Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guitar+Carry Mark=I'm Gay

Yahoooooo!!!i got 55/60 for my intro to biz!!!gosh score final and definitely A!!!work hard Aisya,,neway for last few hour i was doin my writing in my journal diary *d one dat ppl gatal2 nk creep their hands on it..i have 30 friend req in my facebook which i did not approve~duhhh..i dun even noe em tho..98% boys..darn,i dun hav public facebook so dun add me if u dunno me assholes!!kay so much for d dirty intro....and such a shock to get into dr khairil room yesterday..wow..its a garbage world..regretting for not snappin any pitcha!it was obviously full of germs..wif his papers,students assignmnts..i was steppin on his dettol spray bottle..hahha..even told him thers a penny on d floor..30 cent!!i felt like chasin him outta room and get a vacuum and start put ol tos garbage away..man!!!!its sooooo not hygienic..
And i was impresed by justin bieber song-baby!!hahah..he did sing dat song~i tot he did not layan such song..*he refers to uncle bawang..his guitar really good (toink..toink..pushing finger to my forehead)..hahaha..and one more thing is dat he sounds lyke sabahan tho..maybe he's tongue got this borneo accent too much sumhow..but i do like d songs..since i love songs,,but i reli love d one played by guitar~*thinking of suggestin him to sing life after you-daughtry cuz m damn obsessed wif dat song..fhew..gle best!!!!!!

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