Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Holiday Starts

Saturday is wher d weekend starts for me its time for long drama series addiction..i'm obsess wif House..last nyte was an obvious lunatic scene..yeah,saturday is the starts of holiday wif bunch of stuff in d pocket..and yes again laz nyte i was snuggling on bed wif tammy, in a pink top and end up having episodic backache..d show was really great,haven't even finish season 5~juz realize dat facebooking is damn boring dats how my interest rate escalation to say..flunk maybe~(keep on typing and now groping for some lolypop in d box).*apple flava*.the thing is my gaiety level is in stable need ECG to check on my heart rate,it has been normal again..hehehe..lucky today i didnt bumped into debbie jaraa..she's all over XOXO..huhu..m havin great fun wif no misery,trying to cope wif everything..m gonna hit d exams soon,m worrying things on my studies more !! its such a pain in d ass if i cudnt make it to dean list,its easy..i make it double worst..for?..nothing..haha..just can't wait to get into d flight back to my hometown,,juz wish m still that mecky girl,raise my hand everytime Dr Emran throw questions..uhm,why i gave up my engineering?i was totally a subconscious teenager with 97% consternation for every 5 hours..I gave up physiotherapy and pharmacy juz because m a completely coward idiotic bipolar drowning in theory..its not dat bad,,i had here i am,,at least no more test tube and bunsen burner..hahaha..completely stabilizing and i noe what m i suppose to be,,i had envisage it~m happy afterall..i really wanna go to Sharing Planet.Com again!!!it's d best place ever!! :)

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