Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It has been a good day, since I become d worst fungi-girl. No jokes, doin course work in d dark with winter gloves (I can't bare d freeze). If it doesnt appear in USA or UK..i think it does in Sarawak,Malaysia. I did a loathsome job in d room. I'm a moment away to print out my questionnaire anyway (how i hope i dun hav to do diz). Chirping sounds of birds telling me its goin to be a good day and i can go for jogging! yeay...I was craving for carbonara again, how m i goin to tell myself to divide d nutrient equally??why do they have to be more heinous to d legs. I relli cant get it!!

How old m I??n i still have a 1st tooth pain syndrome. I wonder how diz biological work on me cuz at my stage which no more a teenager (i dun even have dat side left on me) I have a growing teeth. Its rather ridiculous den fantastic..which mean i still can grow taller or what..160cm wasn't enav for me (i guess, so start dreaming being uma thurman wiv 180 height..tch). I'm such a gigantic dreamer (i can't accept ths). Ths is a sign of aging or what?So, because of diz I have to swallow porridge. (like cmon teeth dun do diz to me). Even d carbonara last taste like pain!!Ahhh,,i can go lunatic wiv such thing :(

Even singing make my teeth wanna blow!great today i gotta have another errand to my faculty (is it open btw? or d staff oredy in hols..hmm...

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