Friday, April 23, 2010

Gramps~ :(

shawty is a eenie meenie mainie moo lover..lalala..
ethnic relation (checked~can burn d notes already) ese (checked!-no more drama thingy),,now gotta screw my time on biz and com n ben!!!arghhh..diz thing really kills me,how much i hate exam is how much i hate everything dat i hate in d world..(mushrooms n mayo)hmmm my gramps is sickly ill...its just damn stressing me..m scared,afraid of d history will be repeated again..:((

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Latest Playlist

Current Playlist

Life After You-Daughtry
Hey Soul Sister-Train
Young Forever-Jay Z ft Mr Hudson
Your Love is My Drug-Kesha
Vanilla Twilight-Owl City
Eenie Meenie-Shawn Kingston ft Justin Bieber
Last Night-The Strokes
Baby-Justin Bieber ft Lucadris
Forever In My Life-Jojo
Nothing On You-B.O.B
Loosing Control-Timbaland ft Jojo
Break Your Heart-Tio Cruz ft Lucadris
I made It-Kevin Rudolf
Glory Of Love-Peter Catera

Guitar+Carry Mark=I'm Gay

Yahoooooo!!!i got 55/60 for my intro to biz!!!gosh score final and definitely A!!!work hard Aisya,,neway for last few hour i was doin my writing in my journal diary *d one dat ppl gatal2 nk creep their hands on it..i have 30 friend req in my facebook which i did not approve~duhhh..i dun even noe em tho..98% boys..darn,i dun hav public facebook so dun add me if u dunno me assholes!!kay so much for d dirty intro....and such a shock to get into dr khairil room a garbage world..regretting for not snappin any pitcha!it was obviously full of germs..wif his papers,students assignmnts..i was steppin on his dettol spray bottle..hahha..even told him thers a penny on d floor..30 cent!!i felt like chasin him outta room and get a vacuum and start put ol tos garbage!!!!its sooooo not hygienic..
And i was impresed by justin bieber song-baby!!hahah..he did sing dat song~i tot he did not layan such song..*he refers to uncle bawang..his guitar really good (toink..toink..pushing finger to my forehead)..hahaha..and one more thing is dat he sounds lyke sabahan tho..maybe he's tongue got this borneo accent too much sumhow..but i do like d songs..since i love songs,,but i reli love d one played by guitar~*thinking of suggestin him to sing life after you-daughtry cuz m damn obsessed wif dat best!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Its a fine day~i started wif such creepy spirit!overloaded of jovial microbes in my vein!!as predicted!i can die of heart and kidney failure!!!!!!damn~as usual,i dun curse,,i was damn late~~and my effort for 3 days of mutilated fingers..burn like ashes in ardent flame!haaaa... i cried for an hour..cuz wen u start to cry everything dat wasnt related will come eventually tho..the main point is my handwriting notes..i was suppose to show it to my lovely, of my heart..anything wanna add??huh...syezly my fingers went red and i didnt have my lunch, i ignored fon calls and text messeges..which i replied once on dat pakcik text..oh wait no..khad's as well..i wanna cry for
1. Handwriting notes..i was so satire and tired working on it..
2. I missed 4 quiz dat carry 1 mark each so 4 mark lost for my tape worm brain
3. My research Method carry mark does not fulfill my target
4. I didnt cover Com n Ben subject which mean nothing on my brain
5. I have mahasiswa meeting
6. I'm scared
7. I hate exams

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lady Gugu Gang

Padini's~me and irene goin lunatic

Debbie and d easter thingy..

