Sunday, April 4, 2010

Re-cast d drama+I MISS HIM

whatta curse-able drama~i shuffle d play, i went frm a very polite girl into sarcastic devil~replacing beb and we're having re-cast,,lucky my fever is in so and so mood(quoted frm grissie hugs and tears) yeah d only girl who cares.. :)..okay back to d drama thingy,uhm i played quite good d devil part (duhhhh who's writing script anyway) and replacing alan is khad..naimah will be playing my former character~rebecca gun..wuuu,lets see how she do it,,the best part is ABU!!!previously played by hanafi~with his fame line "indeed my fault mdm" and jordan will be played by mr alex~he juz got the lines diz morning wen i text him to replace my gedik haughton eddie..stepmom maintain---fatimah..ngee..i noe we can do better w/o relying on d script on hands,we can!tho my health condition wasn't that good but im gonna give a best shot!--ther goes d spirit of flu girl--tonyte goin out for pinky's birthday,,but i shall see my state 1st,if sudenly fever went lunatic i can't join..besides,these pretty classmates of employment law had sacked my monday nite with compiling d assignment..hmmm..i think i need to see d doctor tho~i dun wanna stuck on bed while everyone out for fun or even worst final exam!!!!!i need to study and gosh no mind maps at all~this sem really sucks,more than last sem..and clearly last sem was my faults for being such idiots playing tic tac toe to my own life..diz sem is busy enough to make me slept like 2 hours per day unless wen m sick!!!m loosing BLOOD AGAIN!!!dats d point~what the hell is wrong wif this body???????i dunno~btw, i really2 appreciate if dat someone text me since his fon went gle after fell frm 1st floor wen he ran to get his assignment submitted on d dot..i want him to noe how much i miss him like crazy!--i noe he dun even bother--i dun mind if he left d text anywhere possible..cuz m dying of diz frenzy miss thing!! trust me ryte now my eyes got this bloody painful moment n it keeps draining sum salty liquid which we called TEARS..

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