Sunday, February 27, 2011



overtime always happen wen its friday, wednesday, tuesday and anyday..haha..i shud've said everyday. lol. My hair had grown unconditionally since i left my loreal serum at dewi's. Okay, its saturday yesterday. *of course everybody know bout it..duhhh..
Seriously we had a mini errand yesterday. All d gloom busters were on board ready to go for some trip so called we-sing-badly-til-rain. Oh yeah, a nite before we had sum cd making session which i skipped for some kodomo lion dream. I passed out (no-alcohol ok) after got back frm sharing planet (gonna get to diz later). So, i hav no idea what happen, of course sum of em were great in sabotage-ing ME. Here come d saturday, we're off at 6.30..supposedly..sum technical problem (which cannot be stated reasons and excuses of what and why). The journey started with CD (1). Sorry to Dewi for have had to listen to our messy voice composure. It was fun anyway. As much as what i wanted to keep for my memory.

Lunch were at SUSHI KING..awesome,i had to say dat okonomiyaki is d thing dat is refuse-able..damn,,i hadn't been ther for quite sumtime..Now m hungry really. :(. yesterday was awesome..its not just yesterday but d day before yesterday..Its food tour i called it. Since miss vick had us called food lover, no offence we are..and me of course xcept for vege things!otherwise its ON baby!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday kah?

Since m goin to pack at 6 I kindda have 2 more hour to finish my mind map & sum un-finished business. I thought thursday gone so well till i dun wanna be in tmrow. Gosh another bookshelves fell on me. Life is so funny anyway. They gave you exciting feel and turn it to ashes in a split second. Work crushed my neurons and hormones so here we go again, the upside down sleeping table. Cmon there has to be sum values for diz week and d February. February dark clouds still absorbing my luck. As far as I could remember i my goldfish memory, ths week I had tons of report.Oh yeah m a secretary for student council and industrial visit. That was so not awesome. I had my days crippled over sum formatting and formal words. :(

So, I hate whining, it tires me. huhu..lets just listen to
Overboard-Justin bieber Ft Jessica Jarrell
I'm coming home-P Diddy ft Skylar Gray
Valentine-Kina Grannis
Marry You-Bruno Mars
Girls at the Window-Bruno Mars

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dark Clouds vs Love

Ohh it was soo tiring. FYI i crashed my fingers for assignment, burnt my eyeballs for mid-terms, turning deaf for sum rapid motivational speech, mute for direct presentations and i got a vampire hunter stake me badly. I'm not officially dead but this week is so not awesome. It was awful and bad and ugly and nasty. whewww...d dark cloud of all unfortunate curses and spells fell on my head diz week. It was raining quite bad with lil cylone and sum volcano eruptions (if u noe what i mean). In spite of being rational i turned to be more than that, a person wiv no feeling and prick head was born. Thanks to d zillion stakes dat I regarded as big fat humiliation. I repeat, the big fat humiliation and insults. My bad, it was my very first time, insulted before 200 crowd and I felt like a bookshelves just dumped on me. Whoaaa...there goes, I got some shaky esteem for the entire week thinking how cud i be so cool answering such pathetic questions from some pathetic person who being so pathetically ill-minded. I was cool, d fact dat i was not spitting out my nasty vocabs deserve some compliments. Its either, m matured or as a leader i shud just let it go and accept d fact dat nobody's perfect. Probably both. Screw d protocols and everything. I got tired everytime I got mad of smth. But those two kids in dat hall dat day shud feel relieved because I dun turn into vampire and rip their head off instantly. Seriously annoyed by d biggest tragedy in my life. Jeez, they just a new intake students who's not aware of cultural changes. Screw d law faculty, diz is human development faculty, not tug war academy. We behave with ethics, speaks with ethics (tho sumtimes i cross d ethic of speaking), we give ideas diplomatically.

