Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You noe i love u, you noe i care, shout whenever and i'll be there,u're my love u're my heart..
hey!his luck is d best thing ever~i wish i got one,i wish time can rewind and i am not dat bloody idiot who speaks loud for nonsense but a breakin heart word..above of all my feel is nothing other than real..we sew d memory , i have nothing left rather than d frames dat full of our story,makes it difference wif no pictures but promises..beautiful,bitter and everything crammed inside~i just can listen to words,staring on texts...dats all i can do wen diz feeling start to stab me without mercy~ a scene to another,i always believe of differences..believe of it specials..what make it carved very hard,what make it stay longer in my heart..i see things ppl cannot see..i listen by invisible heartbeat~fear of d existence fear for resistance..cuz i really dun have no name spelled right here (pointing into d chest)..if d line we step on tell us dat this is d way it should be,i obey~second chance is what i need, i'll prove it nothing else matter,not even a single living thing matter den having my life wif diz guy who named by soul,who steal whatever i had and whole..d only thing i ever think it best and worth having it,,tried so many time to make it away,but shall i never try cuz it juz a despair..diz heartbeat is for him..diz midnight tears is for him..diz painful mourn is killing me..juz how eager my feels to fly free to d person it should be..i love u more than u noe..as deep can u reach in abyss..cuz nothing lies i shall spell..nothing worth i shud declare...i love u

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