Seafood was great~tummy filled wif no more space is greater

Monday towards Tuesday

Yeay Monday, d tiring starts of d week~try to delineate how my needs discrepancy error affect my study mood..ahahaha..easy,i feel like i want to i will i f i dun i wont,,simple theory..i juz dun feel like studying now..hehe..crude ain't it? lolypop tinggal 1 left..watermelon flava..ngeee..whats happening to me is..
1. i'm watching House
2.I eat lolypops eyes itchy
4.its boring here
Hang on for a moment try to upload some pic frm claz thingy~now only it worked..haiya..anyway,m gonna make some hawt drink now as a sign that m sleepy..but i dun wanna sleep i hav notes to get rid of..n one thing act suppose to make me pissed but my happy state make me eradicate tos paranoid adrenaline activity somewhere in here (pointing at my skull) huhu..i gave my classmate to see my assignmnet,,in a sense that it can be used as a reference but he copied my work!i hav to redo mine..kinda pissed,but m tooo lazy to argue..and it happens all the tme wen ppl always sack off my idea..poor me..juz another day to live with..3 word that i bet he copied blindly is belligerent,convulsive and vehemence !!u gonna be dead if miss ask u what does it mean cuz u're not d one who wrote it asshole..hahaha..of course miss can shed who copy english is..hmmm~ppl can tell...(sounds poyo a bit)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Holiday Starts

Saturday is wher d weekend starts for me its time for long drama series addiction..i'm obsess wif House..last nyte was an obvious lunatic scene..yeah,saturday is the starts of holiday wif bunch of stuff in d pocket..and yes again laz nyte i was snuggling on bed wif tammy, in a pink top and end up having episodic backache..d show was really great,haven't even finish season 5~juz realize dat facebooking is damn boring dats how my interest rate escalation to say..flunk maybe~(keep on typing and now groping for some lolypop in d box).*apple flava*.the thing is my gaiety level is in stable need ECG to check on my heart rate,it has been normal again..hehehe..lucky today i didnt bumped into debbie jaraa..she's all over XOXO..huhu..m havin great fun wif no misery,trying to cope wif everything..m gonna hit d exams soon,m worrying things on my studies more !! its such a pain in d ass if i cudnt make it to dean list,its easy..i make it double worst..for?..nothing..haha..just can't wait to get into d flight back to my hometown,,juz wish m still that mecky girl,raise my hand everytime Dr Emran throw questions..uhm,why i gave up my engineering?i was totally a subconscious teenager with 97% consternation for every 5 hours..I gave up physiotherapy and pharmacy juz because m a completely coward idiotic bipolar drowning in theory..its not dat bad,,i had here i am,,at least no more test tube and bunsen burner..hahaha..completely stabilizing and i noe what m i suppose to be,,i had envisage it~m happy afterall..i really wanna go to Sharing Planet.Com again!!!it's d best place ever!! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Best Day Ever!!Congratz tanpamu song

hellow~~yesterday was d best eve and d best dinner ever!!!no complain for my supreme de vellail..d turkey ham was absolutely fantastic wif cheese layer~damn i wish i cud have more but too bad yesterday i was freakin full wif cakes some more..ngee (chocs cake precisely)..yesterday was d best day as i get into diz cool cascada ride!khad smpai terguling2..u guys shud try dinner at sharing cool place,beautiful and classic was indeed small but iced peach tea was soooo awesome!!d scent and d taste really good, i can assure 101% diz place is heaven of western foods..d only place i never regret to step my feet in..suddenly i forgot my flu dat still crouching in my nostril..and before i go towards d end it was d best nite and happy birthday to connie and dewi..GBU (god bless u)..and congratz to a singer and his song cuz he made it to d top of d audition..congratz to "TANPAMU" song..i heard it's nice and d guitar really shakes ur heartbeat!esp for a guitar maniac like me--well!juz congratz and thumbs up..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it hurts me..make it stop!!!!!!!!!!