We are livin in a peaceful culture (scrutinize dat kids)..huh
However, m cool wiv it, they can say wat they want, its not affecting me a bit. In fact, they r d one who have to work harder to prove dat they are better den us..gud luck kids, welcome to d psychological no hard feeling, dey shud'vebring management books wiv them and open d leadership chapter. Theories help kids! haha..its funny but its ugly and nasty :)
I just have one luck, wic is mr hunky :) i got sum virtual rose. Ohhh d love of my life ! He did make me forget bout every single unfortunate things in my week. huhuhu..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Place The Order

It had been bleary days back there. I was convicted into work life balance issue. (wish i hv remote cntrol to fast fwrd and rew things). Well no such thing okay. There's a dark side of it dat u nvr noe what it is. So, dun wish for too much magic. I dun wanna be in history book. Saying dat in 2011, a girl was disappeared with mysterious manner. She was nowhere to be found till 2030, archelogist found her tomb which stated dat she died 70 years ago, before her actual birth. What was she? a vampire? dang~

Shall we talk bout othr stuff now? death is d only word dat i wanna avoid till i have my name carved on d CEO door. Every wednesday, i'll treat my staff with choc indulgence and my secretary dun have to pour coffee for me. Basically, m gonna be the nicest person in d office. (but seriously if they messed up i can't tell how horrendous i can be, retrenchment!) Seriously can we talk about food now? Me and my normal imbalance eating hormone. (normal imbalance-was it oxymoron). I love foods but i love western foods more. So sorry that's just me. Its not dat i dun like locals but watch my statement. I love foods but "i love western more". Well, 3 years of me staying in Kuching i have top 5 favorite spot dat i use to get my insanity source.

Here we go:
1. Sharing Planet
Regular Order: Supreme d volail
Drink: Peach Iced Tea
2. Kenny Rogers
Regular Order:Quarter meals (black pepper)-macaroni cheese, fruits, rice
Drink: Tropical Paradise :)
3. Delizze
Regular Order: Chicken Blue smth2
Drink: Guava Juice
4. Secret Recipe
Regular Order: Chicken +Black Pepper+ Rice
Drink: Orange Apricot Slushie
Regular Order: Chicken Chop

That were all my fav fuds. Seriously i nvr changed my menu whenever I went ther. So do wen get into pizza, top 3 will be carbonara, bologonise and beef peperoni. I will never ever getbored wiv d same meals cuz dat one struck my heart. huhu..Once i love d things served before me dat will d same order for 35 more years..hahah..
but i love locals tooo..i love tomyam so d very super much,the best restaurant goes to "de iris". super nice thai foods were served there. Now m starving already.Gotta a bus to catch...library not awesome waitin wiv books and thesis..

Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Own I Appreciate

We're happy because we deserve to be happy. We dun fake our happiness. So here I am summing up my total weeks of happiness. It doesn't mean that wen u feel ur life is not complete u have to be drowned in sorrows. I'm a girl who used to have sometimes epic feeling, so i write it up here in my blog, bout past things dat perhaps can be a lesson to be a better person tmrow. It doesnt mean wen i post smth aweful it will be aweful all d times. Those are just a seconds feeling dat eventually pop out in brain so dat m gonna say in my head "ths is my life, i noe m not messing wiv it". I'm just feeling good. I worked hard on it and m not afraid of showing off my felicity. (such a decent thinker). Life is like a wheel, everyone noe bout just ride thru it. I'm sure things happen for reasons. Like why the hell d kerb at resource room front door rip my toe. I nvr like perfections, what come to me broken, m gonna try to stitch it and put it in d best place in my life.

Its not wrong either to have thought on perfection but everything come with price. Trust me, human will took for granted for it. That is why, I'm not whining ;) Somebody thought me well and i respect him for ths (atok hunky). I bet he didn't adore u!! frvr!

So, why wud u care bout owning and earning stuff dats not even shake a cell in my body system..pfftt..stay believin in myth u'll die of hallucination. Really i dun care bout attending a party with a funeral mood. Those who always look down on ppl will owez live life in guilts. Those who had ever bring a great pain to another can never escape fears of own-self. In diz world I totally avoid 3 types of ppl
1. one who took away ppl's exhilaration moments who took for granted
3. one who think life is too easy
Seriously, dun underestimate ppl cuz u're not good to be on dat sit to judge. What i own i appreciate. Heart aint brain forever in my life :) (i can get myself killed by posting ths) d one who called me hunky perky.


