Monday, April 5, 2010

Bitter Monday I Had

Life is the piece of thing we live on..bittersweet,everything revolves like asteroids circling d orbit~hmmm..we are what we are,wen really d moon crashing mars..ther's really a big deal about it,but if we were to have to face d fierce dragon in diz life juz bare cuz we are apart of i promised to myself no cursing,finally did it!not because somebody told me to but because i discovered it myself how it offense human living (crap hurt words) sometimes we juz dun realize dat we're giving to much till ppl around us took for granted,and sometimes u juz hope things u wish become true, the fact that it will never always make u carried away wif dreams wif no horizon..or i'm not sure whether d vertical exist..wen u're working really hard to gain trust, really hard not to make a tears drop,its juz a vague things we live on..leads to confusions n make u suffer of creepy hallucination..sometimes u beg time,mentally to make it stop..if we cud ever paused pain and hurt,i juz noe i get a life for free and shall not complaining,,cuz d me of d past is not the me now~life is a mean film without sound~cuz i juz wanna say a few lines
Good job if u were to make me hurts, u made it!thumbs up,it does hurts sooo much
If u wanna make me cry, congratz!!cuz i have more tears dripping down now

proudly saying that i was being abandoned badly and hurts like tons of time without complaining a word~diz story never taught me anything rather than tears for a something nothing,,i wish it was real, d love and everything,but i get it now~~i was juz no one..not even someone,,shame d life i live on, shame to d pride i had, congratz for being a good lady liberty statue~i was charming wen i was a muppet puppet..shall complain no more, cuz i think i get it now,ppl love to took for granted,,never mind the past i hav tommorow to live with..hmmm -sigh- what a day..MONDAY,5TH APRIL 2010

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