Friday, April 16, 2010


Its a fine day~i started wif such creepy spirit!overloaded of jovial microbes in my vein!!as predicted!i can die of heart and kidney failure!!!!!!damn~as usual,i dun curse,,i was damn late~~and my effort for 3 days of mutilated fingers..burn like ashes in ardent flame!haaaa... i cried for an hour..cuz wen u start to cry everything dat wasnt related will come eventually tho..the main point is my handwriting notes..i was suppose to show it to my lovely, of my heart..anything wanna add??huh...syezly my fingers went red and i didnt have my lunch, i ignored fon calls and text messeges..which i replied once on dat pakcik text..oh wait no..khad's as well..i wanna cry for
1. Handwriting notes..i was so satire and tired working on it..
2. I missed 4 quiz dat carry 1 mark each so 4 mark lost for my tape worm brain
3. My research Method carry mark does not fulfill my target
4. I didnt cover Com n Ben subject which mean nothing on my brain
5. I have mahasiswa meeting
6. I'm scared
7. I hate exams

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