Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it hurts me..make it stop!!!!!!!!!!

why i cannot stop crying~why?why?why?what is so hard to tell ur heart to stop loving someone that u love..its not my fault dat i dun trust my friend..he juz dun understand how i suffer wen i friends betray matter how close u're der still boundaries..i hav my own reason dat i shudnt tell u..u judge me on d surface, u dun see me on who i am..for real..who i am..u make me suffer till i dunno myself anymore..woke up everyday at 3 checkng inbox wif empty no new messeges..i try very hard to forget everything..i try very hard not to think d best thing of having u...i try..who said i did not try?who said i'm dat bad?i try very hard not to love u...i did try..i put everything hurtful before me so dat i ate u..but i cant...and i keep scolding myself for being foolish..staying to love someone who does not love u..i owez diz way..i nver get love..i will never and i think i shud try to stop hurts...d churn tears dun wanna stop..why me????why me???what did i do in past life till i get this bad thing..its not dat i dun trust anyone but dey did really bad on me...i dun wanna tell u what dey did..but u really judge me on surface...why i love u??????????????????????????i dun hurts...........i dunn wanna!!!

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