The price of being honest and loyal can come into three forms, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm not doing philosophy here. Above all three i picked "the good". Maybe because u wait patiently and get thru ovr sum silly thoughts so best part crawl back to u. So y the hell i'm into diz topic? oh yes, employee retention and "the anythng else". I was on a 10 pages self reflection papers which i dunno what did i typed on d microsoft word. (that's not d point!) okay, I had to look for 5 policies dat i wished my future organization will be having for their employees. Frankly, I'm not really into diz worklife balance policies. I dun have imagination of me having 5 kids and rushing over here and ther for them. What kind of brainstorming was dat?? Since I was so desperate to poke out ideas frm my brilliant lil neurons, i had to envisage such things. (ths is wat happen to a bachelor who got a write-up papers). Trust me, thinking is hard!
Here came d idea, like so old fashioned one..child& elder care center, flex hours,wellness at work and job sharing. What m i doin talking bout my papers in my blog??(ths is totally a peak of insanity). Yeah, think about it, wen u're a mother, as a primary caregiver u have like 10000 discrepancy hours btwn ur work and family, i dunno if that was enav. Plus, wen u're d sandwich generation dat wud be aweful cuz u have elders to be taken care off. i personally fel bad if i weren't be able to make it home wen my parents called me.

The rational of these policies is to give ppl integration btwn life and work. There is no 50% work and 50% family. Its just how u deal with it. You still can have time for love one while u're at work. How's dat...?let this future HR girl change the future for u!huhu..I'd love to if my future cmpny wud be like google, u have free meals, kids centres in d building, games and free gym membership..:) so m gonna be more loyal to d company, i'll work hard so dat my performance burst like a grenade!hahah..

Finally, i miss "atok hunky"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautifully defined. Are you tht pretty?

Why do i have to post smth pathetic???okay..obviously, m young, partially cute (bluek,its a joke),happy :) haha. Mr heart ain't brain reli make me happy :) like wen u wake up u dun wanna stop smiling. Oh my, intoxicant again!

I was watchin korean drama and i learned smth. It was awesome wen ppl said u're beautiful. Trust me i disregard wen ppl tell me i'm a pretty thing. Something do u define it?
It is rather subjective, so my definition of pretty is wen someone can be real sincere saying something. Not because dey wanted to console bout stuff. Someone beautiful for me is someone who doesn't or never deceive othrs. She dun have to look innocent and cute. She who was never a bitch and make friends with deepest honesty. Something beautiful that I feel its true wen she is willing to share her point of view with no hesitation. Yeah, wen u're beautiful to me, i can see it. Towards what extent?? u nvr noe...

I'm not used to do corny things (well i just did..;)) Beautiful to me is when someone isn't being selfish for her own good. I can never define beautiful as someone who can politely greet others. Someone who behave like angel but holding a "bipolar personality". Well, someone is beautiful to me wen she can tell her own faults and do some corrective over it. Besides, she can bare others deceiving her and hold her emotion chaos. She, who can survive without decent meals .

So, basically i'm not pretty because non of those things work on me. I'm selfish, arrogant, aweful and i hate being called pretty. Urgh cmon, its obvious, m not it..I'm smth dat resembles insanity :).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It has been a good day, since I become d worst fungi-girl. No jokes, doin course work in d dark with winter gloves (I can't bare d freeze). If it doesnt appear in USA or UK..i think it does in Sarawak,Malaysia. I did a loathsome job in d room. I'm a moment away to print out my questionnaire anyway (how i hope i dun hav to do diz). Chirping sounds of birds telling me its goin to be a good day and i can go for jogging! yeay...I was craving for carbonara again, how m i goin to tell myself to divide d nutrient equally??why do they have to be more heinous to d legs. I relli cant get it!!

How old m I??n i still have a 1st tooth pain syndrome. I wonder how diz biological work on me cuz at my stage which no more a teenager (i dun even have dat side left on me) I have a growing teeth. Its rather ridiculous den fantastic..which mean i still can grow taller or what..160cm wasn't enav for me (i guess, so start dreaming being uma thurman wiv 180 height..tch). I'm such a gigantic dreamer (i can't accept ths). Ths is a sign of aging or what?So, because of diz I have to swallow porridge. (like cmon teeth dun do diz to me). Even d carbonara last taste like pain!!Ahhh,,i can go lunatic wiv such thing :(

Even singing make my teeth wanna blow!great today i gotta have another errand to my faculty (is it open btw? or d staff oredy in hols..hmm...