma best to expose my very disaster day where I met my alien clone..wakakaka..

Seriously, it may sound like I had knocked onto something stiff n I got brain damage eventually but this is serious. He’s being my temporary rival officially. We had a very unhealthy competiton. Bad calculation of score board which enough to put us into maniac loony frenzy person ever.

The most eerie thing is we had toooooo much coincident. He’s a peniru..wakakakaka..sultan yang perasan..and most of bad stuff I love to oppose. I just cant accept the fact that he loves kinder bueno and dunkin… I living in clonehedge world or what?????????? And even more..he play basketball as well. We both are totally frequent disaster.Aduhai…just can’t stop laughing n wondering…damage2..

This can't be happening!

This can’t be happening!!oh noooo…I have a big massive superb grudge wrath noe what 1st I hate to say this but all this short sem that I thought might turn into cool n happy holiday learning had turn into complete bad day.Its really sick be precise in EBX class. lord forgive me today for being such inappropriate girl in the world ever~(I can tell by the prologue)
What exactly ruin my mood today (I have no thyroid!!) ..thats not it..the bane of my existanc ebeing my leader.Oh dats such an insanity n crude! Who choose that dumb jock by the way..He such a dork. I hate him and he cant rule me. He deserve no power. Otherwise, he’ll be over my head..i JUST hate it tho~idiots..
That particular mood had been carried away till the end of the class which initiated n triggered by Augustine stupid gang…I HATE u people..u ruin my day..What was wrong me talking in English. I’M TOTALLY not talking to you creep freak dork people. I’m talking to my friends okay. You people are such a big fat looser with CAPITAL L..I hate to do this but they started it. I have no choice than plugging my ears with those earphones. Go to H%$# just nuisance inthis world. Again my mouth wanted to talk in English so what’s wrong with that? Freaking F somethin2..Urghhhh..
I mumble from the CTF2 till I step into my house. A very hot day with a dumb goofy lame jokes that’s not even worth it!!!

In conjunction with~

In conjunction wif laila hidayah post,,’s really droopin n tiring me today. We spent few hours hang out at the boulevard (buy few stuff)the few stuff is really not just a few..its 2 trolley altogether for god sake. Mimie had been complete maniac today. She kept repeating her insane innocent joke. (god how she did that) n of course the most inevitable victim of the day..Timoon (a.k.a Fatimah,tim,timoo,fatimoon…etc yada yada)
Everybody kept telling her to lose weight while I dun think she’s not that BIG..but a lil bit big..i guess still big..but then the current issue that happen a few days ago can’t be eliminate just like that. Tim had set a case! She stole my Tammy (caused me gone frenzy half an hour looking for something to hug at nite) She still has a debt with me. Prepare for to face the music Tim.
Aleng by the way being so careless with those eggs. I can’t take it anymore. Aleng need to go for eggs care lesson..
We’ll be goin out again tonite for some fun..(not really good for my health tho)Alaaa..just a few km away je…ngee…tim gonna pay..n not forgotten mimie as well for pointing me to PINK thingy since last nite..