Saturday, April 3, 2010

Me and My Heart We Got Issue

Special recognition to my mirror brain for being such understanding on non verbal emotional connection, i was barely asleep for the past 3 hours and keep on coughing n of course my flu killing me like a cancer~will be focusing on final soon and diz fever,hmmm..sorry to say books u're at rank 2 in my abandon list..i was trying very hard to omit d blot out part today which apparently become more perplexing..jeez, i hate staying on d ground where i hav absurd options and bolshy complex..m really working out to get rid of my subnormality on certain issue..not wanting to mention what the issues are, (are --sounds lots to me)..
However thanx alot to hot lime tea that save my ass,i was enjoying 2 hours of little sinus,now m feeling a bit better than yesterday, i hav to leave debate which happn to hav amusing motion!but still i feel like taking off my shirts..opsss..nope,my was pinky's birthday as well, m havin hard time diggin for her phone number which happen to be lost somewhere in my phonebook,,and ryte now if someone i waited text me, it will be appreciated..keep on waiting..i love u..i miss u more than u noe..this feeling kills me!

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