why i cannot stop crying~why?why?why?what is so hard to tell ur heart to stop loving someone that u love..its not my fault dat i dun trust my friend..he juz dun understand how i suffer wen i friends betray matter how close u're der still boundaries..i hav my own reason dat i shudnt tell u..u judge me on d surface, u dun see me on who i am..for real..who i am..u make me suffer till i dunno myself anymore..woke up everyday at 3 checkng inbox wif empty no new messeges..i try very hard to forget everything..i try very hard not to think d best thing of having u...i try..who said i did not try?who said i'm dat bad?i try very hard not to love u...i did try..i put everything hurtful before me so dat i ate u..but i cant...and i keep scolding myself for being foolish..staying to love someone who does not love u..i owez diz way..i nver get love..i will never and i think i shud try to stop hurts...d churn tears dun wanna stop..why me????why me???what did i do in past life till i get this bad thing..its not dat i dun trust anyone but dey did really bad on me...i dun wanna tell u what dey did..but u really judge me on surface...why i love u??????????????????????????i dun hurts...........i dunn wanna!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You noe i love u, you noe i care, shout whenever and i'll be there,u're my love u're my heart..
hey!his luck is d best thing ever~i wish i got one,i wish time can rewind and i am not dat bloody idiot who speaks loud for nonsense but a breakin heart word..above of all my feel is nothing other than real..we sew d memory , i have nothing left rather than d frames dat full of our story,makes it difference wif no pictures but promises..beautiful,bitter and everything crammed inside~i just can listen to words,staring on texts...dats all i can do wen diz feeling start to stab me without mercy~ a scene to another,i always believe of differences..believe of it specials..what make it carved very hard,what make it stay longer in my heart..i see things ppl cannot see..i listen by invisible heartbeat~fear of d existence fear for resistance..cuz i really dun have no name spelled right here (pointing into d chest)..if d line we step on tell us dat this is d way it should be,i obey~second chance is what i need, i'll prove it nothing else matter,not even a single living thing matter den having my life wif diz guy who named by soul,who steal whatever i had and whole..d only thing i ever think it best and worth having it,,tried so many time to make it away,but shall i never try cuz it juz a despair..diz heartbeat is for him..diz midnight tears is for him..diz painful mourn is killing me..juz how eager my feels to fly free to d person it should be..i love u more than u deep can u reach in abyss..cuz nothing lies i shall spell..nothing worth i shud declare...i love u

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bitter Monday I Had

Life is the piece of thing we live on..bittersweet,everything revolves like asteroids circling d orbit~hmmm..we are what we are,wen really d moon crashing mars..ther's really a big deal about it,but if we were to have to face d fierce dragon in diz life juz bare cuz we are apart of i promised to myself no cursing,finally did it!not because somebody told me to but because i discovered it myself how it offense human living (crap hurt words) sometimes we juz dun realize dat we're giving to much till ppl around us took for granted,and sometimes u juz hope things u wish become true, the fact that it will never always make u carried away wif dreams wif no horizon..or i'm not sure whether d vertical exist..wen u're working really hard to gain trust, really hard not to make a tears drop,its juz a vague things we live on..leads to confusions n make u suffer of creepy hallucination..sometimes u beg time,mentally to make it stop..if we cud ever paused pain and hurt,i juz noe i get a life for free and shall not complaining,,cuz d me of d past is not the me now~life is a mean film without sound~cuz i juz wanna say a few lines
Good job if u were to make me hurts, u made it!thumbs up,it does hurts sooo much
If u wanna make me cry, congratz!!cuz i have more tears dripping down now

proudly saying that i was being abandoned badly and hurts like tons of time without complaining a word~diz story never taught me anything rather than tears for a something nothing,,i wish it was real, d love and everything,but i get it now~~i was juz no one..not even someone,,shame d life i live on, shame to d pride i had, congratz for being a good lady liberty statue~i was charming wen i was a muppet puppet..shall complain no more, cuz i think i get it now,ppl love to took for granted,,never mind the past i hav tommorow to live with..hmmm -sigh- what a day..MONDAY,5TH APRIL 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Re-cast d drama+I MISS HIM

