Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This can't be happening!

This can’t be happening!!oh noooo…I have a big massive superb grudge wrath today..you noe what 1st I hate to say this but all this short sem that I thought might turn into cool n happy holiday learning had turn into complete bad day.Its really sick today..to be precise in EBX class. Urghhhhhh..my lord forgive me today for being such inappropriate girl in the world ever~(I can tell by the prologue)
What exactly ruin my mood today (I have no thyroid!!) ..thats not it..the bane of my existanc ebeing my leader.Oh dats such an insanity n crude! Who choose that dumb jock by the way..He such a dork. I hate him and he cant rule me. He deserve no power. Otherwise, he’ll be over my head..i JUST hate it tho~idiots..
That particular mood had been carried away till the end of the class which initiated n triggered by Augustine stupid gang…I HATE u people..u ruin my day..What was wrong me talking in English. I’M TOTALLY not talking to you creep freak dork people. I’m talking to my friends okay. You people are such a big fat looser with CAPITAL L..I hate to do this but they started it. I have no choice than plugging my ears with those earphones. Go to H%$# people..you just nuisance inthis world. Again my mouth wanted to talk in English so what’s wrong with that? Freaking F somethin2..Urghhhh..
I mumble from the CTF2 till I step into my house. A very hot day with a dumb goofy lame jokes that’s not even worth it!!!

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prissy triumph said...

i cant understand how the font suddenly change