Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Own I Appreciate

We're happy because we deserve to be happy. We dun fake our happiness. So here I am summing up my total weeks of happiness. It doesn't mean that wen u feel ur life is not complete u have to be drowned in sorrows. I'm a girl who used to have sometimes epic feeling, so i write it up here in my blog, bout past things dat perhaps can be a lesson to be a better person tmrow. It doesnt mean wen i post smth aweful it will be aweful all d times. Those are just a seconds feeling dat eventually pop out in brain so dat m gonna say in my head "ths is my life, i noe m not messing wiv it". I'm just feeling good. I worked hard on it and m not afraid of showing off my felicity. (such a decent thinker). Life is like a wheel, everyone noe bout just ride thru it. I'm sure things happen for reasons. Like why the hell d kerb at resource room front door rip my toe. I nvr like perfections, what come to me broken, m gonna try to stitch it and put it in d best place in my life.

Its not wrong either to have thought on perfection but everything come with price. Trust me, human will took for granted for it. That is why, I'm not whining ;) Somebody thought me well and i respect him for ths (atok hunky). I bet he didn't adore u!! frvr!

So, why wud u care bout owning and earning stuff dats not even shake a cell in my body system..pfftt..stay believin in myth u'll die of hallucination. Really i dun care bout attending a party with a funeral mood. Those who always look down on ppl will owez live life in guilts. Those who had ever bring a great pain to another can never escape fears of own-self. In diz world I totally avoid 3 types of ppl
1. one who took away ppl's exhilaration moments who took for granted
3. one who think life is too easy
Seriously, dun underestimate ppl cuz u're not good to be on dat sit to judge. What i own i appreciate. Heart aint brain forever in my life :) (i can get myself killed by posting ths) d one who called me hunky perky.

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