Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In conjunction with~

In conjunction wif laila hidayah post,,lol..it’s really droopin n tiring me today. We spent few hours hang out at the boulevard (buy few stuff)the few stuff is really not just a few..its 2 trolley altogether for god sake. Mimie had been complete maniac today. She kept repeating her insane innocent joke. (god how she did that) n of course the most inevitable victim of the day..Timoon (a.k.a Fatimah,tim,timoo,fatimoon…etc yada yada)
Everybody kept telling her to lose weight while I dun think she’s not that BIG..but a lil bit big..i guess still big..but then the current issue that happen a few days ago can’t be eliminate just like that. Tim had set a case! She stole my Tammy (caused me gone frenzy half an hour looking for something to hug at nite) She still has a debt with me. Prepare for to face the music Tim.
Aleng by the way being so careless with those eggs. I can’t take it anymore. Aleng need to go for eggs care lesson..
We’ll be goin out again tonite for some fun..(not really good for my health tho)Alaaa..just a few km away je…ngee…tim gonna pay..n not forgotten mimie as well for pointing me to PINK thingy since last nite..

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