Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sturdy day

It’s quite a sturdy day when it come to deal with homosapien with absolutely having zero intelligent (forgive me for this). I’m quite stunned when suddenly, after I just having my fantastic long and relaxing shower texts coming into my inbox. Since I decided to isolate myself from the society that day so stupidly I put it in the silent mode. But then, the superb vibration caused me to open my inbox n holy cow thers quite plenty of text from my colleague! “urgent meeting,,in cafeteria”~of course I almost wearing my pajama running here n there n everything turned into a mess..( meeting)

As usual a mouth which can’t stop cursing, but what exactly happen because the freakin meeting shud be at 8th of June. I started to blame those hags downther. Reluctantly I ran with complete shameless misery.(dun even commit to memory what clothes I put on)..urgggggghhh,,what did I saw then was smthg that I don’t wanna point out in this life. The rival n foe of my existence. The raison d'être of every single tribulations coming after. I knew ther wud be a tornadoes soon!(cheap creep). We had to handle a forum n guess WHAT???i had all the freaking loaded task writing proposals n and it over on Friday..(wonder if I ever declare myself as a cyborg) the collaboration of our group with him will definitely give a nuisance. Screw him if I have to burn midnights oil just because he past the project to team…I hate this..i hate this..i hate this..(eventho I’m currently in therapy but who cares!!!!)

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