whatta curse-able drama~i shuffle d play, i went frm a very polite girl into sarcastic devil~replacing beb and we're having re-cast,,lucky my fever is in so and so mood(quoted frm grissie hugs and tears) yeah d only girl who cares.. :)..okay back to d drama thingy,uhm i played quite good d devil part (duhhhh who's writing script anyway) and replacing alan is khad..naimah will be playing my former character~rebecca gun..wuuu,lets see how she do it,,the best part is ABU!!!previously played by hanafi~with his fame line "indeed my fault mdm" and jordan will be played by mr alex~he juz got the lines diz morning wen i text him to replace my gedik haughton eddie..stepmom maintain---fatimah..ngee..i noe we can do better w/o relying on d script on hands,we can!tho my health condition wasn't that good but im gonna give a best shot!--ther goes d spirit of flu girl--tonyte goin out for pinky's birthday,,but i shall see my state 1st,if sudenly fever went lunatic i can't join..besides,these pretty classmates of employment law had sacked my monday nite with compiling d assignment..hmmm..i think i need to see d doctor tho~i dun wanna stuck on bed while everyone out for fun or even worst final exam!!!!!i need to study and gosh no mind maps at all~this sem really sucks,more than last sem..and clearly last sem was my faults for being such idiots playing tic tac toe to my own life..diz sem is busy enough to make me slept like 2 hours per day unless wen m sick!!!m loosing BLOOD AGAIN!!!dats d point~what the hell is wrong wif this body???????i dunno~btw, i really2 appreciate if dat someone text me since his fon went gle after fell frm 1st floor wen he ran to get his assignment submitted on d dot..i want him to noe how much i miss him like crazy!--i noe he dun even bother--i dun mind if he left d text anywhere possible..cuz m dying of diz frenzy miss thing!! trust me ryte now my eyes got this bloody painful moment n it keeps draining sum salty liquid which we called TEARS..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Me and My Heart We Got Issue

Special recognition to my mirror brain for being such understanding on non verbal emotional connection, i was barely asleep for the past 3 hours and keep on coughing n of course my flu killing me like a cancer~will be focusing on final soon and diz fever,hmmm..sorry to say books u're at rank 2 in my abandon list..i was trying very hard to omit d blot out part today which apparently become more perplexing..jeez, i hate staying on d ground where i hav absurd options and bolshy complex..m really working out to get rid of my subnormality on certain issue..not wanting to mention what the issues are, (are --sounds lots to me)..
However thanx alot to hot lime tea that save my ass,i was enjoying 2 hours of little sinus,now m feeling a bit better than yesterday, i hav to leave debate which happn to hav amusing motion!but still i feel like taking off my shirts..opsss..nope,my was pinky's birthday as well, m havin hard time diggin for her phone number which happen to be lost somewhere in my phonebook,,and ryte now if someone i waited text me, it will be appreciated..keep on waiting..i love u..i miss u more than u noe..this feeling kills me!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Benci my NOSE

Row..row..row ya boat~damn diz flu..terase mucus nk drain out like a firemen fever somemore--mmg ak seorg y degil!!d fact is,m tooo lazy to layan diz idiot sickness!!but it does ake me shaken a bit..malas taw x!!!i hate u nose~(tp kalo xde nose,oxygen xley msuk!!)..head~plez digest things on its charts,,m not gonna make it to stand till 12 tonyte,,-sigh-my nose..huaaaaa :( totally absurd..and i dun wanna go to d clinic!it makes me sicker..more lunatic,my body system got paranormal activity inside it, n of course,,dun wanna timbang berat~~m gonna make diz flu as a ventilation topic..haih..wats goin on with me i dunno~xsmpai 2 weeks hilang blood again!want my blood?take it..nah!take it!m sick being sick..i dun care i wake up tmrow and collapse..i dun care anymore..i dun care if i have to stay in hospital bed for days..i dun care if doc wanna drip me..with 10 pack of dat thing..i dun care!