Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not So Hot Babes of the week

Let me tell u the recent activities of this house of disaster. My hot babes pick up of the week is coming right away. (don’t blame me for the next words coming).Okay..let’s just go one by one..I think I wanna narrowed my theme today into a short simple word…

Profile Thriller Summary

She’s a year older than me. The along in the house of disaster. She’s the biggest (shud I define the word big??huhu). She’s now probably finishing her meals outside .

She once won the Miss Malas ever in early 2008. Then she moved to new apartment in early 2009 and again she snatch the crown tiltle for the 2nd time. She develop her new strategy in basketball by..balingan jarak dekat 5 cm..her formula had been ban by certain expertise in basketball petang2 field. However she managed to maintain her performance in basket with keganasan after her idea derived by miss cun like gilak 2009(me)..she had been involved in certain crime and deserve punishment. However,the press had confirmed dat she just runaway from dietetic academy…anyone with her contact please inform the nearest diet house officer. She’s dangerous and might kill an ant..


Tim had been my area under discussion of bully for this recent week. She had done a very heavy fault ever. She hide n take hostage of my Tammy (so I had to bahan her for the entire week…sooo cool). She was so malang as ckin,aleng n mie as well confronting her. My teddy is in trauma rite now because of the barbaric event. Now, it has been put in da ward of trauma therapy.


She had been overindulged the usage of Japanese word recently(obviously toward me).Tim had been cursing ‘BAKA SHINNEI” for more than 7 times per day..This number of curse had increase significantly as our class move to the next subtopic…(obaasan~sebut panjang). My family..


She dengan sengajanya hit my left leg in ebx class. To be precise during Dr Rusli class. With no point of argument. It has caused my leg to ache a few sec and it disturb my concentration of writing new songs in the class. (alamak..i just reveal my secret)~but it such a boring class n no notes required..(cover..)

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