Friday, April 9, 2010

The Best Day Ever!!Congratz tanpamu song

hellow~~yesterday was d best eve and d best dinner ever!!!no complain for my supreme de vellail..d turkey ham was absolutely fantastic wif cheese layer~damn i wish i cud have more but too bad yesterday i was freakin full wif cakes some more..ngee (chocs cake precisely)..yesterday was d best day as i get into diz cool cascada ride!khad smpai terguling2..u guys shud try dinner at sharing cool place,beautiful and classic was indeed small but iced peach tea was soooo awesome!!d scent and d taste really good, i can assure 101% diz place is heaven of western foods..d only place i never regret to step my feet in..suddenly i forgot my flu dat still crouching in my nostril..and before i go towards d end it was d best nite and happy birthday to connie and dewi..GBU (god bless u)..and congratz to a singer and his song cuz he made it to d top of d audition..congratz to "TANPAMU" song..i heard it's nice and d guitar really shakes ur heartbeat!esp for a guitar maniac like me--well!juz congratz and thumbs up..

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